From Shy To A Guy

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"We floundered on the efforts to feel alive again. We sensed so much, all at once. So much happiness, pain, longing. And it all started with her. One bet, one game, altered our lives to the very end. The moment it all began, I wasn't aware that I might end up relinquishing everything, losing all my truth. Now I'm standing here, in front of her with no way out." •~❉᯽❉~• "All my life, I've been running away from these expensive cars, clothes and overpriced lifestyle. I finally felt my escape, intertwining his fingers with mine. With our heads held high, walking past these flashing cameras and blinding lights, he didn't know that he was giving me air to breathe."

Romance / Humor
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Hey everyone, I'm Mimansa. This is my first book and it's quite different from the cliches I've read. I'm trying to get people to see characters as people for who they really are instead of characterizing people according to labels, that we so easily give others.

Because believe it or not, it affects our perceptions of people in real life as well. So, instead of giving tags to humans, how about we accept the different qualities that each of us possess and appreciate each other?

Humanity is what the world needs. We, as humans can understand, learn, and adapt. We are all parts of the same species with distinct integrities and that is what I'm trying to preach.

So, eat healthy, stay safe and treat people with kindness.

Xo Mimansa.

To all those who are trying hard to fit in and struggling to find themselves,

It's all right there,

All you need, want or could wish for,

Inside of you.

There's art and something so beautiful,

Search deep within you, be one with yourself,

And everything else will fall into place.

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