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When I get outside, Bryson is making out with some girl. Why don't I know most of the girls he hooks up with? "Hey, get off my man." I say as I stand next to Bryson. "Hey babe," he plays along. "I didn't know you guys were together," she gasps. "We're keeping things low key. You don't have to mention this to anyone." I smile at her and she walks away. I turn to face Bryson who has a smile on his face, "so, I'm your man now?" "No, silly! That was just a joke." ++++++++ This is a story about Ariana Collins. A teenager with so much drama in her life. Boys, fake friends, secrets, sex, crazy parties, school and many more. It's just A Teen's Story😋 Warning ⚠: Cursing and sexual scenes...

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Chapter 1

I can't believe summer is over so fast! I'm back home in my bedroom and I have school on Monday! I fucking hate that fact. I was packing a few months ago and I was damn excited to get out of here. I celebrated my sweet sixteen in Miami with my mom and her friends. Some college kids that I didn't know showed up just for the drinks.
I loved it 'cause I didn't know most of the people who were there. My friends kinda get on my nerves on my birthday and being away from them this year kind of relieved me. They could be so annoying. Most especially Amanda.
She's a beautiful liar. Almost everything she says is a lie. Every year at my birthday, she'd try to get all the attention. She's the kind of person who lied a lot that when she spoke the truth you'd not believe her. Her lies were hilarious and annoying. I don't hate her 'cause she's really nice. Lying is just a part of her and I'm already used to it.
"Ari," my mom stands at my doorstep. She's wearing a tight blue dress and her hair is tied up in a ponytail. She's just as gorgeous as ever.
"Hey mom," I smile at her.
"Are you done unpacking yet? Dinner's ready."
"I'm almost done. Is Cole home?"
"He's in his room."
Cole is my younger brother. He's a freshman this year and I'm really excited to show him around. He acts like the bad boy but he's my sweet brother.
When I'm done hanging my clothes in the closet, I walk out of my room and barge into Cole's. He's on the phone when I get there.
"I'll see you at school." He says before hanging up.
"What do you want?" He asks.
"I've missed you." I jump on him and he lifts me off the ground. He's younger than me but taller.
"I didn't. It was really good at Rita's without you."
He spent his summer at my aunt's beach house 'cause he didn't want to go to Miami with mom and I.
"Come on. You know you wanted me there. You just don't wanna admit it."
"I kinda wanted you there. That doesn't mean anything though."
"Are you excited for high school?"
"Nah. I don't really care. It's just highschool." He shrugs.
"You're right. It gets kinda shitty to be honest."
"I know," he laughs, "Sean told me all about it."
Of course Sean told him about high school before I did. They spent summer together and he was the first to get through high school. Sometimes I wished I were him. He's the older brother and he's a junior in college.
"Let's go eat dinner. Mom is probably waiting for us."
"No she's not," he chuckles.
He might be right. Mom doesn't wait for anyone to start eating. If we delay, she doesn't waste any time.
I spent almost the whole Sunday sleeping. I didn't pick up any of my friends' calls 'cause my phone was on silent. I wanted to get as much sleep as possible before going to school. Turns out that didn't help me one bit.
I woke up half an hour late today. I took a really quick shower and dressed up in shorts and a white crop top. I took some time to dry my hair and let it fall on my back. I didn't bother to apply any makeup. Cole was already done eating breakfast when I went downstairs.
Now I'm just eating an apple as I'm driving to school. Cole is on the passenger's seat texting.
I shouldn't have slept so much yesterday. It made me want more sleep this morning.

We get to school and the moment I park the car, Cole gets out as if knowing where to go. Maybe he does. Sean told him everything he needs to know so he wouldn't need my help. It's cool. I'll just go do my own shit since I don't have to show him around. I was kinda excited for his first day but he doesn't give a shit about it.
I open my empty locker and stuff my books inside. Kids are walking down the hallway. Most of them are talking and others are making out.
I wish someone could kiss me like that every morning.
"Aria!" Amanda exclaims. She's standing next to Tina.
Tina is a slim blonde girl with curves in all the right places. She's really funny and being around her never gets boring. She happens to have a bad temper. She hates losing an argument even when she knows she's wrong.
"Hey girls." I smile at them, "Tina, are you okay?"
"Yeah. I'm good," she says.
"Are you sure?" I asked and she nods in response.
"How was Miami?" Amanda asks.
"It was really good. I loved it there. I kinda didn't wanna come back."
"I can't believe we weren't there for your birthday." Amanda says.
"Don't worry about it. We can make up for it some time." I say.
"Hey Aria," Leon. It's him. I missed him so fucking much. I can't believe I went that long without seeing him in person.
His hair looks different and i like it. It's darker than before, cut short from the sides and a kind of spiky.
We texted in freshman year and I didn't know we went to the same school before we started talking. We barely noticed each other. I'm crushing hard on him and he doesn't even seem to notice. I thought he liked me too but I was wrong. I'm nothing more than a best friend to him.
Amanda and Tina don't know anything about this crush I have on him. I don't like telling people what I'm feeling towards any guy. It's like no one can keep a secret these days. I don't wanna end up walking down the hallway knowing that every asshole knows about my crush on Leon. Everyone thinks Leon and I are best friends and I'd like to keep it at that.
"Hey there," I smile at him.
"How've you been?" He asks.
"Not bad. How're you? I really missed you."
"I was kinda pissed."
"You weren't picking up any of my calls."
"You lying asshole! I picked up," I chuckle.
"Four times. You only picked picked up four times."
"Isn't that good enough?" I roll my eyes.
I couldn't pick up his calls 'cause I didn't know what to say and I was trying to avoid him so that I could maybe stop crushing on him. It didn't work. I'm currently picturing him pinning me against this locker and kissing me so hard that I can barely breathe.
"I like talking to you and when you ignore me, it doesn't feel good."
"I'm sorry."
"Promise to pick up next time?"
"I will."
"Come with me," he holds my hand and leads me to his locker. He opens it and gets out a beautifully wrapped box with a ribbon on it.
"This is your birthday present," he hands it to me and I stare at it with a small smile on my face, "open it."
I unwrap the gift and when I open the box, there's a beautiful necklace inside it.
"Aww, thanks Leo," I give him a hug.
He helps me wear it and his touch on my neck makes my knees weak as fuck. I wish his hands went lower.
The bell rings and we all head to our classes. My first class is biology.
I get in and sit at the back. Bryson sits next to me. He smirks at me and I smile.
Bryson is the hottest guy around here and every girl is ready to drop their panties for him except me and a few others that I haven't met yet.
We sat together in four classes last year. He's really funny and flirty. We kinda flirted when we first met but it got weird. I wanted to like him so bad 'cause he won't ever disappoint and friend zone me as much as Leo does. Bryson and I are just close friends. We hang out a lot and he's so obsessed with sex.
"Looks like we're together again." He winks.

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