Haunt Me

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Chapter Two

Tall, dark and handsome, a uniform for the mysterious types, right? Not him, he drew the line between mystery and danger, and with interest too— not the intriguing kind… he came with dividends.

Tall, he was. Enough to pick me, have me undone in the air if he wanted? Yes. Enough to hold me in a dungeon, tie me to the ceiling, leave me hanging and graze my erogenous zones with his tongue? You’re damn right. He struck me like the kind of guy who had his kinks, I could tell.

Dark, that was his aura: intimidating, unwelcoming, and yet his body still screamed ‘one touch and it goes away’.

Handsome? Devilishly.

Which brings me to this, the interest….

His eyes: half wolf, half demon.

And I still stayed, consuming his toxic musk as he leaned in for a kiss, one each side, before leading the way. His grasp was firm but gentle and I was yet to hear him speak, I said to myself, settling into the leather couch in the living area. The couch was red. One of two colours that ruled the room’s décor. White was the other one. Red and white, perfect for a deflowering, I guessed.

My head voice: You’re the p.v (perfect victim) tonight.

I looked over my shoulder, he was gone. Did he teleport too? I wondered, grappling with the supernatural.


A phone rang. Right there, across from me, on the television stand with no television, no stereo, no photos. Just the phone. Like me, he was a guest for a night.

My heart: Earn the money, pick up the phone and take the call.

My head: There’s the door.

Hello?” I cleared my throat, doing my best to sound like a girl who belonged in the sex and experienced department. Twenty- two, he said, I remembered.


His voice: all man, no boy left in him.

“Yes…” I stuttered, struggling to match his allure. “Well, I’m getting there. I could sure use the company. It’s what I’m being paid—”

“Turn around.”

I froze. I could hear him. He was behind me.

My heart: Play the game.

My head: Run!

“Turn around,” he repeated. I shifted my body ever so slightly. “Don’t be shy,” his voice floated as if we were inches apart. “I want those eyes on me.”

I looked up. There he was, across from me, on the stair case… Shirt off. Skin polished. Muscles bulged. Every line on his chest punctuated, demanding my attention. And again, it was his eyes, they held me: half wolf, half demon—

“Take it off.”

“What?” I blurted, startled.

My heart: Engage.

My head: I told you so.

“Take it off.”


My mind raced thinking about the kind of underwear I had on: white lace. I was in the clear. Next about the management down there, I tend to keep it bare but my nerves had me questioning me: bare, strip, little grass? Then to the quality of my bra. The dress serviced my breasts better than the bra alone, I thought, going inward, my insecurities showing.

My heart: Put on a show.

My head: Stay put.

I hung up, placing the phone on its holder, unzipping my dress, eyes on him, lips concealed and imagining stripping to Peggy Lee’s Fever in the background. I was building confidence, it’s what he wanted right? Twenty- two?

“Like what you see?” I channelled my inner cat, purring in sin, ready to be devoured by him but terrified all the same.

“I can taste your lips,” he replied with a smile, coming down.

My heart: Strut

My head: Stay put.

“Really…” I strutted, determined to meet him half way. I mean I had to; control was in play and he had most of it. I had some ground to make up. “What do I taste like?” His breath was on mine, his eyes didn’t seem so scary up close.

“You’ll know,” his breath lingered on my neck. For a second, teasing a bite. “I want to take my time with you.”

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