Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 20

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Evan's POV

My eyes have been glued to her since the moment she stepped through the door with Nason and Damon. Her red hair immediately caught my attention. Not to mention that little black skirt she is wearing.

Although I was happy to see her. For some reason, it fucking pissed me off when I saw Damon's hand on her lower back. Like he has some kind of claim on her. Just thinking about it causes me to clench my jaw and grind my teeth.

When she made eye contact with me, I could see her skin flush a beautiful shade of pink and how her breathing picked up. I know I have an effect on her. From the look in her eyes I can tell it's a mix of fear, intimidation and lust. And it fucking excites me. It's a look that I haven't seen her give any of the others.

Now I'm standing here watching Damon grind her on his leg. A part of me just wants to go rip her off of him and throw her over my shoulder. Then carry her up to my room and then spank her ass for letting him touch her like this. Then fuck her raw until she understands that no one else is to touch her but me.

I knew this was part of the plan. But it didn't mean I was fucking happy about it. Hell, they knew I didn't like the plan in its entirety. But I was overruled, three against one. It's like my opinion in this whole situation doesn't matter.

They keep saying they are afraid I'm going to do something to fuck this up. That I'm going to scare her away. But I know enough about Alexa from watching her and just from her body language that this isn't how she would act. This isn't her. And it isn't how I wanted to go about it.

She wouldn't be going along with any of this if they hadn't spiked her drinks.

Landon said it wouldn't be enough to drug her or knock her out. But just enough to relax her and make her more compliant. All I did was scoff and walk out of the room. There was no sense in arguing with them. But this was the moment that I knew I was going to go behind their backs. Call it backstabbing or betrayal if you want. But I don't fucking care.

Don't get me wrong, I've done a lot of fucked up shit. But I think there were other ways we could have gone about this. Something we could have all agreed too. Because I don't want her hazed out when we get her alone.

But it really doesn't matter because I don't want to share her. I want her for myself.

I've never had a problem sharing a girl with them before. I usually like seeing them with the other girls. So why am I getting pissed the fuck off that he is touching her? Why does it piss me off more that she is letting him?

I mean I know I want her and I want her to myself but I can't be developing feeling for this girl, right? I scoff at my own thoughts. Of course not. I want to possess her not love her.

And watching him kiss her has me ready to fucking kill someone. I want to fucking snap his neck.

Deciding I need to get a little bit lit if I'm going to put up with this shit, I reach into my pocket and pull out some pills.

Eyeing the pills in my hand, I slowly look back over at Damon with his hands all over what is mine. I see Nason slowly approach them. Then Damon signals to us to move on with the plan. The plan that they all agreed on.

I throw the pills in my mouth and swallow them with a shot of vodka, savoring the burn as it goes down my throat. It's a feeling I welcome and have learned to crave.

As my mind comes up with my own plan to get my girl, I decide to play nice right now and go along with what they say. But soon, they will learn not to put their hands all over what belongs to me. She will be mine, she is MINE!

As I see Landon slowly clearing people out of the house, I walk over to the music station to switch the playlist. As I select the right one, I take a deep breath and look back over at my girl.

We have this all planned out down to the music. Landon is really good at coming up with shit. But it doesn't mean that I fucking like it.

I grit my teeth again as I see Nason move closer to Damon and Alexa. I know the plan. This is all just a part of the plan I keep telling myself. Regardless I'm still feeling the rage bubble up inside me. Closing my eyes, I clench my fists and jaw just to try to keep myself under control.

As the music plays, I let myself get lost in my thoughts and my own plans.

Once I put my plans in motion, she will be only mine. To have her chained to a bed under me as I fuck her raw. To make her scream in both pain and pleasure. To hear her only moan my name from those pink lips.

I will have it all soon and more. She will only have me. She will only depend on me. I will be the darkness that swallows her up and consumes her entirely.

Since I have laid my eyes on her, I have wanted no one else. And I will get what I want. I'll kill anyone who thinks they can get in my way.

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