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Chapter Thirty-three

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Ijeoma POV

“Hi. Good morning” I said as I settled down in the passenger side of Noah’s car.

“Hey. How was church?” he looked to the church building I had just exited from.

“Twas good” I replied

“Zozo, can’t you greet?” I turned to face her in the backseat.

She took out the Supreme ice cream from her lips and moved closer to front of the car. She wrapped her little arms around Noah neck and said.


“Morning baby” he placed a kiss on her forehead.

She returned back to her seat and stuck the ice cream back into her mouth. I chuckled as shook my head at her. Once she had ice cream in her hands, she completely forgets about the world around her.

“Zozo, put your seatbelt on” Noah said to her

I looked to the back of the car and noticed that the car seat wasn’t in the back. He probably didn’t bring along because he was coming straight from the hospital after a long night shift. Noah was trying to meet up and spend time with us any chance he got.

As soon as Zozo clicked her seatbelt shut, Noah pulled out of the spot he was parked in on the side of the road. Ten minutes into the ride, I noticed that we were going the wrong way and he had a missed a turn behind us.

“Where are you going? We were supposed to go that way” I said pointing behind me

“I know” he nodded. “I thought we should have breakfast at Dominos”

“Oh, okay”

“Yeah. I heard they just opened one around here” he said

“That’s nice” I replied

He made a right turn into a junction. “I’ll need you to help me check my phone for the directions Dr. Tiwa sent to me”


I picked his phone up from the cup holder compartment between us. I tapped the screen and his lock screen page appeared.

I held the phone out to him “You need to type in your password”

“Chizoma in capital letters” he said without taking the phone.

I looked at him with raised eyebrows as if to say ‘what kind of password is that’.

He chuckled lightly. “It’s a combination of the first half of Zozo’s name and the last half of yours”

“Awwwn” I gushed.

This man just be making me blush anyhow.

“Now that you know my password…” he drawled on suggestively

“Nope” I replied as I typed in the password

He chuckled. “Are you serious?”

I laughed out loud. “I’m just joking. There’s no password on my phone”

“Yeah?” he glanced in my direction briefly and then returned his gaze to the road.

“Yes” I said firmly. “Where do I get the directions from?”

“Check my text messages” he said

A few scrolls and taps, I found the said message from Dr. Tiwa

“She said once you get to Agu close, turn into the street on the left—“ I read out


We walked into the Dominos building, more like Dominos, Cold stone and pink berry; turns out that the three establishments shared a building.

A bunch of attendants wearing their different work T-shirts paired up with black trousers or skirts approached us.

“Welcome” they all chorused

“Make una give them chance nah” Someone amongst them said. (Give them space)

A light skinned lady stepped forward and directed us to an empty table for six while the rest of the towed behind her.

“What can we get for you?” she said after giving us the pizza menu.

“Can we have a moment?” Noah said

“No problem” she nodded and walked away.

A tall and lanky dark skinned guy with a fade haircut approached our table while the rest of them dispersed.

“While you’re looking through the menu. Can I get you all ice cream, shakes or smoothies?” the guy said to us

“What type of ice creams do you have?” Noah asked

“We have different flavors of ice creams and even mash-ups of flavors” he said handling us a different menu

“What do you want to get?” Noah said to me

“I’ll get the plain strawberry ice cream” I said

I turned to Zozo who was seated beside me. “Which one do you want?”

She scrutinized at the menu and the tapped a section of the paper. “This one”

It was the double dark chocolate with chocolate chips ice cream.

“Good choice” the guy said in a childish voice to Zozo

“I’ll have what she’s having” Noah gestured to Zozo.

“Okay” he nodded and walked away.

We didn’t get up to two minutes with the pizza menu when a short and plump caramel skinned lady walked over to our table.

“Would you like yoghurts?” she said

“No thank you. We’re fine” I said politely and she walked away.

“I think they paid per customer, that’s why they rush any customer who steps in” I said to Noah when I saw a bunch of them rush towards another family that walked in

“Probably” he glanced behind him to look at them and then returned his attention to the menu.

“Which do you think we should get?” he asked pushing the pizza menu towards me

I looked through the menu and everything on it looked appetizing but only two pizzas stood out to me.

“I’m stuck between the chicken suya and the smoked BBQ sausage” I said

“Let’s get both” Noah said

“Won’t that be too much?” I asked

“Maybe, we’ll get a small or medium size” he said and on cue the light skinned lady walked up to us.

“Have you decided on what you want?” she said

“Yeah. We’ll get the chicken suya and smoked BBQ sausage” I looked to Noah. “Medium size, right?”

He nodded. “Let’s go with that”

I turned back to her. “Yes, medium size”

She nodded, collected the menus and walked away.

Two seconds later, the tall guy returned carrying a tray with our ice creams on it. Seeing the ice creams coming, Zozo started bouncing in her seat.

Noah and I chuckled at her.

“And she just had ice cream an hour ago” Noah pointed out

“Oh my God! It’s true. She’ll play it out… I hope” I said

“Thank you” Noah and I said to the guy as he placed the tray on the table.

The guy brought out a POS device from under his arm and Noah handed him his card.

He slotted the card in and pressed a few buttons on the device before looking up at Noah “Savings or Current, sir?”



“Today was fun” I said to Noah as we both got down from his car.

He chuckled. “Fun? We just went out to eat”

“Exactly my point. I don’t know about you but eating is my hobby” I said with a smile

“How can eating be a hobby?” Noah said as he walked over to the back to pick up a sleeping Zozo from the backseat.

“Ahh. So you don’t know it’s a hobby” I exclaimed

“I didn’t” he said in a low-tone in order not to wake Zozo

“Well, now you kn—“

“Hold on” Noah interjected, stopping abruptly in his track.

“What?” I looked at him

“Did you leave your door open?” he asked


I looked towards my apartment and the front door was slightly ajar. My heart beat slowly picked up its pace. Noah handed me Zozo and signaled me to wait outside before slowly walking into the apartment.

Did someone break into my apartment? Is that person still inside? Or did I just forget to lock the door? A lot of questions were running through my mind.

Noah walked back out. “I need you to try to remain calm as you go in”

Try to remain calm? Was someone in there” Did they dump a dead body in my apartment? My mind was basically all over the place with negative thoughts.

I just nodded and he took Zozo from my arms. As I reached the front door I noticed that the handled was damaged indicating that my apartment was indeed broken into. I took in a deep breath before pushing it open.

“Jesus Christ” I gasped as I stepped in


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