Not Just A Fan

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He's the adventure she always wanted and she's the warmth he needed…. After entering 'Battle of the Rockstar' and coming in 6th, Ester has a new plan to kick start her music career with the help of her twin brother, Eric. She plays the keyboard and dreams to be on tour being a hired musician.  What she didn't expect is to be accepted to work alongside Drew Klax or "Absent" as his stage name. He has a reputation to act like a diva and has been found difficult to work with. There are many times he has fired his staff for not complying. A fan of his music in general, she has to try to be professional and Ester holds on to secure her place on the tour. Drew see's something in Ester that he hasn't felt in a long time, never one to let his guard down he suddenly has no control on what he does and it starts to scare him. He may seem a jackass but he has had a hard time trusting anyone. For Ester to understand, he has to start letting her in. Would he be able to finally let go of the painful past that he holds on to? Would the music that brings them together tear them apart…..

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Not Just A Fan

Written By RachiieRIOT

WARNING: Mature content, some reader may find offensive.


Hey my fellow readers,

This is a spin-off after “Losing My Mind” happens and you get to see what happens to Ester and where it takes her.

If you want to read that one, then click on the link below

Unfortunately, When I started writing this, I had some bad news and I’ve been made redundant due to COVID-19. So this has been a bit of a slow one to make and looking for a job at the minute has been my priority. I’m sorry to keep you all waiting.

Then a month ago, I was told that my job was saved, so it gave me a chance to finally complete this.

I’ll keep writing as it makes me relax and I still want to share it to you.

So, are you ready for another musical journey? Are you looking for a romantic story? Be prepared to enter into Ester’s world after the TV show ends....

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