Lone Wolf (Book 1)

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Chapter 3

Xavier squatted down and placed his hand against a tree as he continued to watch the human female. She kept on spinning around while singing lyrics to a song he had never heard. Completely oblivious to anyone watching her.

Xavier's light amber eyes trailed over the little human. She had shoulder-length mousy brown hair that was pulled half up and looked extremely messy. Her eyes were a mix of brown and green. He observed that her skin was sickly pale and covered in freckles. There was also a tint of red across her cheeks and nose from spending to much time in the sun.

She was pretty petite in height if Xavier had to guess, she was lucky if she was 5'2. He lowered his eyes and examined her body. From what he could see, she had small breasts, not that he had seen many. Well, none at all personally.

The only experience he had with seeing a female body was when women would be swimming in the river almost naked. He had never touched a woman but he was a warm-blooded male with eyes. Of course, he had been curious and looked before.

As his eyes skimmed down her body, he saw that she was pretty tiny overall but had wide hips. He couldn't really see much with her baggy clothes and hiking boots. She looked extremely weak and sick. Almost like she hadn't had a proper rest or meal in a while. For some reason, this upset him.

He wondered just how old this human female was. If he had to guess he would say she was a teenager based on the humans he's seen before. But her face didn't agree with that. Could an adult female really be so small?

Suddenly, she stopped spinning and dancing, he watched as she reached in her pocket. She pulled out a cell phone. Xavier had never owned nor used one. But he had seen humans use them before. Personally, he had no use for them.

She huffed out a breath as she held the phone to her ear. He couldn't clearly hear the person who was talking to her, but he watched as she evidently became agitated. She had crossed one arm under her breasts, one foot was impatiently tapping the ground as she threw her head back and rolled her eyes.

"No I'm not, " he heard her say, her voice sounding much better than when she was trying to sing. He silently chuckled at his own thoughts.

He had to admit that she looked absolutely adorable all frustrated. Xavier mentally shook his head to clear his thoughts. Closing his eyes, he focused his senses completely on her.

He could faintly hear her heartbeat quicken it's pace. And the person she was talking to was a male. For some reason that caused him to release a low inaudible growl as a scowl took over his face. He wasn't sure why it bothered him or his wolf so bad.

"Andy, look, baby, you know I'm sorry. I would never hurt you on purpose. You know that. It was a mistake, that's all. It will never happen again. I promise. Just come back home. You've been gone for a week already and I miss you. Baby, please! I need you, " the male on the other side of the phone pleaded.

Xavier rolled his eyes. He had seen humans argue before. It never failed to amaze him how human males could manipulate their females. He found it quite pathetic.

He slowly stood up planning to head back to his cabin. But the female, that the male called Andy, spoke stopping him in his tracks.

"Don't you baby me you piece of shit. Seriously Josh, a mistake? You are calling fucking your own brother's fiancee a mistake? Which time was it a mistake? Huh? Was it when you fucked her when I was visiting my mother on her death bed? Or was it when you were fucking her in my bed while I was busting my ass working two jobs because you got fired? Or was it a mistake when you were fucking her on our kitchen table as I walked through the door after coming home from work? Well, which is it? Which one was the mistake, Josh? And yeah I'm not stupid, she told John that you two had been fucking for over Six months! Six months, Josh!!!" The female, called Andy screamed into the phone with a deep scowl on her face.

Xavier turned back around and leaned against the tree again. This female human seems to be smart. Maybe she is different, he thought. This only intrigued him more.

He watched as she yelled at the human male on the phone for a good hour. Xavier looked at his watch as he noticed the sun going down.

He had been watching her for around two hours already. His stomach growled for food, he had already skipped lunch watching this human. Xavier decided he needed to head back and have an early dinner.

As he looked up from his watch, he saw her throw her phone towards a small stream in the woods. Then threw herself down on the forest floor. What exactly was she doing? He had never been so curious about a human in his life.

She pulled her backpack into her lap and pulled out what looked like a picture. She kissed it then he heard her faintly whisper, "I miss you, mom."

Next, he saw her pull out an old green sweatshirt and put it on. She then lifted the hood over her head and placed her bag back down on the ground. She laid down pulling the bad under her head, hugging it like a pillow.

It hit him that she planned on going to sleep out in the middle of the woods without any shelter, not even a sleeping bag. This worried him, as vampires weren't the only predators that roamed the woods.

He also wondered when was the last time she ate? Taking a sniff of the air, he couldn't smell at traces of food on her or her bag. A deep frown took over his face.

He wondered why she was in the woods in the first place. She didn't seem like the hiking type. And sleeping out in the open like this showed she didn't really have much experience with the wilderness. As beautiful as it was, it could be a dangerous place. She could also die from starvation and or dehydration.

Xavier sat back down as he watched her snuggle with her bag, curling her legs into her body. It was then he heard the loud growling of her stomach.

Could he really just leave her out here? She wasn't his responsibility but something made him stay in his position.

His ears perked up when he heard soft whimpers. She was crying. But why? Was it because of that stupid human male? He never understood relationships, especially human ones. It just seemed like way to much work.

Even though he was lonely, he wasn't sure he wanted to be responsible for someone else. Especially if all relationships are shitty. But deep down he knew they weren't. He remembered how in love his parents had been before their deaths.

He wondered if maybe she was crying because she was cold and hungry?

Xavier leaned his back against a tree as he listened to the human female cry quietly to herself. He wasn't sure what to do. But he felt it wasn't right to leave her alone. Even if she had no idea anyone was even watching her.


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