Demons In The Shadows

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Chapter 1

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I ran down the dark and lonely street, tears streamed down my face. My breathing frantic as the cool night air stung my lungs. I had no idea how my life had gotten to this point or what I had done to end up here.

With tears blurring my vision I tripped over a rock and landed on my hands and knees. A scream ripped from my throat as my skin made contact with the harsh wet asphalt. I didn't need to see that I had scraped up my knees pretty badly as I could feel the warm blood running down my legs.

Pushing myself back up on my feet I ignored the pain ripping through my hands and knees. I took off running and prayed silently that I would make it through this night alive. I prayed that I would find help. That I would find a way out of here.

My breathing was ragged as I continued to run. The burning in my side was only making it harder to breathe. I threw my hands behind my head to see if I could get in more oxygen as I tried to pick up my pace. It seemed to help ease the pain in my side.

As I ran, the road curved and it only seemed like the darkness had gotten darker. I wasn't sure how that was possible. As they say darkness can only exist through the absence of light.

My feet hit the asphalt heavily with loud thuds as my body grew more tired. My energy was running out quickly. But I knew I had to keep pushing. My life depended on it. If he catches me then I might as well be dead.

Laughter suddenly echoed around me disturbing the quiet of the night. It wasn't just any laughter. No... it was the kind of laugher that sends a chill up your spine and strikes fear in your heart. No this wasn't laugher that was a sign of joy. It was pure evil! He was playing with me.

I let the laughter forced myself to push my legs faster. The fear inside me shoving me to my limit. My legs ached as my feet pounded down hard on the road with every step I took. The impact causing the pain in my knees to worsen.

Sweat poured off my body causing my long black hair to stick to my skin. It ran down my forehead stinging my eyes as I tried to use the back of my hands to wipe it away.

His laughter still echoed around me, haunting me, until it was suddenly quiet. To quiet. It was like the world had went completely silent. The only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of my heart beating frantically in my chest and my harsh breaths escaping from my lungs.

Tears streamed down my face more rapidly as my fear grew to new heights. A fear that was all-consuming, so consuming that it caused my legs to almost stopped moving.

The air grew colder and colder by the second. Unnaturally so. Until I could see each breath escaping my lungs in the night air. The air wrapped around me in a bone-chilling death grip.

He was close, to close. So close that all that I could register in my brain was complete panic. Forcing myself to move faster as I knew he was growing tired of this little game of chase. He's going to catch me... he's going to catch me.

Two arms wrapped around my waist causing me to finally find my voice as I let out a blood-curdling scream as my body felt frozen to the bone.

"I caught you, " came his gravelly and rough voice whispered in my ear. His breath fanning the side of my neck.

"No, no, no, no..." I chanted as my muscles in my legs grew so cold and tired I could hardly move them. But I still tried to kick myself free.

"Why do you always run from me, little one? We are met to be together for eternity. You are mine!" he spoke louder this time as his hold on me tightened. His rough and gravelly voice laced with a hint of sadness.

He turned me around to face him. My fear didn't falter as I gazed upon his face. He was beautiful, hauntingly so. His eyes were as blacks as the night sky without any stars or the light of the moon. His hair was equally as black. His pink lips were plump and formed a smirk. His jawline was sharp and strong. Everything about his face was perfect.

"I will soon make you mine forever, little one. Why must you keep running from me?" he spoke as he tucked a piece of hair behind my ear, his voice coming out deep and harsh. The look in his eyes were cold and hard.

"You were made for me and I for you. I've waited a long time for you." he whispered as he ran his thumb over my lips.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" I screamed as I sat up in my bed as tears streamed down my cheeks.

It was just a dream I told myself as I tried to calm down. But fear still rushed through my veins like fire.

It felt real, it always felt real. I never knew I was dreaming until I woke up. And one day I was afraid that I wouldn't. I was afraid that one day he would catch me and it would be real, and I wouldn't get away.

The dreams were always the same but I have never seen his face. I've never seen any part of him. Not until now at least. I have only been able to feel him and hear him up until now. A part of me had been curious about what the monster in my dreams looked like. To curious apparently. Now I know what he looks like. I know he is devastatingly handsome.

They say you can't dream of a face you've never seen before. So I wonder if I've seen this man before? Maybe I just wanted so badly for this monster to have a face?

I've been having these dreams, or should I say nightmares for the last six months. They started about two months after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Speaking of my mom I need to start my day and check on her. A part of me wondered if these nightmares were just a metaphor for the fear of losing my mom to this horrible disease.

Shaking the thoughts from my head I turn over and look at the clock beside my bed. 6:28 am it reads. No sense in trying to go back to sleep now. So I reach over and turn off the alarm then drag myself out of bed.

Walking into my bathroom to get a shower, I stop to look in the mirror. My face is flushed and stained with tears. My shirt is soaked in sweat. My eyes are swollen and red.

I peel off my shirt and reach in the shower to start the water and wait for it to get warm. I rub my hands around my waist where I can still feel his arms around me. The feelings sending a shiver of fear through my body.

After showering I get out and pat myself dry then head to my room to get dressed while drying my long black hair.

After putting on my bra and panties I pull on a pair of black jeans then my work t-shirt. Glancing in the mirror I turn on my heels and make my way down the hall to my mom's room.

After peeking in the door to see that she is still sleeping, I quietly make my way over to my brother's bedroom door and knock to wake him up. I hear grunting from the other side of the door so I head downstairs to fix us some breakfast and get my mom her medicine.

Switching on the coffee pot I gather everything for breakfast out of the fridge and start cooking. Scrambled eggs, bacon, buttered toast, some cut up fruit, and some glasses of orange juice.

Once everything is done, I eat my food quickly while fixing my mom's plate. I don't know why I put so much food on her plate as she hardly eats anything anymore. But I know I have to try. Then put the rest of the food on a plate for my brother.

Grabbing my mom's food and medicine I head to her room and place them beside her bed. I lightly shake her shoulder while whispering, "momma you need to take your medicine and try to eat." She gives me a warm smile as I help her sit up in bed.

After making sure she has what she needs until the nurse comes in a few hours, I make my way to my little brother's room to make sure he is up for school.

Knocking on his door, I open it and see he is still in bed. "Elias, it's time to get up. Breakfast is downstairs on the table. After you eat get a shower please." I say as he rolls over glaring at me.

"Everly, I'm 17, I don't need you to tell me what to do" he grunts out as he throws his blanket over his head.

"Fine, it will be your fault if you are late for school," I tell him while rolling my eyes in annoyance as I exit his room.

Teenagers.... Ugh! Why must they be so difficult?

I love my little brother but I don't have time to deal with his attitude, I need to get to work. I have a double shift today. I'm already exhausted but I'll do what I have to do. The bills here aren't going to pay themselves. My family is depending on me.

Slipping my shoes on and I quickly grab my things then head out the door towards my car. The car my dad bought me for my sixteenth birthday before he decided to leave us three days before my eighteenth birthday. We haven't heard from him or seen him since then. That was almost three years ago.

He just abandoned us. No one has heard from him since then. It hurts when your dad just walks out of your life and vanishes. It's almost like he didn't exist.

It would be so much easier if he were here to help out with mom being sick. I don't want Elias stressed with him in school. So I just carry the responsibility of everything with a smile on my face. But inside I really wish I had someone to help me.

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