Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 5

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Alexa’s POV

Thousands of thoughts, it seemed, started to flood my mind. It was like I had never been taught that you should be put your trust in strangers.

I was suddenly snapped out of my thoughts when Landon stepped directly in front of me. I stretched my neck to look up at him and noticed his lips were stretched into a small smile. Eyes seemingly amused by my awkwardness.

"Follow me" is all he said. His voice coming out slightly powerful and full of command.

But I seemed to be frozen in place. Unsure if I should follow him or run for my life as Landon turned to lead the way.

I was confused more than anything though, my confusion seemingly overriding my nervousness. Why couldn't I see or at the least hear anyone else? I mean if people were here, I should be able to hear someone right?

I could feel a lump forming in my throat. The music was blaring and I could smell the faint smell of weed, so perhaps there were others here? But where?

Unexpectedly, I seemed to finally find my voice, while swallowing down the lump in my throat.

"Ummm... Where are your friends?" I asked Landon, my nervousness very evident in my voice that seemed to shake a little causing me to bite my bottom lip.

This didn't go unnoticed by Landon, who had turned to face me at the first sound of my voice. As his eyes flickered down to my lips.

"They're all downstairs in the basement, come, I'll show you." Landon said while turning on his heels to lead the way.

But he was once again stopped by my voice. He gave me a small smile as he turned to look at me.

"Landon, hmmm, I think I should probably be heading home, it's really late. Perhaps we could do this some other time?" I muttered looking down at my feet.

Landon’s POV

I noticed how nervous she was. How she bit her lip and the way she kept looking down at her feet. Naturally submissive just the way I like. She had not idea her actions were piquing my interest.

"Princess, look at me, is something wrong?" I asked. I knew she was nervous, maybe even afraid at the moment. I could see it in her actions and hear it in her voice.

I smiled inwardly. I really enjoyed that I had this effect on her.

But when she didn't look up at me, I immediately appeared in front of her. I placed my finger under her chin, tilting her face up, making her look up at me. She though still refused to make eye contact with me.

"Princess, what's wrong? Are you scared? Afraid? Do you think I'm going to hurt you?" I asked her, my voice coming out soft and calm.

She immediately closed her eyes, letting me know she was indeed afraid.

Smart girl, but I didn't want her to be afraid.

"Princess, look at me, Alexa... There is no reason to be scared or afraid. No one here is going to hurt you, you are safe here tonight. That I promise you. Just come and meet the others, have a drink and if you still want to leave, then I will respect that and have no objections." I said in almost a whisper while gazing into her deep green eyes.

Alexa's eyes were deep pools of green and seemed almost empty. I wondered what her story was, she seemed almost like a broken doll. I was indeed curious but that could wait.

Tonight I needed her to get somewhat comfortable around me. But I was already finding my interest in her growing, seemingly steadfast. I smiled inwardly at the thoughts and images that were creeping into my mind of the beautiful, and broken princess in front of me. I was broken out of my thoughts as Alexa spoke.

"Okay, one drink, " was her only response. Her voice so quiet, I almost didn't hear her.

A smile slowly made its way across my face, showing off my straight white teeth, while I replied with a simple, "okay, follow me".

Alexa’s POV

I followed Landon into the kitchen and down a dark hallway to a door. Standing outside the door you could hear others talking and laughing. Okay, maybe I was overreacting and nervous for no reason. I took in a deep breath as I flashed Landon a small nervous smile as he turned around to open the door.

As we stepped through the door, the smell of weed was almost overpowering, causing me to start coughing. Landon chuckled while asking if I was okay and muttering a quick apology.

"I'm fine" I replied as we began to making our way down the stairs.

Approaching the bottom of the stairs, I could instantly see about five other people in the room. It seemed like they were playing some video games on a large flat screen tv that was on a wall painted blood red. They were shouting at each other and seemingly the game as well. I was definitely amused. Landon turned around and flashed me a big smile and a wink.

"Hey guys, pause the game, there is someone here I'd like you all to meet" Landon shouts over all the noise. Making me instantly start blushing from embarrassment.

The game was paused and the music was turned down. Then there were five pairs of eyes on me, well six if you count Landon. They are all guys, all guys.

Why did I agree to this? I thought to myself.

"Guys, this is Alexa, she just moved into the apartment complex across from us," Landon said to all the guys staring at us.

Wait... wait did he say us? Does that mean they all live around here or here in this house? I thought... Oh wow.

"Alexa, this is the guys. Adam, Nason, Samuel, Evan and Damon." he said pointing at each guy.

"Also there is Aiden and Sebastian but they won't be back for a little while. They had some business to take care of. They should be back soon" Landon said while giving me another big smile.

Was I really in a basement with six guys alone? Six strangers? With two more on the way? My hands immediately started to sweat.

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