Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 22

Hello, my lovely readers. I hope you have been enjoying this book so far. I wanted to have a little fun before it gets intense. But the fun is winding down. I think this is going to be the last chapter at the party. There may be one more. But we will see. This book has slightly gone in a little bit different direction than I originally intended but I'm going with it. This was my first real book. I can always write another book in the direction I wanted this one. But let's get into this chapter and see what happens.

Landon's POV

After seeing everyone out. I quietly locked the doors. The main locks are by fingerprint only. So she can't get out unless we let her.

As I watch Alexa's face, I can tell she is close to cumming. And while I do enjoy it, this was not the plan. She can't cum yet. But it doesn't look as if Nason cares. He is getting carried away. Fuck no, I won't allow it. They aren't supposed to allow her to cum yet so I have to put a stop to this.

I can tell by the look on his face that he is losing control. He has let his lust override the plan. And I'm not having it. We put a plan in place for a fucking reason. He is supposed to control himself.

"Nas, don't you dare make her cum. Control yourself, do you understand me?" I growl into my mic as I look at him.

He peeks up at me and I can see him fighting for control. I grit my teeth preparing to fight him on this.

If they let her cum now, she is going to want to run out after. And then shit is going to get completely out of control.

If he lets himself lose control, this could turn dangerous for Alexa quickly. Especially if she tries to run. I know he could end up hurting her if he doesn't get what he wants. This is why we planned this shit in the first place.

Here I thought I was going to have to worry about Evan fucking it up because he is compulsive but here Nas is losing his control.

I know he wouldn't put her in danger on purpose but when he isn't in control, he loses himself completely.

Nason can become extremely dangerous when he is denied something or someone he wants. And Damon isn't much better but they both usually have better control than Evan.

So to say I'm surprised that Evan is in control but Nason is close to losing it is a complete understatement.

I've trained them all myself on how to always be in control. To never let it slip. Once you lose it, you are no longer in charge of the situation. But right now it seems Nason has thrown it all out the fucking window. And it pisses me off. If you don't have control then you don't have anything. They know this fucking shit.

It's time for me to get this situation back in control. Guess I'm going to have to lead them by example. It's like I'm in charge of a bunch of dumbasses sometimes I swear.

Walking over to them I make sure my strides are powerful and confident. They show control and restraint. I demand respect without uttering a single word.

I lean in and whisper in Nason's ear, commanding him, "Nas, back up, now!"

He slowly starts moving away and I hear a whimper leave Alexa. I smirk thinking to myself she is right where she needs to be.

Looking at Damon, I silently tell him the same thing. He hesitates but also moves away from her.

Grabbing Alexa's hand, I spin her around to face me. I see the dazed and confused look on her face but she is still heavily aroused.

Gazing at her, I caught the slight movement of her clenching her thighs together. Ah, Yes, she is right where I want her to be. She is almost to the point of begging for a release. But that will have to wait. I decide when she gets to cum, not her.

I firmly grasp her hand in mine and start leading her over to the couch. Damon and Nason are already seated but Evan is still leaning against the wall. I would roll my eyes at his behavior but I know it's how he is controlling himself, so I'll let it go.

I sure as hell do not need him losing control. He is the hardest to control out of the three. I've been able to completely dominant Nason into submission many times. And can do it to Damon to a certain point. But Evan? No, he is just as dominant as I am but he is also a hardcore sadistic.

I've seen the intense pleasure he gets from inflicting pain on others. While I like inflicting pain to a certain point, Evan is on a whole different level. But we all do have our sadistic moments if I'm being truthful.

Alexa's voice snaps me out of my thoughts.

"Where are you taking me?" Alexa asks as I make my way over to the couch. Her voice shakes slightly, from a mix of nervousness and arousal.

I don't say anything but stop once we make it to the couch. Looks like the princess has some learning to do. Speaking without being spoken to. But I'll let it slide for now.

Taking a seat on the couch she stands in front of me. I look up and down her body, satisfied with what I see.

"Sit, " I say pointing to my lap, it's not a suggestion but a command. My authoritative tone leaves no room for an argument.

She hesitates for a moment but when I narrow my eyes at her she quickly sits down on my lap. She looks down at her fingers laying in her lap. I can tell she is nervous, but the way she is squirming tells me she still wants to cum.

"Sit still and look at me, " I order her and she immediately stops squirming and peeks up at me.

Maybe she won't need as much training as I thought. I've had submissives before but they were all three well trained. But it does come naturally to some.

"Okay we need to talk but there are some rules first. One - do not speak unless we tell you to, Two - you are to answer our questions honestly, three - you are not allowed to leave until we have talked. If the talk goes well then there will be more rules that we will go over later. Do you understand?" I say as I look at her in the eyes.

She looks from me to Damon, to Nason then over at Evan. Once her gaze lands on Evan I feel her shiver and see her licks her pouty lips.

So it appears that Evan has a big effect on her. And I'm unsure if I like this. But I don't have time to think about it now.

When I realize she is just staring at Evan and still hasn't answered me yet.

I grasp her chin in my hand and force her to look back at me.

"Answer me, Alexa, do you understand?" I ask her again.

Okay, two updates today! Yay! Next, we will be back in Alex's POV. Like I said this book got a little off track of where I originally wanted it to go. I think what got me most was going to POV's instead of keeping the 3rd person POV. But I just went with it. I may try to slowly steer it back where I originally wanted it. We will see. I'm not sure yet.

But I hope you enjoyed this chapter seeing a little more into Landon.

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