Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 19

Same as last chapter. We are gonna have a little fun. 😏😉 Spicy 👀

Alex's POV

The feeling of Damon's lips on my skin was lighting a fire somewhere deep within me.

I'm not sure what had overcome me. Perhaps it was the alcohol or the music. Or it was just the drop dead sexy man behind me. Maybe it's the fact he was running his hands all over my body.

I knew I shouldn't be doing this. Or letting him touch me like this. But for some reason, I couldn't get myself to pull away.

I didn't want to pull away. His hands one body just felt too good.

One arm went around my waist pulling me completely into him as he grind himself into me.

The other was still up my shirt teasing my breast playfully. Only making the fire burn even hotter within me.

It was hot. I was hot. Way to hot and so horny.

I've never let anyone touch me like this. But there is something about these guys that has me doing things I wouldn't normally do.

I wasn't myself around them. No matter how hard I tried.

Opening my eyes I peer up at Damon.

"Damon I'm hot. Like really hot, " I try to whisper but it comes out more like a moan.

Suddenly Evan appeared in front of us. Almost startling me. He has the same intense look he always has as he hands me a cup and walks away.

Feeling extremely thirsty I chug down the drink as fast as I can. Realizing it's only water.

As soon as I'm finished Damon spins me around so we are chest to chest.

Giving me a lazy smile, he throws my arms around his neck as the song changes again.

He moves one of his legs between mine as he firmly grips my hips. He starts moving us fast. Causing me to grind on his leg.

The feeling has me biting my lip to hold back a moan. His leg is putting pressure on my clit.

The feeling is intense and a low moan escapes me.

I throw back my head as another as I moan again.

"Mmmhmmm... Damon, " I pant out as he grinds me harder on his leg.

"Does that feel good, baby?" he asks me as he starts kissing my neck again.

"Yesss... But everyone can see, " I moan out as he licks my neck.

"Don't worry baby, no one is watching. Just enjoy yourself, " Damon whispers in my ear.

"Ooohh Damon, " I moan as he continues grinding me on his leg.

As he starts sucking and biting on my neck, I forget about everyone else.

I feel him squeeze my ass and his other hand finds it's way in my hair. Moving my head to the side as he sucks on my neck harder.

I feel a sting of pain but when he licks it. The pain turns to pleasure.

"That's it, baby, moan my name, " he rasps out. I can feel his breath on my lips.

Opening my eyes I see Damon's dark blue eyes looking back at me.

Suddenly I feel his lips against mine. They are so soft.

He slowly moves his lips on mine and I feel his tongue lick my bottom lip.

A gasp escapes me and then I feel his tongue in my mouth. Tasting me as his grip tightens on my hair.

My mouth moves with his as we taste each other.

My body feels like it's burning up. Like I may catch on fire.

He pulls back and I whimper from losing the feeling of his lips on mine.

"Shhhh... it's okay baby," Damon whispers as he takes his out out of my hair and slowly moves it back under my shirt.

"I've got you," he says as he cups my breast in his hand and circles my nipple with his thumb.

Putting his forehead against mine and begins grinding my harder on his leg.

My breath starts coming out in pants. Low moans and whimpers escape me as I feel something building in my core.

Damon's POV

The feel of her body against mine has me hard as fuck.

The little moans and whimpers she's making are making it very hard to control myself.

I want to wrap her legs around me and fuck her right here in front of everyone. But I have to stick to the plan.

She is soaking wet. I can't feel how wet she is through my jeans.

She was worried about people seeing what's happening but I think I was able to reassure her that no one was looking.

Truth is though.. They are. Just not everyone.

Evan is leaned against the wall watching us. His eyes are trained on only her.

Landon is propped up on his elbows leaning on the bar as he drinks his whiskey. Looking completely cool but I know he is itching to touch her.

Nason is only a few steps behind her as he watches us. Moving my gaze to his face. I see him slowly lick his lips as he watches me grind her on my leg.

Moving my eyes down I can see he is hard as fuck. It just makes me grind Alexa harder on my leg.

I have a mic hidden on my shirt. So they can all hear every moan and whimper that leaves her sweet little mouth.

I can tell she getting close to falling apart in my arms. We aren't ready for that yet. So I motion to Landon that its time to start getting people out of here.

I nod my head to Evan so he can switch the music when the time is right.

It takes me a couple of times to get Nason's attention but when I do. He makes his way to get us another drink.

The plan is in motion and things are going smoother than we could have hoped for.

I just hope it stays that way.

Another chapter. Hope you all enjoyed it. I will get chapter 20 up asap.

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