Alone In The Darkness

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Chapter 6

Hello readers! I just wanted to say thank you for reading my book. I hope you enjoy the new chapter. The next few chapters are going to move kind of slow so I apologize but we have a lot of characters to meet. And I want to describe them as well as I can. If you enjoy this chapter please vote and comment! Thanks! 🖤🖤🖤

Alexa’s POV

What have I gotten myself into? I thought to myself as I glanced around the room. All six guys were still looking at me. I felt like I stepped into a lions den.

With a small but polite smile gracing my lips, I waved and muttered shyly, "Hi, it's nice to meet you guys" as I tucked some of my red hair behind my ear.

I was greeted back with smiles and smirks from five of the guys. While one was just staring straight at me with an unreadable but very intense expression. When I met his stare with my own, I noticed his lips twitch just the slightest bit.

I'm pretty sure Landon had said his name was Evan. I noticed first his blonde hair that was practically white. It was a little longer on top then it was on the sides. Causing the almost snow-white tresses to messily fall over his forehead and partly over his eyes. His skin was pale. Almost to pale to be living in Arizona.

He also had freckles sprinkled over his high cheekbones and nose. His eyes looked to be brown, but from where I stood and with the lighting they could have been some variation of hazel. It was hard to tell.

As I glanced over his face, I noticed a lip ring, a black one to be specific, that accompanied his full pale pink lips. I let my eyes slowly trail down and noted he was on the slim side but from the way his clothes clung to his body, I could observe his solid lean muscle. Evan had to be at least six feet tall, if not taller. And I had to admit that he was unquestionably stunningly beautiful.

I was broke out of my ogling of the mysterious Evan by Landon stepping directly in front of me, thrusting a red solo cup into my right hand.

"To our beautiful new neighbor," Landon said while lifting up his own cup. All the guys copied him, except one.... Evan.

I certainly noticed as he only continued to just stare straight at me while taking a drink from his cup.

Landon tugged me over to one of the couches and yanked me down beside him. "Are you still nervous princess?" he asked me after I was seated next to him.

But as I opened my mouth to respond to him, I was interrupted by a deep voice. Looking behind me, I was met with a pair of deep blue eyes. "Well hello there beautiful, I'm Damon," the guy said while leaning down on the back of the couch to be more on my level.

As I looked at his face I discovered a cocky smirk playing on his lips. "Umm... Hi, it's nice to meet you, Damon" I replied while giving him a sheepish smile.

He was hot and he knew it. I could certainly tell from his body language that this guy was indisputably cocky and arrogant. But with looks like that, I couldn't really blame him.

From his striking deep blue eyes to his black curly hair that looked so soft, he was definitely the star of many women's fantasies. And probably many men's too. He was more than easy on the eyes.

I questioned whether if I made the right decision leaving my house looking like a mess. Especially when I was surrounded by so much eye candy at the moment.

Damon flashed me his panty-dropping smile that showed off his perfect white teeth. His jaw was sharp. His nose was perfectly straight. His lips looked so soft and kissable, I noticed his lips when he slowly ran his thumb across his bottom lip. Yep, cocky indeed.

Damon had most certainly had a solid body and I was sure it was pure muscle. I also noticed his flawless tanned skin. I suspected he spent a lot of time outside.

With me being raised in the south I was a hugh fan of being outside and nature. I loved going for a walk in the woods. It used to be my escape from my home life.

"So gorgeous, how old are you exactly?" Damon asked breaching through my thoughts. His voice was deep and smooth, dripping with genuine curiosity.

"I'm eighteen, well just turned eighteen recently, actually" I retorted. I noticed Damon's eyebrows shoot up at my response as he looked over at Landon and a lazy but still equally cocky smile graced his lips.

"Well well, eighteen, very good indeed. So gorgeous are you from here?" Damon asked me while running a hand through his curly black hair. Making it a sexy mess.

"Actually, no I am from Georgia." I muttered while adjusting my tank top.

Suddenly, I was feeling very exposed. I wasn't sure if it was because of Damon's questions or the way him and Landon was looking at me. Or if it was because Evan was still staring at me from across the room. His face still held an unreadable expression. I noticed he was talking to the guy I was sure Landon had introduced as Adam.

Although Evan was speaking to Adam, his eyes never once left me. His stare was so intense I had to look away.

"Ahhh boys, do you hear that?? We are in the presence of a southern bell!" Damon all but yelled out with a grin on his face that resembled that of a kid in a candy store.

Hungry and excited. Yep, that was the kind of smile.

A smile that I knew held no good intentions. It was downright sinful. It made my pale skin flush from embarrassment. I looked around and all the guys were looking at me with almost equally sinful smirks. All except for... Evan of course. Who still had an intense expression on his face.

I wondered if he had a problem with me, but before I could think about it much. Damon spoke again.

"Well Belle, why'd a pretty little thing like you moving all the way from Georgia to Arizona? Are you running away from something or someone?" Damon asked me while raising a perfect eyebrow.

I guess he knew I wasn't here for college. Because the closest one was a good two-hour drive away on a good day.

My throat suddenly felt dry. I took another sip of my drink. Why would he ask something like that? I thought.

I noticed all eyes were on me, eagerly awaiting for me to answer. So I took a deep breath to calm my nerves from the questions and all the eyes on me. I didn't want to talk about why I moved or my old life.

"Well, you see I moved out here to start over, it's that simple. Also I wanted to be closer to my brother." I muttered then drank the rest of my drink in one gulp.

"But what about your mom and dad?" Landon asked.

I closed my eyes on the mention of my parents. I really missed my mom terribly and I never wanted to have to think about my father ever again.

"They are both dead" I mumbled quietly. But both Landon and Damon heard me.

The looked they shared went completely unnoticed by Alex. A look that they all shared.

A look that was a mistake that Alex missed.

*** Anyone notice how Alex accepted a drink from a stranger, in a house full of strangers when she didn't even see the drink being made?*** Don't do that. EVER

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