Different Worlds

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Chapter Twenty-six

A/N: Hey guys, I don’t know when next I’ll be dropping a chapter but I hope it would be soon. Also, the next couple of chapters would be in Ijeoma’s POV.


Ijeoma’s POV

The day at work was almost over, there wasn’t as many people in the cafeteria, workers were slowly packing up for the night.

My phone vibrated in my back pocket and I pulled it out to see an incoming call from an unknown number.

“Hello” I said

“Hello, good evening” a female voice said. “My name is Nkechi from Emenike shipping limited. Am I speaking to Ms. Ijeoma?”

“Oh hi” I said a little high pitched. “Yes, you’re speaking to her”

My heart rate gradually began to increase in anticipation with a mix of fear and dread. I headed over to the locker room to take the rest of the call.

“I called on behalf of Me. Emenike concerning the job you applied for and we are to say that you have made an addition to the company” she said

“Oh, that’s... Wait did you say ‘addition’?”

She chuckled. “Yes, Ms. Ijeoma that’s what I said”

“Oh my God ... Thank you so much” I said excitedly.

“I’m not the one you should be thanking but you can do that when you start work on Monday”

Fisola walked into the locker room and I made a straight face. She watched with curious eyes as she mouthed to me ‘is it the job’ and I nodded. I had told her about my job interview that day when I arrived at work.

I held out a finger to her, telling her not to make a sound and she immediately pursed her lips and nodded

“Okay, sure. Thank you” I said as I ran my hand through my braids.

“You’re welcome. Have a good night” she said

“You too” I said before she hung up.

Fisola looked at me expectantly and I remained silent for dramatic purposes.

“Come on... What did they say?” She asked waving her hands as if to bring the words out of my mouth.

“Well they said...” I drawled

“Uh huh”

“I got the job” I screamed in excitement and she joined in

“Aaah, I’m so happy for you” she pulled me into a hug.

“Thank you”

Some of our co-workers walked in on our hugging moment, probably after hearing our screams. They gave us weird, lost stares as they moved to the respective lockers.

“I don’t even know what the job entails” I said when we pulled apart.

“But it’s a job nonetheless” she added. “That would pay more this one does”


“It better” she said. “If not, all that screaming and hugging was for nothing”

I laughed out and she joined in.


I had just put Zozo to bed when I heard a knock on my door. It was Noah.

“Hey” he said as he stepped in. “Sorry, I couldn’t drop you off today”

“It’s fine” I waved it off.

“I have some good news” I announced happily.

I had not yet told Noah that I had gotten the job because I wanted to tell him in person, so I decided I would do it tomorrow but now that he was here, I didn’t have to wait anymore.

“Really? Me too. You go first” he said

“Why? I want to go last”

“Lady’s first, babe” he smiled.

I rolled my eyes playfully. “Fine”

We moved to the sofa and sat facing each other. In that same moment, the lights tripped off.

“Hei, NEPA” I exclaimed. (The old name for the organization governing the use of electricity in Nigeria)

“It’s funny how you guys still say that when the name has been changed” Noah said as pulled out his phone and turned on the flashlight.

I collected the phone and used it to find my way to my room then grabbed the rechargeable lamp.

“Nobody is ever going to say ‘up PHCN’. It just doesn’t go” I said as I stepped out with the rechargeable lamp. (PHCN {Power Holding Company of Nigeria} is the new name)

As I sat back down on the sofa, the light came back on and shouts of ‘Up Nepa’ was heard from outside.

“Told you. The first one is better” I said

Due to Nigeria’s shaky light system, ‘Up Nepa’ was a phrase that all Nigerians used whenever the lights returned after it had tripped off.

I placed the rechargeable lamp on the wooden stool beside the sofa, just in case the light went out again.

“So.... Good news... You know that job interview I went for two days ago” I narrated

“Yeah” he nodded

“I got a call saying that I’ve got a job there even though, I don’t really know what the job is exactly but yeah”

“That’s awesome, babe” he said with a smile then pulled me into a hug.

“I know right” I said excitedly as we pulled apart. “Okay, your turn”

“I don’t know if I’d call it good news per se” he said moving his hand in an up and down motion as if weighing something.

My eyebrows furrowed. “Why? What happened?

“I had a meeting with the chief of the surgical department and he said that I, along with two other doctors are up for the head of the junior surgical practitioners position”

“I don’t really know what that means...” I said completely lost

“The HJS- Head of Junior Surgeons. You’re basically in charge of all the other junior surgeons, more cases and responsibilities but in a good way”

“Oh my God. Wow, that’s great news” I said giving him a big hug and a chaste kiss on the lips.

“Why would you think it wasn’t good news” I asked

He took my hands in his. “Well, it means that I’d have to do more, if I want to get that position. Longer hours at work and less time with you and Zozo”

“Oh” I muttered

We both sat quiet for a while, immersed in our thoughts before I broke the silence.

“Nothing good comes without a little sacrifice” I said trying to lighten the mood. “We’ll figure it out”

He smiled. “Come here”

I scooted closer to him and he covered my lips with his while placing his hand under my braids, gently cradling my head and holding it in place.

“I love you” he looked into my eyes with so much intensity, I almost melted.

“I love you too” I lowered my gaze, feeling shy and giddy.

He chuckled at my reaction and pulled me to him so that I was leaning on him. I wrapped my arms around his torso and he placed a kiss on the crown of my head.


Next day

It was a Friday and I had a lot of things planned out to do along with dropping Zozo off at school. Zozo was already up and out of bed, I was trying to brush her teeth she was having one of those days where she wanted to be independent.

“I wanto do it mysef” she argued in her childish voice.


“I can do it” she tried to grab the brush out of my hand and I put my hand in the air away from her grasp.

“Lemme do it” she stumped her little feet on the floor

“I’ll beat you oo” I said taking a stern tone with her.

She started heaving, her chest rising and falling, signs of an incoming tantrum. I didn’t really have the energy for all of that so I decided to compromise.

“Okay, how about you brush your teeth and I do your tongue” I said.

She slowly calmed down and nodded before stretching her hands to collect the toothbrush. I gave her the toothbrush that was already smeared with toothpaste and left her to brush her teeth while I went to the kitchen to check on the water I put to boil.

Forty five minutes later, Zozo and I were all dressed up and ready to go; Zozo in her school uniform and me in a black chiffon top, skinny jeans paired off with blue, flowery patterned flat shoes. We walked hand in hand to the bus stop and got into a bus that would take us to the next bus stop that will get us to Zozo’s school.

I made a mental note of all that I was going to do today, in the order I was going to do them.

The first was enrolling Zozo in the school bus programme. With my new job, I couldn’t be running out during my lunch break to pick her up from school, drop her with Mrs. Okafor next-door and run back to work like I did before. That had been my every day routine ever since she started kindergarten and it was taking its toll on me.

The second was turning in my resignation letter at the hospital, Noah and I stayed up together writing the letter before he left for his house. I would also clear out my locker while I was there.

The third and last thing on my list was to go shopping for office appropriate wears. Most of my outing clothes were either casual, native or church appropriate.

I also planned to have my box braids taken out and a new weave fixed in for my first day at work but I scheduled that in for tomorrow. My hair alone could take a whole day which is why I pushed it to the next day and Zozo would also plait her hair.

Zozo and I walked down the street of the estate her school was located in. Once we got to the school gate, I waved Zozo goodbye as she walked through.

She turned around and waved me in. “Mummy, follow me to my class”

I smiled. “So you want me to go in with you today”

She nodded, holding out her hand.

“Okay” I took her outstretched hand in mine. “Let’s go”


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P.S: The HJS position was completed made up and I don’t really know if there is anything like that in real life.

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