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Chapter Thirty-six

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Kachi’s POV

The tapping sound from my keyboard as I typed on my light fueled me in a weird way. I ran my hands over my scalp as I encountered a minor roadblock. A light knock on my door made me look up from the work before me.

It was Ijeoma.

She was wearing a blood-red, tight office dress and she let her hair cascade down her back. She looked rather ravishing today, her make-up was very light with the exception of her lips. She went for a bold red lipstick that made her lips look fuller and plump.

Why the hell am I thinking about my secretary’s lips?

I quickly shook off those thoughts from my mind and returned my attention to my laptop.

“You need to sign these papers, sir” she walked towards me and stopped just in front of my desk.

“What is about?” I asked gesturing to the papers in her hand.

“I think it’s papers from one of our shipments that just arrived. I’m not sure, I was just sent to give the papers to you. Mr Emenike has already signed it” she said

“Okay” I made a slight movement with my head.

I was about to outstretch my hand to collect the papers but Ijeoma walked around my desk instead. She stood beside my chair and placed the papers on the table before me. The brain fogging scent of her perfume filled my senses, she smelled of roses and a distinctive fragrance.

She bent down and flipped the papers open. “You’ll sign here and here” she used her fingers to point out the specific places my signature was needed.

I looked around for the pen that I was just using like two seconds ago. It was like the pen suddenly disappeared or was it the fact that she was this close that made me lose complete focus.

“Here” she handed me the pen


Our fingers slightly brushed against each other as I collected the pen. I could swear I felt an electrical jolt pass through me at the slight contact.

I quickly signed the papers so she could leave as soon as possible. I really needed to be alone to be able to sort out what was really going on with me.

She picked the papers and hit them lightly against the table to arrange them and fix the papers sticking out at different ends. Some of her fell the side of her face and she tucked the hair behind her eyes giving me a close side view of her face.

She straightened up and headed for the door. I felt a compelling force take over me and I had no control of what I did next.

“Ijeoma” I called out

She stopped mid in her tracks and turned around. To the normal eyes, she turned around normally but in my eyes, she turned around in slow motion like the heroines in movies do.

What the hell was going on with me?

I stood up from the chair, walked around my desk to meet her a couple of inches away from my desk. The air between us was a literal electrical field and it was a matter of time before we attracted. My eyes travelled to her lips and then her eyes.


I closed the distance between us and enveloped her lips with mine. To my greatest surprise, she responded to the kiss as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I lifted her off the ground and walked the short distance to my desk before placing her on it.

My eyes tore open and my body was completely drenched in sweat. I sat up and looked to the side of my bed for my digital alarm clock. It read 5: 33am.

I rested my head back on my pillow as I stared at my ceiling, my chest heaved up and down as I took in deep breaths.

What a weirdly vivid dream.


I took a sip out of the half-filled glass of Hennessy cognac drink. I didn’t normally drink on the job but I was feeling quite stressed out so I said to myself ‘what’s the harm in having a little drink’. It was 3 pm in the afternoon so it wasn’t too early.

A subtle knock was heard on my door before it opened to reveal Ijeoma. She looked as beautiful as she did in the dream, the only difference was that she was wearing a cream coloured silk blouse and a black mid-length skirt.

“Sir. These files came in for you when you weren’t on seat” she said holding a bunch of files in her hands.

“Leave them on the table” I said not letting my eyes leave my laptop.

She nodded and did as I ordered before walking out.

I was trying to limit any close contact between us. I still didn’t understand why I had such a dream about her. I wouldn’t lie that I didn’t find Ijeoma attractive because I did but I just didn’t think it was to the point of having intimate dreams with her.

When I first met Ijeoma, there was a vibe she gave off that made me think ‘I’d like to be friends with this girl, just friends’ and as luck could have it, my uncle placed her under me.

Getting to know her as a friend/boss was the only intentions I had but as time progressed and I got to know little bits of her and her fierce drive for her work, some sparks began to arise. Watching her hold her own in the presence of a huge businessman and his employees without displaying fear, ignited a little fire in my soul.

Knowing that she had a boyfriend somewhere out there sent a little blow to my gut and I knew right there and then that I had to bury whatever feelings that were arising.

The one thing I’ve promised myself is to never go after a taken girl, it never ends well and I knew that from experience. Having my girlfriend of 3 years leave me for some other guy she knew for a couple of months put me in a really bad place and I would never want to be the ‘other’ guy.

After a couple of hours of going through files upon files, I decided to call Ijeoma in to help me go through some of them. If I was going to leave the office before it gets too dark then I needed some extra pair of hands.

Ijeoma sat opposite from me, looking through the files I assigned to her. I tried my possible best to be as distant as possible and I think she noticed how blank my tone of voice was.

“Is everything alright?” she looked up from her files.

“Yeah. Why?” I replied feigning ignorance.

“I don’t know. You just don’t sound like yourself” she shrugged her shoulders.

“I’m good” I said firmly.

“Okay” she returned her attention to the files before her.

She unconsciously put the cover of her pen between her lips as she flipped one of the papers back and fought. I quickly caught myself and delved back into my work.

A phone call came through on my personal line from an unknown number. Ijeoma looked up at me for a second before returning back to her work.


“Hello. Am I speaking to Mr. Kachi?” the caller said


“Oh good. This is Mr. Okafor” the caller said

“Ohh. Hello, sir. How are you doing?” I said straightening up in my seat.

“Very well. I’m done consulting with my people and we are set on our schedule. Are you still interested in the job?” Mr. Okafor said

“Of course, sir. We are very much interested in the job” I said in a slightly high pitched voice.

Ijeoma halted in her actions and looked up at me with inquisitive eyes.

“Good. I’ll be contacting you when we are ready to meet and discuss” Mr. Okafor said

“Sure. We are ready whenever you are” A victorious smile played on my lips.

He chuckled. “We would talk soon”

“Thank you, sir” I said. “Have a good night”

“Mm hmm, Bye.” And with that, he hung up the phone.

Ijeoma raised her eyebrows suggestively and I nodded.

“We got the contract!!” I stood from the chair and fist-bumped the air.

“Oh my God” she placed her hands over her mouth. “That’s wonderful”

“Yes, it is” I said in agreement. “We need to celebrate”

I pulled out the whole bottle of Hennessy cognac and a second glass. I walked around my table and offered Ijeoma a glass but she shook her head and politely declined.

“I’ll drink for the both of us”

I poured out a sizeable quantity into my glass and raised it up in the air. “Cheers”

I took a sip out of my drink and Ijeoma smiled.

With Ijeoma smiling angelically at me, I felt an overwhelming urge to bring that dream to reality. I slowly closed the space between us and as I tipped my head to claim her lips, her hands shot out to stop me.

“What are you doing? I have a boyfriend” she said with furrowed eyebrows.

I quickly pulled back. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me”

She nodded as she created a decent amount of space between us.

An air of awkwardness filled the room and Ijeoma picked up the files she was previously looking through.

“I’ll take these home and look at them” she said as she headed for my door.

“Sure” I nodded and rubbed the back of my neck. “I could drop you off i—”

“NO!” she shot back immediately but caught herself. “Uhm. No, thank you”

She quickly hightailed out of the office and I ran my hands over my face.

Shit. What the hell was I thinking?


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