Different Worlds

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Chapter Twenty-seven

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Ijeoma's POV

I walked through the Emenike shipping limited doors with an air of confidence around me. I didn't know if it was my newly made wavy black sew-in that flowed down to the middle of my back. Or the fitted Navy blue suit jacket and trousers paired with a light pink camisole and shiny black heels that made me feel that way but I just had this exhilarating rush of confidence and I felt so good in my own skin.

It was like a new me was walking through the doors.

Mr. Emenike's secretary welcomed me with a smile and from her voice, I could tell she was the one who called me the other day.

"So... Mr. Emenike has not yet arrived so just sit over there and give him a few minutes she pointed to the row of waiting chairs in the corner.

"Okay, thank you"

I walked over to the chairs and took a seat.

Ten minutes later, Mr. Emenike walked into the room. He was dressed in an ash coloured native wear; a long sleeved shirt that stopped mid thigh with two gold buttons adorned at the neck area and matching trousers. He also had a red chieftaincy cap situated on his head, a fashionable cane in his left hand and a black briefcase in the other.

"Good morning, sir" Nkechi, his receptionist stood and greeted.

"Morning, my dear"

She walked around her desk and took the briefcase in his hands. She said some things that I couldn't quite catch before walking ahead into his office. I guessed it was concerning me because he looked in my direction afterwards.

"Aah. Ijeoma, you're here already"

"Yes sir. Good morning, sir" I rose from my seat.

"Morning" he said. "Come along"

We walked into his office as Nkechi placed his briefcase neatly on the table before walking out. I waited for him to take his seat before taking mine.

"Uhm... I just want to say thank you, sir for giving me the chance to work here" I started

He chuckled. "Your father called to say the same thing and I told him that I hired you because I saw determination in you and not because he asked me to. So in other words, don't disappoint me"

"I'll try my best, sir" I said firmly.

"Good" he replied with a smile. "So... For your job post. You'll be working under my nephew Kachi, the CFO and acting CEO as his secretary while his old secretary would be moved to his P.A"

"He needs more hands than I do. After all, he runs the company when I'm not here" he continued

I nodded in understanding.

"As for your salary... You would be paid the amount of seventy-five thousand Naira per month and with promising advancement, the pay would increase"

Wow. That was thirty-five thousand more than my former pay and there was a chance it could move up. I know I haven't started the job yet but I'm already loving it.

"My secretary would show you to your post and Kachi would take it up from there" he instructed

I nodded. "Thank you so much, sir"

"You're welcome. You can go"

I headed out of his office and walked over to Nkechi's desk. She was already up standing waiting for me.

"Welcome to the company, officially" she said

"Thank you" I said excitedly.

Nkechi had this vibrant energy going on for her. Her dark skin tone was perfectly blended throughout her body - no discolorations or acnes. She had thick, wide lips that were glossed, a fairly large nose and neatly shaped thick eyebrows that complimented her facial features. She stood a couple of inches taller than me with a smashing body; she could pass as a model.

"I know that Chioma would take care of you but if you need anything or any help whatsoever, you can come to me" she said as we walked down the stairs to the fourth floor.

Mr. Emenike's office was situated on the fifth floor.

"Thank you" I replied.

I assumed Chioma was Mr. Kachi's secretary... Well, former secretary but I didn't ask to confirm.

As we got to the fourth floor, Nkechi led me down the hallway to the second door on the left. A silver plate with the words 'Chief Financial Officer' in bold bold prints was placed in front of the door.

"Chioma, your replacement is here" Nkechi announced as we walked into the office.

Chioma looked up from the system before her. Hi, good morning"

I returned the greeting with a smile on lips.

Chioma was a light-skinned young lady, probably in her mid or late twenties. She had prominent facial feature; small upturned eyes, puffy cheeks, small lips coated with oxblood red lipstick, a slender yet pointing nose that balanced her big thick-rimmed, rectangular black glasses.

"Hold on. Let me inform Mr. Kachi that you're here" Chioma picked up the telephone receiver and punched in some numbers on the phone.

"Hello, sir. The new secretary is here" she said into the receiver. "Okay sir"

She placed the receiver down and gestured towards a door right in front of me. "You can go in"

Nkechi placed a hand on my shoulder. "I'll see you later"

With that, she walked out of the office. I walked to the door and placed two light knocks before walking in.

The office was similar to that of Mr. Emenike's only that this was a little smaller. My eyes met with that of the man sitting behind the desk and they widened in slight surprise.

"You!" I blurted out before I could even stop myself.

My boss, Mr. Kachi was the pink dress shirt man from the elevator. He was smartly dressed in a white dress shirt and a black tie. I couldn't see him bottom half from behind his large desk. He had a MacBook pro in front of him and a couple of files spread out on the table.

I slapped my palm over my lips as I realized what had just come out of my mouth.

He chuckled. "Please, take a seat"

"I'm sorry" I said before taking a seat across from him.

He waved it off. "Ijeoma, right?"

I nodded in affirmation.

"So you're officially part of us now"

"Yes ... Sir"

His tone was so casual that I didn't know whether to be serious and official or informal. I decided to go for an official tone, it was only right.

"Well, I hope you enjoy working for here. My P.A, Chioma will put you through all you need to know. She'll basically shadow you for today just so you get the basics."

I nodded in understanding.

"Okay, you can head out now. Good luck"

"Thank you, sir"

I walked out of his office and back to the little reception.

I noticed another desk at the other side of the room, It was facing the door Mr. Kachi's door. Chioma had placed another chair beside the chair she was previously sitting on. It was obvious she had gotten the seat from behind the second desk, seeing as there was no chair behind it.

"I hope you're not upset that I kinda took your job" I said trying to alleviate the awkward silence in the room.

"Upset keh?" She put her a side of her Bob weave behind her ear. "I was promoted to a PA and as much as it's more responsibility for me, my salary was also increased. If anything, I should be thanking you for coming along sef"

I smiled.

"Okay. Let's get to work" she said waving me over.

I walked around the desk and placed myself on the chair in front of the computer system while she sat on the second chair beside me.

"So... First of all --" she started


It was 12:30pm and we were on our lunch break. The day so far had been good; I was gradually getting a hang of how things were worked around here.

Chioma showed me how to address clients who called in and also gave me an overview of Mr. Kachi's schedule for the whole week. Tomorrow, she would give me a comprehensive list of VIP clients that were assigned to Mr. Kachi and other documents I need to have.

We were on our way to the first floor. There was a restaurant situated down there and that was where most of the employees went to have lunch during their lunch breaks.

"So... Do the bosses go to the restaurant to eat with their employees?" I asked as we got out of the elevator.

"No. The restaurant has errand boys who they send to get their orders and deliver it to the office. They'll just pay extra for the troubles " she explained.

"Oh okay"

We walked into the restaurant and the sweet aroma of different dishes filled my nostrils. The restaurant was fairly large with a couple of tables and chairs arranged all over the place. There were two small LG flat screen TVs mounted at opposite sides of the room, a couple of hand wash basins were placed in strategic corners of the restaurant.

There were people lined up in front of the counter ahead, ordering their food. Some people were also seated on different tables around the restaurant.

"Wow. This is really nice" I said as I looked around the place.

"Yeah" Chioma agreed. "So, what would you get?"

"Uhh... What's good here?"

"Well, their Jollof rice is really nice and so is their moin-moin (a Nigerian beans pudding) and salad. Their soups are also really good but their fried rice and plantain is terrible. I won't advice you to get it"

I nodded in understanding.

"I'll just get Jollof rice, chicken and moin-moin" I stated

"I think I'll get the same thing" Chioma said

We walked up to the counter and ordered our food. Three minutes later, we were carrying trays of steaming hot plates of Jollof rice, chicken and moin-moin. We also got a bottle of water each to go with the food.

I let Chioma lead the way to an empty table but instead she led me to a table with three other people seated. Amongst the three people, Nkechi was the only one I could recognize. The other two were completely knew faces; a caramel skinned guy with glasses and a very dark skinned lady sporting a low-cut hair style.

"Ijeoma, how far now?" Nkechi spoke up.

"Fine" I replied with a smile.

"Ah ahn. Who is she?" The dark skinned lady asked Nkechi.

"This is Ijeoma. She's Mr. Kachi's new secretary" Chioma spoke up.

"Hi" I waved in greeting which they reciprocated.

"Emeka. I'm a logistics engineer" the glasses guy said and I nodded.

I had no idea what a logistics engineer was but I didn't ask instead I made a mental note to google it later.

"I'm Chinonso. A Customer service representative" the other lady said and I nodded as well.

Chioma and I placed our trays on the table and sat down opposite the three of them.

"So... Ijeoma, how are you finding it here?" Emeka asked.

"It has been good so far" I replied.

We began to eat and I watched as the four of them talk about people in the office and stuff like that. They all spoke in English but Chinonso tended to switch to Igbo language involuntarily. She even had the accent. Anambra was an Igbo state after all, it only made sense that most people spoke in Igbo language.

"Ijeoma, what do you think of Mr. Kachi?" Nkechi asked abruptly.


"I mean... The man is a spec, right?" She asked eagerly.

"Uh, I guess so" I said.

I've just been working here for a couple of hours and I didn't really look at him in that way. Besides, ever since I met Noah I didn't find other men attractive anymore. Even before, we became official.

Nkechi looked at me with jaws dropped. "You guess so?!"

"Leave her alone jare. It's not everyone that sees the man as dinner like you" Chioma spoke up.

They all chuckled while I watched in amusement.

"Dinner keh? That man is breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert combined" Nkechi gushed.

We all laughed again.

"Nkechi, you're a case" Chinonso stated.

I ate my food in silence after that while they continued to make small talks.


"Hey babe" I spoke into my phone.

"Hi, my love. How was your day?"

Noah sounded tired and drained through the phone.

I had gotten back from work two hours ago and I was about to give Zozo a bath. She was extra hyper today, running from one place to another making me chase after her.

"Twas good. Typical first day at work, I made some good acquaintances amongst my colleagues" I replied.

I didn't need to tell him about the job description and all those details because I had already texted him about it during the day. He had texted me to know how the day was going while I was at work.

"Acquaintances?" He sounded amused.

"Yeah. I don't just call anybody my friend without knowing them properly" I said.

He chuckled.

"What about you? How's it going at the hospital?" I asked.

He let out a tired sigh. "I've got one surgery scheduled in an hour and another one after that"

"Awwwn. So you're going to be in the hospital all night" I asked

"Yeah" I could imagine him running a hand over his face.

"Awwwn. It's for a good cause tho" I said

He chuckled and then I heard another voice through the phone. I assumed someone was talking to Noah but the conversation was inaudible.

"Hey babe. I've got to go, talk to you later" he stated

"Sure. Bye"



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