Different Worlds

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Chapter Six


“Here you go” I said handing the customer her order.

“Thank you”

She walked away and I opened the cash register to keep the money I was just handed into it. I hear a clearing of throat and I looked up to see Mr. Ademola, a smile made its way to my lips. He was a patient in the hospital who came in with a heart attack. He was in his 70′s but didn’t like been treated like an old person as he would harmlessly flirt with me from time to time whenever came around. I was a little surprised to see him because he was discharged three months ago.

“Mr. Ademola, what are you doing here?” I asked

“You know my heart can do without you so it found a way to bring us together again” he said making light of his predicament.

I chuckled lightly. “You’re funny, but on a serious note, you need to take more care of yourself”

“I don’t really know how but you seem like you have an idea or two” He said wiggling his eyebrows.

“Stop” I said making a serious face. “I’m serious”

“I know”

“Anyways, what can I get you today?” I said moving on.

“Do you even need to ask? Hand me those muffins” he said jocosely.

I chuckled lightly. “How many do you want?”

“Just one will do”

I grabbed him one muffin to go and he handed me the bill along with a nice tip which I tried to refuse but he insisted.

“See you around” he said with a smile.

“No you won’t because you’ll be taking care of yourself like you said you will” I reminded him.

He chuckled “Of course”

I waved him good bye as he walked away from the counter.

I moved to attend to the next customer when my phone vibrated in my jeans pocket, I took it out and Temi’s name was appeared on the screen. She was the one babysitting Zozo for me and so I asked one of my colleagues to cover for me while I took the call. I moved to the kitchen store room before answering it.

“Temi, what’s up?”

“I.J, Zozo is running temperature and I don’t know what to do.”

“What’s her temperature?” I asked quickly.

“Uh” I heard some movements from the phone. “37.4°c around an hour ago and its 37.8°c now”

“Okay, can you get her to the clinic at Nnobi junction and I’ll meet you there?” I said trying to keep calm

“You know I’m not familiar with the area and Fola is not around to take me” she said panicking.

“Okay, just try to bring her temperature down with lukewarm water and a towel. I’m on my way” I ordered her.

“Okay” she said before hanging up the phone.

I rushed out of the closet and grabbed my things to leave but not before telling Fisola to inform our supervisor that an emergency came up and I had to leave immediately. I quickened my steps in fact I was almost running out of the cafeteria when I slammed into Noah making me lose my balance, before I could make contact with the ground Noah hands shot out to stabilize me.

“I’m sorry” I said hurriedly and was about to walk away but he used his hand to block me.

“Are you okay?” he asked with concern in his tone.

“I’m not ... I’m not okay. I need to go” I said moving to leave again but he stopped me again.

“Let me help you. Where do you need to get to?” he said staring intently at me.

“No no no, you must have patients you need to see. I can’t take you away from them” I argued impatiently.

“There are a ton of doctors in this hospital, I’m sure they’ll be fine without me today” he assured me. “Now can I help you?”

“Okay” I nodded and we walked out of the hospital premises and towards his car.

“So, can I ask what’s going on?” he said as soon as we entered the car.

“My daughter’s sick and I need to get her to a clinic immediately” I told him.

I didn’t really care what he thought of me now that I told him I had a child because as of right now all my thoughts where directed at my baby.

“How about I take a look at her when we get there, I’m a doctor after all” he said after a couple of minutes.

I nodded my head repeatedly before thanking him to which he replied with a head nod as he focused on driving. I informed him that it was the same address as last time before keeping silent and focusing outside the car window.

My hands were trembling in my laps and no matter how I tried to calm down I just couldn’t. You might be thinking what’s so bad about a little rise in temperature but what you don’t know was that Zozo had a history of convulsion (a sudden, violent, irregular movement of the body caused by involuntary contractions of the muscles) and it occurred when there was a spike in her body temperature (fever). It first happened when she was a year and half old and it scared the hell out of me, her second one was when she had just turned two and that was when I knew to take her to make sure her temperature never gets that high again.


When we got to the gate, I got down from immediately Noah changed the gear into park, he got down as well and headed to his boot to get his portable medical kit which he kept permanently in his car just in case of emergencies.

Temi opened the door immediately after two loud knocks on it and we both walked in, Zozo was lying on the couch with only her bumper short on and a small towel on her forehead. I walked quickly over to her and gently sat next to her while Noah towered over us.

“Mummy” she whispered out.

“Hi baby” I said running a hand through her short mop of hair.

“She wasn’t running around like she normally does so I asked if she was okay and she shook her head saying head was hurting her. I felt her neck and she was a little warm that was when I first checked her temperature” Temi reported to me.

Noah placed his kit down on the floor before taking the digital thermometer that was kept on the stool beside the couch. He placed it under her armpits and after a few minutes it beeped, he took it out and looked at it.

“37.8°c” He announced before conducting a physical and verbal examination on her.

“I’ll need to draw some blood to test for malaria and typhoid” he said and I nodded.

He went ahead to prepare the syringe and needle while I rubbed Zozo’s back comfortingly while hugging her to me because she started crying on seeing the needle.

“Don’t worry you won’t even feel it” Noah tried to reassure but she wasn’t having it.

He tried to make the draw as quick as possible in order for her to stop screaming and when he was done he tried to soothe her but she just kept on crying. She eventually calmed down after some time only letting out occasional hiccups.

Noah collected my phone number so he could text the result to me immediately he got it but before leaving he directed us to continue with the towel method of reducing her temperature and only administer the children’s Paracetamol if the temperature refuses to go down and rises. I made sure to thank him once more before he left for the hospital and then I headed back to the living room to watch over Zozo.


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