Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 2

*** Warning there is a sexual abuse flashback/nightmare close to the end of this chapter*** thanks for reading.

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Alexa’s POV

As the pounding stopped, I looked around the corner to see that my brother had opened the door. Two men in uniforms stepped through the door and I could faintly hear them speaking to my brother. But I couldn't really recognize what they were saying, as everything sounds as if I was underwater. My hands started to sweat as another officer walked through the front door and walked over to me.

"Excuse me, Miss Jordan, I'm Officer Martinez, I would like to ask you some questions, could you come with me?" the officer declared. I rubbed my sweaty hands on my sleep shorts and nodded my head at the officer.

As I stood up from the steps, I was passed by a bunch of people rushing up the stairs carrying bags and cameras. No doubt going to my dad's bedroom.

The officer cleared her throat and gave me a small smile. Although it didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Miss Jordan, Can you please tell me what happened here tonight?" Officer Martinez asked as we both took a seat at the kitchen table.

Officer Martinez looked to be middle-aged with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Her eyes showed just how hard she worked.

"Yes, But please call me Alex," I said to Officer Martinez. Officer Martinez nodded her head at me and said "Of course, Alex."

The officer wrote down my statement and asked me a few questions and told me if they needed anything else they would be in contact.

She then gave me her condolences on the loss of my father. I inwardly rolled my eyes but thanked the officer anyways. It wasn't the officer's fault that my dad was an abusive asshole.

After speaking with the officers and watching the coroner leave with our dad's body, Elijah and I sat in silence together.

Once everyone was gone, I went into the kitchen to make Elijah and myself some hot chocolate. Our relationship isn't what it should be for siblings. But considering we spent years being abused and knowing our father murdered our mom. Well, it was as good as it could be.

Thinking about how different our family and lives could have been made me sad and angry. Angry that my father took everything away from us. We lived in a house of horrors. Although on the outside we looked like the perfect family. Until our mom committed "suicide". It was all because of him. All because he was a monster. Shaking the thoughts from my head I continued making the hot chocolate.

"Alex, are you okay?" Eli asked as he came into the kitchen to join me. Was I okay? Hell, I was more than okay. I was free! Free from that abusive asshole that we called a father.

"Ummm... Yeah, I'm fine. How are you?" I asked my brother while opening up a bag of mini marshmallows. Oh, how I loved them in my hot chocolate. I smiled sadly to myself when I thought about how my mom would make me cups of hot chocolate when I was a little girl. I really missed my mom terribly. But I knew Elijah did as well.

"I mean I'm okay, I'm just glad it's over. Do you know what I mean? I honestly thought that the bastard was never going to die. I'm just glad they ruled it as a suicide." Eli said with a small smile playing on his lips.

"Yes and I agree. I finally feel like I can breathe" I replied as I pushed Eli his cup of hot chocolate across the kitchen island.

Silence fell over the two of us as we were both consumed in our own thoughts and slowly sipped on our cups of hot chocolate.

"So what do we do now?" I asked my brother breaking the comfortable silence.

"Well, I will need to go back to school once the services are over. Spring break is coming to an end. Are you okay with staying here until you graduate in a couple of months?" Eli says looking up from his cup. "I'll be coming back for your graduation anyways. So if you haven't decided on what you want to do before then, then we can decide after."

"Yes that will be fine. But I already know what I want to do, I want to move to Arizona. Eli, I can't stay here much longer. I need to get out of this house." I say looking up at my brother.

I knew Eli understood and I knew he would help me. So we both made plans for me to move after graduation. Eli was currently my legal guardian until my eighteenth birthday which was fast approaching.

Eli promised to help me with getting an apartment in Arizona. I decided on a town that was around a two-hour drive from his college. I still wanted to be close to my brother but far enough for me to spread my wings.

I had decided I wanted to take a year off between high school and college. I needed time to heal and not stress about school. Our mom came from a rich family and she inherited millions of dollars on top of all the money she had saved from her career as a surgeon. Thankfully she had left the money to us in accounts that her husband couldn't touch.

After talking for a while the we decided we needed to get some rest. We both headed upstairs and into our bedrooms. I couldn't help to feel relieved that my monster could no longer hurt me. I crawled into my bed and turned off my bedside lamp.

****Dream (Nightmare) - Flashback. Trigger warning for sexual abuse*****

"Daddy it hurts!!!"

"Please daddy, stop it hurts"

"Daddy you're hurting me"


"Shut up you little bitch, now be a good little girl and make daddy happy"

"Pull your shirt up"

"Yes that's it, nice and soft. Just for daddy, now spread your legs"

"Please daddy stop"


"I said shut up, now daddy isn't going to be so gentle"

"Ahhhh please!"

"Shhhh you wouldn't want mommy to hear now would you, she would be mad at you"

"Yes that's it, mmmhmmm, so warm and wet for daddy, you know just how to make daddy happy"

********end of flashback/nightmare********


I shot up in my bed. My whole body was covered in sweat and my breathing was erratic. I had tears streaming down my face. I had nothing to worry about anymore, I told myself. He couldn't hurt me anymore. He got what he deserved. And no one would hurt me anymore. I was finally safe. A smile graced my lips, yes he got exactly what he deserved. He could finally rot in hell.

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