Lone Wolf (Book 1)

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Chapter 2

Xavier took his time in cleaning the young doe. He watched his deer stew slowly come to a simmer on the old wood-burning stove. His mom's recipes indeed were the best. Not that he had anyone else's to really compare it to. But Xavier was thankful that not only did his dad teach him how to fight, but also that his parents taught him how to survive completely on his own. From a young age, his parents had him working in the garden, helping cut firewood, and his mom even taught him how to cook and clean.

He snacked on so raw meat as he added more wood to the stove and stoked the fire. His body required a lot of protein. Both raw and cooked. High amounts of protein were essentially for a wolf's survival.

With the campgrounds being full this time of year, he could easily cook without worry. He knew no one would think anything about the bit of smoking coming from the wood oven.

He had scented many humans in the wood on his hunt and on his way back to the cabin. Thankfully no scents besides a few squirrels and an owl were found around his come.

Xavier decided to do some tidying up around his home. Once finished inside he buried the remains of the deer and tended to his garden while he waited for his stew to finish cooking.

Noon quickly approached, Xavier looked up to see the sun high in the sky, peeking through the tops of the trees. After watering his plants, he decided to check his water supply and saw that it was running low.

Everything in his home depended on firepower or none electric pumps. So wood and water were absolutely essential. He had to fill up the water barrels every two days. Thankfully the cabin was only a couple miles walk from the river.

He did have a couple of solar panels his dad installed but he reserved using those only during the winter to help heat water on a small electric burner for bathing. Otherwise, he would have cold baths trying to heat up enough water on the small wood-burning stove.

He could move to a more established area and have electricity and running water. But he would be exposing himself. And on the few trips, he would make into town every year, he had seen how the wolf community was still struggling to come back after so much destruction.

Him being a lone wolf, he knew he would put himself into danger. Not only would he be threatened by vampires but any wolf packs he would come across would automatically label him as a rogue.

Xavier felt that he would die alone in the woods.

He never really spoke unless he was doing business in town or maybe the occasional hiker that he would run into. Even then, he spoke as little as possible. So his voice was kind of gravelly and rough from the minimum use of his vocal cords.

Xavier made his way back inside to check on his stew. Seeing the fire had died out and the stew was done, he headed to his bathroom to clean up a bit.

Once he was sure he had no traces of blood on him from his kill earlier that morning. He headed towards the river with his buckets to collect water.

He would have to take at least five trips, but he didn't mind. It had become routine for him.

The first three trips to the river and back, Xavier had been lucky enough not to run into any campers or people fishing.

The autumn breeze felt amazing on his heated skin. It was cool but not so cold that it kept people out of the river. He often would spot humans swimming until about mid-autumn.

On the fourth trip though he had spotted a couple walking through the woods with backpacks. They were holding hands and whispering to each other. They looked so happy and Xavier felt a pain in his chest knowing he would never experience love or companionship.

He shook the thoughts and feelings away as he made his way back home with his fourth load of water. After dumping the water in the brown and green barrels. He started his last trip towards the river.

This time, he spotted the same couple swimming in the river. They were playfully splashing water at each other and kissing. Xavier scowled as he filled up his four buckets with water and head back towards home.

Once he was some filling up his water reserves, he went out to scent and check his territory for intruders.

Over the years after his parent's death, he had been scented out by vampires. They weren't much of a problem in this area but sometimes one would find their way towards his cabin.

He only had a few close calls when he was younger, but now he didn't have an issue of taking them out. Being a beta male, this body was tall with solid muscle. Just the way nature intended it to be.

Xavier stalked around his territory, sniffing the air carefully. He could smell different animals and food that humans were cooking miles away. But thankfully no vampires.

On his way back to his cabin, he stopped in his tracks as he saw a human. Not just any human, but a female. Xavier hid behind a tree as he watched her.

Slowly he sniffed the air, catching her scent. She smelled sweet, like wild honeysuckle. Her scent intrigued him and his wolf. He had never smelled a human with such a sweet scent. It was intoxicating.

Xavier watched as she threw her backpack to the ground and started spinning around. His head tilted to the side as he was confused about exactly what she was doing.

Although he was confused, he was also curious. He had never really been curious about humans. He preferred to stay far away from them. But he quite enjoyed the small smile that spread across her face.

Looking around to see if she was with another human, he couldn't spot or scent anyone else. Was she alone?

He raised an eyebrow as she started dancing and singing. A slow lazy smile took over Xavier's face as he watched this interesting human.

She amused him. He had to bite his lip to keep from laughing out loud as she started singing louder. He noted that while she was beautiful, intriguing, and amusing. She differently couldn't sing a lick. This girl was probably scaring away all animals in a two-mile radius. His wolf snickered in his head. He was also clearly amused by the human.

Xavier didn't have much experience with music. He had only heard music from vinyl records that his dad had played on an old crank style record player and in passing when he visited the human world. Occasionally, he would hear campers with radios but that wasn't often.

Although she couldn't sing to save her life, Xavier could seem to take his eyes off of this human female. He wanted to know more about her. No, he needed to know more about her. His wolf was urging him to approach this human, but he fought the urge.

He wondered was she actually out her alone? If so why?


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