Different Worlds

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Chapter Eleven

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I popped my patients dislocated shoulder back into place and put on an arm sling to help support the injured arm and also to keep it in place while it heals on its own. My patient got into an accident luckily no one was hurt as he drove into a tree hurting only himself and probably his car. From the concentrated smell of alcohol coming off him and his dilated pupils, we could tell his was drunk of his mind.

I didn’t need to administer any nerve blockers or pain reliever before popping the shoulder back into place because he couldn’t feel anything that was going on to show you how drunk he was. I walked leaving the residents to finish up while I moved along to another patient.

It was evening and I’ll be off in a few more minutes, then I’ll head over to the cafeteria to get Ijeoma so we could go home together. I made her promise to let me take her everyday that I could and wasn’t held back by work because I didn’t want her jumping buses or walking from the bus stop to her so late in the night with many despicable people hanging around.

Her neighborhood wasn’t exactly the best one in town – in fact it was home to a drug dealers, Yahoo boys (Scammers) and cultist who prove to be a menace to the neighborhood and harm people which made my argument reasonable which made her . I for one didn’t like the fact the she was living in such a place along with a child but that was the only place she could afford and she didn’t want me interfering in her financial problems. She said she liked to feel independent of anyone- man or woman and didn’t want to anyone anything even when I specifically told her she wouldn’t owe me and then she would go on to say she wasn’t going to accept hand outs. In conclusion, she could be really stubborn and hard headed some times.

“Attention please, a life threatening situation has now occurred on the second floor- recovery ward B. All persons near or around that location should please evacuate from the area if it is safe to do so and if it isn’t please take shelter in a place immediately” The PA (Public Address) system announced.

A low murmur of voices slowly arose as people both patient and doctors wondered what was going on as some patients began to panic, I was on the ground floor so the security personnel of the hospital rushed in and started evacuating people who could be evacuated and those who needed medical assistance were moved to the free clinic beside the hospital.

My mind wandered to Ijeoma as the cafeteria was situated on the second floor where the situation was occurring, I pulled out my phone from my back pocket and dialed her number; she picked on the second ring.

“Hey, what’s going on? Are you okay?” I asked worriedly.

“I’m fine. We’re all safe in the staff break room. We locked the cafeteria’s doors immediately we heard the gun shots and then overhead PA system announced the gunshots were from this floor” she whispered into the phone.

“Thank God” I exhaled in relief. “Just hold on tight, okay. The police have been alerted and they are on their way and don’t open those doors for anybody”

“Okay” she whispered back.

“If anything happens, call me immediately. Okay?”

“Yeah” she replied.

I moved to the clinic to help out with the patients over there and try to calm down the hysteric ones. In the next ten minutes, police cars and vans pulled into the hospital as groups of armed police men got down and rushed into the hospital.


We all waited with abated breaths until the police men walked out of the hospital with two men who had their hands cuffed behind their back. The press who had arrived at the premises a couple of minutes ago had their cameras out videotaping the whole thing.

Once the police gave the clear that there were no longer any threats in the hospital, the A&E doctors rushed back into the hospital to help out people who had been injured. As my colleagues and I arrived at the second floor of the hospital, we were met with other doctors running around trying to help injured people out.

I rushed to the cafeteria which was now open as people moved out; I weaved through the people going out and headed to the staff break room. Approaching the door, it opened to reveal a drained but otherwise healthy Ijeoma, I pulled her into a hug not caring who was watching and she gladly leaned into in the hug as she wrapped her arms around me.

“God. That was so scary” she whispered into my chest.

“It must have been” I replied rubbing her back in a comforting manner. “I’m glad you’re okay”

“Me too” she said as we pulled apart.

“I need to go and help out” I informed her. “Will you be fine waiting out here for awhile?”

“Yeah sure” she nodded her head. “Go, do your thing”

“I’ll be back as fast as I can”

’No problem, I’ll be in the waiting area” she replied

I headed out to join my colleagues in administering immediate treatment, the ward at which the incident occurred was taped off by the police after we moved the patients in that ward to another since the place was messed up and traumatizing for them.

We both left the hospital an hour later when things had been stabilized in the hospital. I dropped Ijeoma at her place before heading straight home as it was late and l had to work tomorrow as the doctors who experienced the whole thing first hand were given some time off to recuperate.


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