Different Worlds

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Chapter Ten


“Awwwn” I gushed as Zozo squealed from the kid’s carousel.

I pulled out my phone and turned on the camera as I took pictures of her on the toy horse. I was glad she was having so much fun.

Noah took us to the amusement park because one of his patients who knew the owner of the park gave him tickets as a token of appreciation after his recovery. Noah said it will be fun for both us and for Zozo so I decided to go along with him. It was a Saturday and we were both free, he had the day of and I didn’t work at the hospital on weekends as those were the only days I had to myself and I used it to spend more time with my daughter.

“Here” Noah said handing me two pink cotton candies which he left to buy a couple minutes ago.

“Thanks” I said before collecting them and taking a bite out of one.

“She so adorable” he announced as he watched her squeal on the ride and I hummed in agreement.

The ride went on for a couple of minutes before coming to a stop and the guy controlling the ride helped to bring all the kids down safely. I handed the cotton candies to Noah before picking Zozo who struggled to get down because she wanted to go on the ride one again but she had gone on the ride three times already.

“Zozo behave yourself” I scolded as she started to cry amidst her struggling in my arms.

“Do you want this?” Noah asked showing her the second uneaten cotton candy I had handed to him.

She stopped struggling and then nodded her head.

“Well, you can only have it if you agree to stay quietly with mommy, okay?” he said gently.

She nodded her head rapidly before stretching her hand to grab the cotton candy. I mouthed a ‘Thank you’ to Noah as handed the cotton candy over to Zozo and he nodded his head in response.

We moved around the park looking at all the rides and game that were been played as we ate our cotton candy, Noah sighted a balloon and dart game stall and he dragged us over there to try it. He paid the girl manning the stand and she handed him a couple of dart which he use on the board filled with balloons.

After a couple of tries which he miserably failed at, I handed him Zozo while I offered to help him out. He wasn’t taking the fails very well because he kept paying for more darts when the ones in his hands were exhausted. I take in a deep breath before closing one eye as I moved the dart back and forth then releasing it into the hair.

A loud pop sound filled the air as a red balloon popped on the board making the three of us cheer loudly with excitement.

“Go again” Noah said handing another dart.

I chuckled before taking it and repeating my previous action, another balloon on the board popped making us cheer out loud again.


We walked away from the stand with a pink teddy bear that I won in hand, Zozo remained in Noah arms since he said it was no problem carrying her around.

“How did you learn to throw like that?” Noah asked in utter amazement.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I was just lucky, I guess”

“Wow, that was mad” he said and I chuckled.

A photographer called out to us asking if we wanted to take a picture and as I was about to say ‘no’ but Noah beat me to it and agreed.

“That’s if you’re up for it” he said turning to face me.

“Sure, you’re the one paying after all” I replied with a smile.

“Great” he said returning the smile “Hold on ...”

He used his thumb to wipe under my lip, making my breath hitch slightly.

“Cotton candy” he announced

My cheeks heated up “Oh, thank you”

“You’re welcome” he said before turning to face the photographer.

A smile automatically made its way across my face when I saw Zozo smile whilst leaning on Noah, the photographer clicked once before walking towards us.

“Move closer” the man said using his hand to demonstrate.

We scooted closer to each other and the photographer walked backwards a little before coming back to us.

“More, please” the photographer suggested.

Noah placed his hand on my waist pulling me close to him which made my breath hitch, I looked up at him but he was looking at the photographer oblivious to what just happened.

I heard a click from the photographer and as I turned to face the guy, he took another one and I quickly put a smile on my face.

The photographer walked up to us and showed us the pictures he had just taken. Noah asked for the all the pictures to be printed twice and the man asked Noah to walk him to his stand that wasn’t too far so he could print the pictures.

I decided to head over to the gate and wait for them since we were leaving after the pictures as it was already getting dark. As I got to the gate of the park, I stood at a corner looking around and waiting for them to walk out of the park. My eyes roamed around and it landed on something or someone I never wanted to ever see, making my heart rate increase and my heart beat loud in my ears as my breathing increased.

A group of people walked past me blocking my view and when they finally moved away, I didn’t see the person any more. I looked around for the person but to no avail and I started to even doubt seeing the person.

Was I sure I saw right? It was getting dark, it’s possible I saw wrong.

A hand clamped on my shoulder making my jump and as I turned around I’m met with Noah and a sleeping Zozo in his arms.

“Sorry, it’s just me” He said as he handed me my copy of the pictures.

“Thanks” I said as I tried to even my breathing.

“Let’s go?”

“Yeah” I nodded as we headed to his car.

“Are you okay?” Noah asked as we got to his car. “You look a little pale”

“I’m fine. I’m just tired” I replied

“Okay” he said as he opened the back door and placed Zozo gently in the backseat.

We both got into the car and he pulled out of the parking space and into the road. I placed my head on the glass looking out the window with my mind wandering far.


Till tomorrow, my lovelies.


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