Knights Legends MC #1

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Update Schedule: As often as a chapter is ready. I am not very good at writing this piece. So bear with me. Sabine Lacey DeAngelo led a normal life until she met and married Victor DeAngelo. Victor is President of the Son's of Death MC. Sabine has been planning her escape from the abuse of Victor and the Son's of Death MC for months. The time has finally come where she gets to execute her plans. Devon "Hammer" Harris, stoic cold and very calculated. Has been friends with Chris since high school. He has promised to help Chris' cousin out of a jam, he never wanted any details until the dark haired beauty walked into the garage one fateful day. He almost swallowed his tongue when she opened her mouth to ask for The Hammer. His whole world came crushing in around him. He has sworn of woman. Will he be able to fight off the immense attraction he already feels towards Sabine. The intense need to protect her. Will she finally open up to him and the club for protection

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Today started off like all the rest. Victor downstairs, eating his breakfast that I prepared at the crack of dawn. And me, well I am standing in front of the mirror trying to cover up the bruising that he left on my face and around my neck.

I have a deep seeded hate for my husband, and why wouldn't I? After years of manhandling and abuse, it should be expected. I have envisioned Victor's demise over and over in my mind.

The different types of ways that I have envisioned, ending his life, would make me feel so good, but would end my life. Does this make me sick and twisted? Well who knows and who will stand in judgement of me?

I would be free of Victor and the clubs abuse, yes but I would be behind bars. A life sentence for murder, it's just not worth it. I want my freedom. A freedom I deserve, a freedom I am owed.

When I completed the cover up I headed downstairs to see Victor waiting at the bottom of the stairs for me. Tapping his foot with agitation.

Today was going to be another tough day. I have a meeting with the FBI agent Mr. Stone today at 2:45. I finally have all the information he requested and it's ready for hand over.

At 12:15 we are all congregated at the club for lunch and drinks as usual. Today though things feel different. The air is thick and Victor is in a mood.

I am sitting on a chair when his big hand clutches around my long blonde locks, pulling me off the chair and closer to his body. His other hand clutching around my throat, squeezing tightly. My eyes bulging and my lungs are burning while I am gasping for air. "You bitch, How could you" Victor screams. His tall frame, looming over me. His eyes screaming danger. Fear creeping up my spine. He throws me down on the sticky alcohol-infused floor before a booted foot connects to my midsection, and I am heaving, trying to suck in more oxygen.

I am lying huddled in a small ball protecting myself from the kicks and punches being launched in my direction. A solid fist connects with my right cheek. The excruciating pain as it connects, makes my face feel like my jaw has been dislocated. The numbness spreads fast.

"You useless, pathetic bitch. Why did I ever marry you? You disgust me" he spits at me, spittle flying in my face before he backhands me through the face again. Endless tears, streaming down my face. I am lying cradled in, on myself as Victor looms over me. Pure hatred and disgust etched on his face.

This time he goes too far, the beating I have just received wasn't even done in private like he normally prefers, no this time it is in front of all his club brothers and the clubhouse skanks.

"This is what happens to anyone who disrespects me or betrays this club" he booms out in anger, breathing heavily. A warning. Threatening everyone standing there.

His boot print elegantly visible on the skin by my ribcage, from where he kicked me again, just minutes ago. My waist-length blonde hair tinted, caked, and matted in blood. My eyes swollen shut, two large engorged lips that are blue, swollen, and split. Blood and bruising already visible on all the surfaces of my skin.

I recall a lot of cheering from the guys as the beating progressed. Some club skanks laughing, while some, just trying to ignore what was happening. Skylar my best friend and bar lady, crying for me.

I don't remember for how long I was conscious for as it continued well after I had passed out. The pain, too much to handle. How and when it stopped being a mystery to me. I am being carried to a room by Skylar and Josie, finally semi-conscious. Josie is a club skank. Friendly but a backstabbing bitch. My body protesting in pain with every step they take.

The women here at Son's of Death MC, that's ol' ladies, skanks, and work staff all get treated the same. No preferential treatment for any woman here.

It was never like this before Victor took over. His father ol' man Gordon, our now dead pres was a kind, loving man. So was Victor until shortly after we got married. I have no idea what changed, that made Victor into this cold, calculated, and abusive man, filled with rage.

Victor is a tall handsome man, with a very short fuse. His large green eyes, chiseled square jawline, and muscular build. He is attractive.

I am now in Skylar's room where she proceeds to try and clean me up as best as she can, with the amount of pain and blood all over my small delicate frame.

"It's now or never babe!" She whispers silently into my ear so that Josie doesn't hear. All I can do is whimper in pain as tears still cascade down my swollen, busted cheeks.

Josie is my husband's go to screw, she is so far crept up Victors arse, nothing happens without Josie running off to relay everything to him.

"Going to run you a shower sweetie, we need to clean off all the blood in your hair" Skylar says looking at me with pity, clouding her eyes. I hate that my friend pities me, it makes me feel weak and stupid.

"Josie please tell Pres that I will be down soon, I just need to clean her off?"she looks at Josie who is now on her way to the bedroom door.

"Sure, not too long though okay, we still have shit to do" she says closing the bedroom door behind her.

Skylar goes to the bathroom and starts the water in the shower before heading back to help me get undressed. When the water is the perfect temperature she helps me under the spray. My body stinging from all the open cuts as the water runs red, pooling around my feet.

"It's now or never babe, everything is set and in place. I heard a rumor, he wants you

out, Josie is taking your place. She's pregnant babe" I don't know how to take this news, tears still streaming down my face, luckily being hidden by the running water.

I have secretly been drinking birth control tablets as not to fall pregnant in these harsh circumstances. Josie must've found the pills and told Victor, knowing how desperately Victor an heir, that's what must've brought on today's beating. Can you imagine what would happen to me once the truth of my betrayal and my other secret comes out, would be. I am pretty sure I would be dead.

Once the water starts running clean, I brace myself for the excruciating pain that is to follow. Washing myself and my hair. It's not my first rodeo so I know what is coming.

Once I am all clean, dried and put in bed. Skylar hands me a glass of water and some painkillers, which I drink greedily.

"Sleep babe, I need to get back to the bar, but I will be up later to check on you okay?" she places a gentle kiss on my forehead, she looks over at me, takes a deep breath before leaving the room.


Finally I am more mobile than I was three days ago, Wiping the steam off of the mirror and seeing myself for the first time. I inhale deeply and break into uncontrollable sobs at the devastation. The broken girl with large green eyes covered in bruises, staring back at me.

I need to get ready for work, no rest for the wicked, well not in this lifetime atleast. Finally today I lay this part of my life to rest. I am leaving this hellhole behind me, for good. Luckily my ribs weren't broken, only badly bruised.

"Sabine, get your ass down here, now" Victor yells up at me. I might be the queen of the MC being married to Victor the Pres but that doesn't mean anything. I am just a piece of ass, no better than the skanks that hang around the MC.

I bound down the stairs as quick as my broken body can carry me, to see Victor tapping his foot impatiently while waiting for me. He grabs me by my long blonde hair and flings my small frame effortlessly against the railing so hard, I am left breathless. Trying like hell to breath and get some much needed oxygen, back into my deprived lungs.

"Get your shit together and get ready, Doc will be here in half an hour. Cover yourself for gods sake woman, you look like shit. Once Doc leaves, you will come to straight to the office, Do you understand me?" he hells into my face. Not caring much that I can barely breath. He turns on his heel mumbles under his breath and just like that, I am left all alone.

I sink down onto the stairs I was just standing on and cry. I can't do this for much longer, after Doc leaves, then so am I.

It has taken me twenty minutes to cover up the bruises and to stop the pity party train I found myself on. My ribs still protesting against the movements I make. Nothing like swallowing down the pain, and acting strong and unbreakable.

Doc has just cleaned the gash in my head, he handed over some painkillers and looked down at me.

"I am sorry Sab" he says looking sorrowful.

"Don't Doc, please, I can't, not right now" I say back a lone tear running down my cheek.

"Okay sweetheart, just be careful okay, I don't know how much more your body can take, try not to piss Victor off today" he says grabbing his bag and walks out of the room. I hear the front door shut and spring into action.

Skylar has just arrived to take me to the office. Pity blazing in her deep blues. After collecting my bag and making sure the paperwork and the memory sticks are well hidden on my person, we head towards her car.

"Please tell me you are leaving today, babe, as planned?" she asks full of concern.

"Yes babe drop me off at the motel, tell Victor when you got to the house, I was already gone" I take Sky's hand in mine and give her a reassuring smile.

It is late now and dark outside. The motel where I am holed up is quiet and peaceful. Skylar has stashed some new clothes and accessories here so there was no need for packing. I will be travelling light tonight. My brand new red R1 is standing in the parking lot at the back of the motel, well hidden.

My look has been changed, I am no longer a blonde, my long blonde locks are now a dark brown with red streaks in and my blue eyes are now green, thanks to the contacts I battled putting in. I must say if it wasn't for the unusual dark make up covering my now semi bruised face, I would be unrecognizable. Exactly the look I was going for. Not even Sky knows what look I chose. The least she knows, the less in danger she would be.

Skylar has been a great friend. Since the day that Victor brought her to the club. She spent months away from us, apparently healing from wounds. She remembers nothing from her past, or her family. We became close and inseparable, almost like my sister. I just hope she isn't suspected or gets hurt or even worse killed for helping me.

Victor used to be a good man, once upon a time. I just don't know what happened to change him. I do have my suspicions though. Being affiliated to the club, I knew I couldn't expect loyalty. I mean really, what kind of fool would I be? With half naked skanks hanging around the guys, you give it to them on a silver platter and the men will eat.

I take a deep breath. Put my dark locks under my leather jacket, my tight black leather pants tucked into my black leather boots, I put my black and red full face helmet on. Sling my bag over my shoulders and head towards my R1.

To test my theory, I pull out of the lot and head towards the compound for a drive by, and nothing. No-one followed me, or even took much notice. It was a risk, a stupid one at that, but it paid off. Now I hit the long road to wherever it may lead.

I have a week before I am expected at my cousins place. Luckily someone Victor hasn't heard of or met yet. He was never big on meeting my family. I just need to stay hidden and off everyone's radar, for now.

I have been sleeping in dingy motels and eating at seedy roadhouses for the past week and tomorrow I will finally see Chris. Luckily I have remained under the radar thus far and have reached my destination unscathed.

I have promised Sky that as soon as the dust settles that I will contact her. I am dying to hear what's happening with Vic and if he is after me already. I am sure he has figured out that the three hundred grand is missing and will be hot on my trail, if he can sniff me out, I think I did quite a good job staying hidden. Well I hope I have.

I need to get some rest. I have hidden the information fairly well and now I am sitting in the motel room, downing tequila. Tomorrow Chris is going to take me to see that friend of his that has my new fake identity. From tomorrow on Sabine Lacey DeAngelo will be dead and Melissa Rose Angels will be born.

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