Demons In The Shadows

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Chapter 3

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Unknown POV

I knew the exact moment she was created. I could feel the tingles and sparks consumed my entire body. The feeling of her life force flowing throughout my entire being was indescribable. My beautiful little queen. She was created just for me and no one else. And I couldn't wait to have her.

After waiting for her for over 600 years I had started to grow a little impatient. Especially from the moment that I could feel her presence consume me.

I had started to believe that I wasn't going to get my destined queen.

But once I felt her life force my thoughts become consumed by her. I dreamt of what she would look like. What her skin would taste like.

She has been under my protection for years. Well actually I've had my most loyal subjects watching over her since she took her first breath. Her birth was a huge celebration for the realm of Asmodeus.

Asmodeus is the name of my great-great-grandfather. The first demon king to this realm.

You see there are seven classifications of demons. Thousands of years ago they decided to create their own realms because of the constant wars that resulted in a lot of deaths. We came close to killing each other out of existence. Also, a bunch of humans were also killed.

So now we have seven demon realms who are ruled by their own king.

The realms are all named after the first king and the sin in which they possessed. The realms are Lucifer (Pride), Beelzebub (Envy), Satan (Wrath), Abaddon (Sloth), Mammon (Greed), Belphegor (Gluttony), and of course my realm Asmodeus (Lust).

We are sometimes also called Incubi and Succubi. So basically, we are the sex demons to put it in simple terms. We thrive off sex, we actually feed off of it.

Yes, we can eat food but we need to have sex in order to survive. If we are injured in any way. Sexual acts can also heal us.

Everly's jet black hair and hazel eyes are absolutely breathtaking. Her little body is curvy and screams sex. She is the perfect creation to be the demon queen of lust.

I can't wait to officially make her my queen. To have her rule by my side. To have her in my bed so I can worship her beautiful curves. Everly is my destiny and I will be making her mine soon.

But to do that she has to be pure. The Queen has to be pure to produce the next heir to the throne.

So I've been keeping a close eye on her since she came of age. If she was to get sexually involved with anyone I would have to kill them before her innocence is taken.

Our law here in my realm is the Queen must be at least 21 years old to take the throne. Once we are wed and have mated. She will become immortal.

After I took the throne I also made a law that doesn't allow any incubi or succubi to touch a human under the age of 18. And they are no longer allowed to completely drain the life force of any human.

And they all know that Everly is completely off-limits. Anyone who even thinks of touching her will be killed without any hesitation.

But as the days go by my patience is wearing thin.

From the day of her birth I've had to hold myself back from taking what is mine. I visit her often while she is sleeping. But it wasn't enough anymore. I want to touch her. Kiss her. Hear her voice.

So months ago I started projecting myself into her dreams because it was becoming hard to stay away from her.

In her dreams I can touch her. The feeling of her body against mine is amazing. But she always runs from me and just thinking about that pisses me off.

Last night I could feel not only her fear but her attraction for me. I did not use my power on her because I wanted to see how she would react to seeing my face.

Lust demons have the power to make anyone attracted to us. That is how we can make anyone lust for us. It helps us survive.

Lust demons are what humans call bisexual. We honestly do not mind having sex with males or females. Typically both at the same time. We are notorious for orgies. Sex is sex to us. No matter who it's with.

But once we are mated with our destined, we only feed together. It's not because of jealousy. However, it is done that way to strengthen our bond. Make our love grow stronger.

While we live off of sex, once we are mated to our destined we tend to crave them. Sex with anyone else is just for feeding purposes.

There have been many who choose not to change their destined in order to only feed off of them and them alone. Although it has resulted in deaths. See even an immortal human can be killed if a lust demon feeds off of them to much. Although it does take longer.

I wonder how my little Everly will like being a succubus? I've thought about her change. But I'm not sure what I want to do just yet.

All I know is I can't wait to have her in my arms and underneath me moaning my name. To see her beautiful hazel eyes glazed over with lust and her hair fanned out over my bed while I worship her body. Worship that little body like a queen is supposed to be worshiped.

I just hope she doesn't put up a fight. I don't want to hurt her. But she will be mine no matter what. I'll do whatever I have to do to have her. She has no say in it. She was made for me. And I will have her.

I'm coming for you soon my queen.

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