Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 21

So we are still at the party. Remember, we have five POV's. So please be patient. A little spicy, in the chapter. But you will also see that Nason isn't as confident as his brother.

Nason's POV

My hands itched to touch her. Watching her with my brother and hearing her moans had my cock as hard as a rock. But I knew I had to be patient and not approach them too soon.

Since she has spent more time around Damon and me, the plan was to test out the waters with him first. Then I join them.

Landon had already start discretely getting others to leave.

Besides us, the only ones left were Sebastian, Adam, Samuel, and Aiden, plus the girls that were with each of them. And they know that Landon will give them their cue to leave when it is time.

I'm really hoping this goes as planned because I know we are all turned on by her moaning.

As the playlist switches over I know that is my cue to move in.

When I'm directly behind her, Damon looks up at me through his lashes. I can see how hooded his eyes are. How she is affecting him. The arousal on his face is very clear.

I watch him as he slowly trails his hand up from her hip and places it in her hair. His other hand is clearly still under her shirt.

Watching has he pulls her in and starts kissing her again. I know this is my opening.

I place my hands slowly on her hips. To say I'm nervous about how she is going to react is an understatement.

Landon noticed this as I hear him speak in the earbud to me.

"Confidence, Nas, don't show any nervousness. She will pick on it. When you touch her, do it with a purpose. If she freaks out, we will handle it, " Landon says as he watches us from the bar.

With a little more confidence I firmly place my hands on her hips. I feel her body stiffen, but Damon does something to distract her because I feel her relax slightly under my touch.

"Can I join you, baby girl?" I whisper in her ear as I lean down.

Looking over her shoulder I can clearly see Damon's hand under her shirt on her breast.

At the sound of my voice, she is startled and jumps slightly. She turns her head slightly to look back at me, then I hear her speak.

"Ummm... Na-Nason?" she stutters her voice coming out breathy. Her eyes are wide but still heavy with arousal as she looks at me.

The look in her eyes has me wanting to bend her over the couch and fuck her until she can't take anymore.

"He just wants to dance with us, Belle, is that okay?" Damon asks her, drawing her focus back to him.

I see her bite her lip, but before she can think too much. Damon pulls her in for another kiss.

The song switches and I know I have to get this going. So I slowly start dancing with her and Damon while he distracts her.

I slowly trail one of my hands from her hip to her stomach. I can feel her body react to my movement with a slight tremble. Taking that as my opening I move till my chest is touching her back.

Damon starts grinding her on his leg again and I feel her release a shaky breath.

Trailing my hand across her stomach I let my fingertips lightly touch her skin. Her skin is really warm.

Looking over and Landon he nods his head for me to move on. So I do just that.

Moving her hair to the side I slowly lower my head to the side on her neck. Noticing goosebumps when my breath fans her neck.

Slowly I start letting my lips lightly touch her skin. I hear her release a quiet shaky moan.

Damon uses this to his advantage and places his other hand up her shirt as well. I'm behind her for support so he doesn't have to hold her in place anymore.

Once he moves his lips back to hers, I start places open mouth kisses on her neck.

The taste of her skin is sweet and addictive. I don't know if I will ever get enough.

As I feel her relax against me, I start placing more kisses on her neck, sucking and lightly biting when I find the right spot.

I look up at Damon and we both noticed at the same time as she started grinding herself on his leg.

Moving my hand down her stomach slowly, I let it slide all the way down to her thigh. Then I slowly trail it back up, letting my fingertips skim over her skin as I bring her skirt up with my hand.

Once I can feel those grey lacy panties on, I shift my hand.

Carefully I let my hand skim over pelvic bone. She starts grinding harder on Damon's leg.

The sight has me so turned on I can feel myself losing control. I can't fucking wait anymore. She is literally begging for it. How could I say no?

Fuck it, I'm going for it.

Moving my hand down, I cup her pussy in my hand. Damon must have felt my hand as I could feel his leg move back a little, giving me more room.

Her panties are soaked, fuck! I can feel myself losing control. Just knowing the only thing separating me from her wet pussy is a little piece of lace.

She lets out a breathy moan as I move my hand down her pussy apply pressure to her clit.

Slowly I drag my hand back up then my fingers find the top of her panties.

Without waiting, I don't want to give her a moment to pull away, I shove my hand down her panties.

My fingers trail down to her slit, feeling how wet she is. I bring my soaked fingers back up and start rubbing circles around her swollen clit.

Feeling her body jerk, I tighten my grip on her hip.

Moans start pouring out of her mouth as I increase the pace and pressure of my fingers as I play with her little clit.

Damon instantly covers her mouth with his, swallowing her moans. I can feel my cock pressing into the zipper of my jeans. Fuck!!

Movement at the door catches my attention, it's Landon. He has seen everyone out and I watch as the latches the locks on the door.

Now it's just us four and our girl. Time to have some real fun and see how she handles it.

Well, another chapter is done. I hope you enjoyed it. Things are about to heat up, get a little crazy, dark, and downright insane. I hope you are ready.

This chapter hasn't been edited, sorry for any mistakes.

If you like this book. Go check out my others. My new book "One New Message" includes some characters from this book. They aren't the main characters in that book though.

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