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Chapter Twelve


The security man used a hand held metal detector to scan my body before I was allowed to enter the hospital. After the whole shooting incident two days ago, the metal scanning and body searching if you looked suspicious began as a security measure which was understandable.

It was later discovered by the police that the shooters were actually cultist who had come to silence one of their members who was thinking of walking away from the cult life. The guy in question was brought into the hospital with a GSW (Gunshot Wound) to the abdomen which was suspected to be the work of his ex cult group. The shooters had come to the hospital to finish what they had started after finding out that the guy made it out alive.

Their whole mission went out of hand when a nurse walked into the room after they had just shot their ex member with a silencer and out of panic that she had seen their faces, one of them shot at her with another gun which was the gun shot everyone on that floor heard. The nurse in question survived the gun shots but the patient or ex cult guy unfortunately didn’t because his body was already in a fragile state and couldn’t take anymore distress.

I walked into my office to get started on some of the paper work from the previous night before attending to any patients.


Four hours later

I walked out of the A&E ward and I see the hospital administrator, the chief of the surgical department and some other departmental heads heading my direction. They were all in their white lab coats and Mike our hospital administrator was clad in a sharp looking suit; he had his hair gelled back and his shoes were neatly polished which meant he was meeting an investor or a high profiled individual.

“Dr. Noah, come along with us” He instructed as he reached me.

I was confused as to what was going on and why I was going along with them as I was a junior doctor. As I fell into step with them I noticed Dr. Tiwa in their midst and I moved towards her.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I asked as I walked beside her.

She looked at me like I had grown two heads. “How are you a part of this hospital? You really need to relate more with your colleagues other than me and Dr. Hafsat”

It was true, apart from the cordialities of work which made me relate with some of my colleagues, I didn’t make any effort to relate with them outside of work and there wasn’t any specific reasons as to why, it was just how I functioned. I liked to keep a small circle of friends.

“Anyways, the owner of the hospital is coming into the hospital today because of the whole shootout thing. She just notified Mike this morning of her arrival and we are all going to welcome her at the front of the hospital. I just happen to be one of the junior doctors he picked to accompany him and I’m so excited.” She said as we walked to the entrance of the hospital.

Wait, what?

“I can’t believe I’m going to be meeting the woman who single handedly made this hospital one of the best in Africa, I’ve dreamt of this day for so long and I can’t believe it’s going to become a reality in a couple of minutes from now.” she continued as we got to the front of the hospital and came to a stop.

I was about to make an excuse and leave as fast as I could but before I could even speak, a black BMW appeared and stop right in front of us.


A security man helped opened the back door and my beautiful mother stepped out of the car with a wide smile plastered on her face. She was clad in an elegant midi black gown that hugged her figure and black wedge heels with her hair styled in a blunt cut bob weave on and her edges neatly gelled, in other words she looked stunning and very much younger than her age. Mike moved forward to greet her and she shook his outstretched hand as he welcomed her. She walked past him and headed straight towards me as soon as her eyes landed on me, the team of now confused doctors made way for her to pass leaving me in the open and she enveloped me in a bone crushing hug which their mouths to all hang open, Tiwa even more than others.

“My baby!!” my mother said as she released me, pinching my cheeks.

“Hello, mother” I replied with a smile making its way to my face.

If I said their jaws were dropping, now they were practically scraping the floor with their eyes wide in shock. This was the reason why I wanted to leave immediately, when I first started my residency program at the hospital, I didn’t tell anyone who my mother was because I didn’t want any special treatment.

Mike was fast to recover from his shock as he walked up to us with a wide smile on his face.“Dr. Amanda, I didn’t know Dr. Noah was your son”

She just laughed. “Well I guess he wanted to be his own person over here, without my reputation in the way”

He nodded his head in understanding and he gave me a look which I interpreted as ‘we’ll talk later’, I mentally groaned knowing that he wasn’t the only one who would want to ‘talk later’.

I didn’t even know she was coming back to Nigeria; talk less of visiting the hospital so in my defense I was as shocked as they all were.

My mother requested to be taken to meet the nurse who was shot in the cause of the previous incident, to show her support and stuff like that. We walked hand in hand along with the team of doctors to the said nurse’s room.


My mother and I were seated on a table at the corner of the cafeteria where we could see everything that was going on around us. Some doctors were seated on tables close to us and they just gawked us – well, my mother with awe which made a little uncomfortable because of the amount of eyes on us. My mother on the other hand was basking in the attention she was getting; she was riding on the high of all the butt kissing doctors who had been praising her work and patriotic nature.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming to Nigeria?” I asked after taking the last gulp of my drink.

“Well, I wanted to surprise you and it’s not like you call me regularly, so that’s on you. ” she said nonchalantly ” You didn’t even call to tell me you were okay after that whole terrible incident”

“I’m sorry, I forgot and I was very busy” I apologized

“How can you forget such a thing as important as that” she said sounding upset.

“I’m sorry mom”

“It’s okay. That’s by the way, I want you to tell me more about this Ijeoma” she said getting excited as a grin graced her lips.

“Wait. How do you know about her?” I asked in utter shock.

“Take a guess” she replied.

I thought for a while and then it clicked. “Adaobi ...”

“Bingo” she replied

That traitor, she broke her promise.

“Sooo..” my mom drawled out

“What?” I said feigning confusion as my eyes involuntarily went to Ijeoma at the counter and our eyes jammed. I returned them back to my mother quickly before she noticed but it was too late.

“Is that her?” My very observant mother said excitedly.

She didn’t even let me reply before she started waving ijeoma over to come join us.

“Mom, what are you doing?” I whisper yelled as I tried to stop her but Ijeoma had already seen her. “How do you even know that’s her?”

“Oh please, you’ve looked in that direction like five times in the short span of time we’ve been seated” she said as a matter of fact. “You’re too obvious”

Shoot. I didn’t even realize she was noticing all that.

“You must be Ijeoma” my mother said with her teeth on display as soon as Ijeoma got to us.

“Yes ma’am”

“Oh please take a seat” my mum said pointing at the empty seat beside her.

Ijeoma looked between us before taking the seat; I could tell that she was uncomfortable especially with the amount of eyes that were on her right now.

I mouthed an ‘I’m sorry’ to her as she sat down because things were about to get even more uncomfortable.

“So how are you dear?” my mother asked.

“I’m fine, thank you ma” Ijeoma replied.

“You don’t know me but I’m this one’s mother” she said pointing at me

“Oh, nice to meet you ma’am” Ijeoma replied

“You too, and I will like to get to know you more which is why I’m inviting you to have dinner at my house tomorrow along with us” she said

“Mother ...” I said but she raised her hand silencing me.

“So my dear, would you come?” My mother said softly to Ijeoma.

Ijeoma looked between us unsure what to say before saying. “Sure”

“Excellent” my mother clapped her hand excitedly. “I’ll see you tomorrow then”

I looked at my mother in disbelief as she stood up, picking her handbag from the table and placing it on her elbow.

“You don’t need to escort me” she said when I tried to get up. “I leave you two to it”

She walked out of the cafeteria with her head held high.

“Wow, that was something. She seems nice” Ijeoma said

“Uh Hun. I’m sorry you felt pressured; you don’t have to come if you don’t want to. I’ll make up an excuse for you”

“No it’s fine, I’ve already agreed. It would just be rude to not show up” she replied. “Just text me the details on everything I need to know, I have to get back to work. My supervisor is drilling holes into my head” she said as she stood to her feet.

True to her words, her supervisor was looking at our direction with her hands crossed in front of her chest.

“Sure” I said as I stood to my feet as well.


I pulled out my phone and dialed my sister’s number immediately I got into the privacy of my office. She picked up immediately.

“Hey bro” She said drawing out the ‘bro’.

“Don’t bro me. You broke your promise, you traitor” I retorted.

“I’m sorry, I had to. Mom was about to set me up with one of her friend’s son” she defended herself.

“And then you threw me under the bus” I replied. “You didn’t even tell me she was coming”

“She made me promise not to tell you”

“Oh that promise you can keep, right?” I feigned hurt.

“Of course .You know how mom can be” she replied as a matter of fact. “Also dad and Chinelo came along with her” Chinelo is one of my twin siblings.

“Thanks for nothing, sis” I said before hanging up the phone.

As I sat down in my seat, a knock sounded on my door and Mike’s head popped in before fully walking in.

Oh boy, here we go.


Who was happy to see Amanda?


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