Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 3

2 1/2 months later

Alexa's POV

I had finally graduated and celebrated my eighteenth birthday. Elijah came just as he had promised. But he also came with a gift. Two keys on a shiny brand new keyring. Keys to my new apartment in Arizona.

I was ecstatic and couldn't wait to get out of this small town in Georgia, more so out of this house that had been my personal hell for the last eleven years.

Elijah and I had decided to put our family home up for sale. So when he was down for my graduation he hired two moving trucks. One for his stuff and one for my things as well.

The truck with my things left yesterday, so I was finishing up what little packing I had left today.

As I packed up my last box with some of my mother's things, I looked around my room one last time. There was nothing about this place that was home. This was just a hell house and I silently hoped it would have better memories from another family.

I loaded my last box in my 2018 black chevy impala and didn't spare a look back at the house as I climbed in my car and turned over the key.

I had decided to make the drive to Arizona from Georgia in two days. I knew being alone I wouldn't be able to drive straight through.

As I hit the highway I hit the button to roll down my windows then opened up the sunroof. Throwing on my sunglasses and turning up the radio and let the wind blow through my hair. I already felt the weight from my past lifting off my shoulders.

I didn't really have anyone to say goodbye to as I lost my best friend Chase in a car accident last year. I had suspicions that my dad was involved in Chase's death. Because we were so close. But of course, I couldn't prove it. The report said that Chase had overdosed on heroin and crashed. But I knew Chase had never touched a drug in his life. He had lost his father to a drug overdose at the age of nine. And he hated drugs for taking his father away.

I shook the thoughts from my head and continued to drive away from all the bad that had happened in my life. Now was the time to make good memories and start a new life. I couldn't dwell on the past anymore. Chase would want me to be happy.

I had driven about halfway between Arizona and Georgia when I decided to find a hotel. I was in desperate need of some sleep and a relaxing hot shower would be nice too. I stopped at an Arby's drive-through to get some dinner then to a hotel to get some rest.

As I entered the hotel I was met by a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes at the front desk. I rented a room for the night and thanked the lady as I bid her goodnight.

As I entered the room I was thankful for the queen size bed in the middle of the room that looked like heaven. I sat down and ate my food then took a quick hot shower. After getting dressed I practically fell onto the bed from exhaustion.

When my alarm woke me up, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I then quickly gathered my things and went to check out. Stopping to get breakfast from the breakfast bar on my way out to my car.

As I continued to drive. I wondered what life was going to be like in Arizona. Would I be able to find a job? I didn't really need the money but I knew I would need something to keep me busy. Would I finally make some friends? With the wind blowing my messy red hair around, I pushed to drive the last couple hours to my new home.

Four long hours later I finally pulled into the parking space in front of my new apartment. Thanks to traffic I was running later than I wanted to be. I climbed out of my car and started carrying my boxes upstairs to my new home. Excitement bubbling in me every step of the way.

As I had finished bringing all my boxes in I decided to really take a tour of my new place.

The living room was pretty decent sized, especially for one person. My brother had already had it furnished with the essentials and furniture. I moved on to the kitchen and dining room. I instantly fell in love with the white and gray swirled marble countertops. Also, the all stainless steel appliances were a nice addition.

As I moved on to the hall bathroom, I was surprised by its size. It has a tub/shower combo and the necessities. The spare bedroom was of a nice size. But I really wanted to see the master bedroom and bathroom. I definitely wasn't disappoint especially when I spotted the huge walk-in closet and the big soaking tub. I was in absolute heaven. I imagined myself taking long relaxing baths in that tub and shopping to fill up my new closet.

While unpacking I decided I needed to go shopping for groceries but that would have to wait until tomorrow. My stomach growled and I decided to call for delivery from a Mexican restaurant that I found online with good ratings.

Once my food arrived, I sat down at my new dining room table while making a list of what I would need to pick up the next day. Once finished I spent a little more time unpacking then decided to take a hot shower and head to bed. I was exhausted from all the driving and unpacking. It had been an extremely long day.

I finished towel drying my red hair and threw it up in a messy bun. I looked into the mirror and noticed that my once dull brown eyes held a little sparkle in them.

I climbed into my new bed and set an alarm for 8 am. It was now 10:30 pm so I should get some good sleep.

Well that was until all I could hear was loud music coming from somewhere. I let out a huff and rolled over in the bed trying to ignore it but 45 minutes later I had had enough. It was time to find out where this music was coming from.

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