Haunt Me

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Chapter Three

He was inside… robbing me of my virtue, feeding desire, enveloping me with an onslaught of pleasure, fingers laced through my hair, holding me firm, containing me as he slid in and out, gentle at first… allowing me the freedoms to just… feel.

“I want those eyes on me,” he moaned, lust burning like coals behind his eyes. The demon was out. No halves, the real thing.

“Not yet,” he whispered, opening his mouth to my tongue, responding to my urges. I was ready, to explode, release, succumb to passion. “Beg.” His pumps got faster, unveiling the violence he tried so hard to suppress… until that moment…

I winced, subjecting my speech to pants and groans.

“Beg,” he said.

I struggled with the concept. I was alive. On fire. Excited and unruly. Delirious with want. Desperate to climax. “Please…” the word escaped. He went deeper. I couldn’t hold out anymore, I….

An alarm went off. I gasped, drenched in sweat. Also… it hurt… down there. Was I having …? I turned to the clock. Three oh three, in the morning! Whose alarm was it anyway? I looked around, in search of the sound. Nothing. But I could still hear it, ringing in my ear until it turned to silence.

“Shit!” My phone buzzed, startling me. I approached my study desk with caution, just in case some unwanted spirit popped up. I mean I was already ‘hearing’ things and dreaming about being screwed by a demon was as crazy as crazy roamed right?

It was him. The text. He knew where I lived and he got my number.

Him: Dijana.

My new name.

Him: Enjoy the fantasy?

I felt… exposed.

Him: That was night three

I started to response but held back…

Him: We could do it again… your time.

My time? I was confused. Did he mean real time? As in he could have him me in my sleep and… No, no, no, I told myself, that didn’t count. I didn’t just lose my virginity to a… and in my sleep! I closed my legs, feeling the residues of his sex entering me again. It still hurt… only a little. But I knew I’d been stretched and that time it wasn’t a tampon.

Him: You were good for nineteen.

They say four out of five dreams are more negative than positive…

Him: Next time, you’ll be twenty- two.

And that the most common feelings in dreams are fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety, I thought. Fear and anxiety, I stressed, wondering which out of the two described my liaison with the demon. Which part was… It’s just that when I imagined my first time, I imagined it with…

Him: If you want it dirty in the bathroom with a stranger, you need to ask for it.

I went weak. Did he read minds too? And no, that’s not what I imagined… maybe once, a long time ago.

Him: I mean if you’re going to live out the fantasy of being a bad girl, be it.

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