Lone Wolf (Book 1)

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Chapter 1

This story will be in third-person POV. I will do my best not to put any notes between chapters.


He woke up with a groan as the early morning sun filled his room. The light had started peeking through the old curtains his mother made. He wasn't sure exactly how old they were but he knew they were at least twenty years old. He wasn't sure if she had made them before or after his birth.

They once were a soft blue made out of thick cotton. But now they were so faded he wasn't sure what color you could call them. The once thick material was now so thin, it did nothing to block out the outside world.

All he knew is that he needed to replace them soon. Because they no longer provided any privacy or protection from the bright morning sun. Not that he didn't have a lot of privacy living in the middle of the woods in an old wooden cabin.

The same wood cabin his parents had built over twenty-six years ago. He knew things in the cabin were getting old and many things needed to be replaced. But it was hard for him. All he had left of his parents were in this cabin. And just thinking about replacing his mother's curtains caused his heart to hurt. There wasn't a day that went by that he didn't think about his parents and how much he missed them. They were all he had, now he had nothing.

His parents had barely escaped a vampire attack on their pack. His father and mother were the beta male and beta female of the pack. Which meant that he was also a beta male wolf.

Xavier didn't know much about it but what his parents had told him as he was growing up. They told him about the attacks but never spoke much about what life was like living in a pack. But his mother had told him that the pack he was from was named Blood Lupus. For they were one of the most feared packs in the world.

His parents had told him the tales of how the vampires had started hunting down and killing off wolf packs. The reason being that wolves were the natural enemy of the vampires. Their number one predator.

Werewolves were the only ones who could keep the vampire population from growing out of control. If it had grown out of control then no one would be safe including humans. Which is exactly what happened.

He remembered his father telling him at the age of ten how everyone from their pack had been slaughtered. Including Alpha Wilson and his Luna who was expecting the next Alpha heir to the pack.

The only ones who made it out were his parents and him. As his mom was four months pregnant with him at the time.

The only reason they had made it out alive was that they were at his mom's parents. If they had been on pack lands, they too would have been killed.

So his parents ran once they reached pack lands and discovered their whole pack dead. Their lifeless bodies drained and torn to pieces. The Alpha's head and been displayed on a pole that was stabbed into the ground. The same ground that was saturated in the blood of his pack. The heir to the pack had been ripped from his mother's womb.

On the run, his parents found that all surrounding packs had all met the same fate. The entire packs had been slaughtered, and the Alphas heads put on display. All they could do was howl in pain for the loss of their fellow wolves. They knew at that time, the existence of werewolves was hanging on by a thread.

They had to do whatever they could to ensure survival. So they did just that.

His parents had escaped and built a home deep in the woods in the state of Indiana. They had picked a place with plants that helped mask their scent. His dad handmade things to camouflage their home even more. Knowing that there was no such things as too much protection.

Not when wolves were being hunted down by thousands of vampires. Under the control of a king who wanted to feed off of and breed the entire human population.

Both werewolves and vampires had the ability to breed with humans. And there were some cases of hybrids from vampires forcefully breeding with wolves. Though his dad said there had never been a record of one surviving past infancy. They needed a constant diet of raw proteins and fresh blood, which wasn't an easy thing to accomplish. The infant hybrids either perished from malnutrition or they were killed because they were too much responsibility. Most wolves and vampires saw them as an abomination.

He had watched his parents had fight off many vampire intruders when he was younger. Their massive grey wolves showed no mercy upon those who wished harm to them and their child. His dad had started training him from the young age of five on fighting skills. He was trained to be a warrior from early on. It was a must in order to ensure survival.

As a child, Xavier could remember hearing the sounds of the screams, roars, and ear-shattering shrieks of vampires as his parents ripped them to shreds. Vampires needed numbers when it came to battling against werewolves. The weaker the breed of vampires the more they needed to take down a single wolf.

Although vampires are strong and fast. Werewolves were stronger and faster. Vampires were considered leeches, his dad personally called them bottom feeders.

Vampires were originally created by the human government to help clean up the massive amount of dead bodies that would pile up during wars. But humans quickly lost control over their creations. Almost leading them to their own demise. They really should have known better than to create something that fed off of blood.

No one knows how but at that time the first werewolf came into existence. It seems that a higher divinity was trying to clean up the human's mistakes. The first werewolf bred with multiple females producing offspring that were all blessed with a wolf. Those wolves bred with humans to produce more offspring. As the number grew they started forming packs.

But it was quickly found that werewolf offspring were stronger if both parents werewolves. These offspring tended to be the Alphas, betas, and warriors of the packs. But there have been leadership wolves in some packs that only had one parent that was a wolf. But those wolves usually had very strong bloodlines.

Since vampires could blend in with humans and had no weakness but blood starvation. The human population started dwindling down. They were on the verge of becoming extinct. So more wolves started mating with wolves. And mating with humans became rare.

But as the werewolf population grew and spread throughout the world, the humans again started thriving. Although vampires were still a very real threat to them.

While vampires would seek out humans, wolves did everything thing they could to avoid them outside of breeding.

Xavier's mom had told him tales of how humans thought werewolves had a destined mate otherwise known as a soulmate. Whether they be wolves or humans. But it was only that, tales. Soulmates didn't exist. Wolves were free to choose their life mate, that is if they wanted one.

But that doesn't mean that a wolf couldn't mate with another wolf or even a human for life. Once marked, you share a bond with the other person. Although it isn't as magical as the humans would like to believe.

Xavier stretched out his muscles after sitting up on the side of his bed. He knew he needed to get a start on the day. Especially before the humans that were camping or hiking in the woods started making their way towards the river.

He needed to hunt. It's something he had to do daily, living in deep in the woods he had no power. With no power he had very little ways to preserve food. He would venture into the human world a few times a year to sell firewood or animal skins to purchase anything he couldn't hunt down or grow himself. Like clothing, salt for cooking, batteries, candles, or essentials for bathing and hygiene.

Thankfully his dad had been able to install a special type of indoor plumbing, otherwise, life would be even harder.

As Xavier pulled on a t-shirt and pair of shorts. He thought about how lonely he was and how much he truly missed his parents. He missed having someone to eat meals with, someone to talk to, or just another presence in his home.

He had very little interaction with anyone. And he hadn't seen or scented another wolf since the death of his parents. He was only thirteen at the time of their deaths.

Their deaths was still very much a painful memory for Xavier. For almost thirteen years he has been alone. He longed for a companion. Someone to love and share his life with.

He ran his hand through his dark auburn hair after quietly closing the cabins front door. He put up all the necessary camouflage then headed out to hunt.

Maybe he would be able to track down a deer today. He knew the gamey meat would pair up well with the vegetable he hand picked from his garden yesterday.

After walking through the woods quietly, making sure not to step on any twigs. He caught the scent of a young doe. He stalked her as she grazed in the grass.

As quietly as he could, he slipped off his clothes, making sure to dilute his scent to not alert her of his presence. He then let his wolf take over. Feeling his shift complete, he shook out his dark auburn fur and stalked closer to his prey.

The doe popped her head up as a bird flew past her, causing her ears to twitch. Xavier stayed out of sit and didn't move a muscle. He slowly stalked closer as she went back to eating.

Lunging himself with his powerful hind legs, he quickly closed his jaws around her neck. He bit down fast to end her life instantly and minimize her suffering. Once he knew the doe was dead, he shifted back into his human form and got dressed.

He then picked up the beautiful young doe to carry her back to his cabin. Xavier whispered a thank you to the deer for giving her life to sustain and nourish him. Food is something he never took for granted.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I really want this to be as noncliche as possible. This chapter has not been edited.

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