Dreaming Awake

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Ashlyn who works at a small flower shop has a CEO for a regular customer. But when she meets outside work, she is selected as his girlfriend and life changes for her as she warms up the handsome yet cold man.

Romance / Drama
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I looked at the ornate watch hanging beside the door. It was already 9:10. Helen was getting antsy. I sighed. All I should do was worry.

Then the bell to the door of our little flower shop rang. There he was. Striding in with his 6 feet something self. It was something mesmerizing to watch- the way he carried himself. Muscular without being stalky, he was lean.

But today something was different. If him wearing a light orange sweater instead of his regular business suit didnt give it away then his face would have. His angular chiseled features felt softer today, more human. His eyes had a tinge of train, the tip of his nose a little red. His lips were dry and parted.

I had to stop myself there. No, i thought, dont think about his lips!

Immediately Helen made a bee line for him. "You are late today Mr. Rivers! Is everything alright? I was soo worried..", Helen started her usual tirade. He just nodded at her disengaged. Not listening to a word she said. By now, I had already learnt to drown out her voice.

As he walked to the counter where I was, some distance from the door, "The usual sir?", I asked in a a tiny voice. His presence somehow always made me nervous, always made me felt more feminine...

He shook his head. This surprised Helen into silence. But the request for white lilies surprised me too. It was so different from his usual request of roses and daisies!

Helena meanwhile had come behind the counter. Being the Manager she basically ordered me to get the order ready. I hurried to the white lilies, picked five fresh flowers and wrapped them in white paper tying them together with a thread. Behind me i could hear Helen trying to sweet talk him again.

He was basically everyone's dream guy. Tall, Strong, handsome as hell and not to mention rich! Mr. River's father owned a few major fortune 500 companies and he was next CEO in line. Every girl wanted to snag him bjt he seemed uninterested in anyone. Helen had been trying for 3 months to sweet talk him. But he never as much as batted an eye in her direction. As a result she kept scheduling herself for morning shifts when she knew he would come at 9AM.

Sometimes I wondered why he bothered coming to a small flower shop at the corner of nowhere! Frankly we weren't even in the MIDDLE of nowhere.

"Ashlyn!?!?", Helen called ojt my name. I startled back as I was abruptly pulled out of my thoughts. My back hit something. I turned. It was him. I was embarrassed. Helen continued reeming me out in front of him. Hoping for some brownie points i guessed. But he said nothing.

White lilies in hand he paid and left. And i was surprised as I noticed there was no car waiting for him outside and he was off walking.

But then again today had been full of surprises anyway. I sigh as Helen continued her constant stream of gushing and silly chatter again.

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