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I am in love with my Best Friend.

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Kayla Sayad is just your normal 17 year old, living with her parents and her sister. She is mixed race with brown eyes, long curly hair and 5.2 feet tall. She is very curvy but has no care what others think. Damon Cain is not so normal. He is next inline as Alpha of 'The Cain Pack'. He lives with his parents and his twin younger brothers.He is mixed race with short blond hair, green eyes and is 6.0 feet tall. Kayla and Damon have been Best friends for 5 years. Since Kayla moved to Clearmont. She met him at a park and from then they have been inseparable. Both tell each other they will not lie but both are lying? What are they hiding? Will it ruin their friendship?

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POV Kayla
(5 years ago)
Looking out as we pass by, all I see are trees upon trees. Small shops to keep the movement of people going. *Clearmont* The big sign welcomes us. My father, Zayn got a promotion for working at 'Cain Industries' as the new CFO but he needed to move to the main building. That's the reason for the move.

My mother, Mia and my sister Tayla ( no we are not twins, they just wanted us to have similar names I guess) had no problem moving. I did. I felt as if I was living my whole life behind. My other family, my friends , my school and my home.

"We are here" shouts my dad. "Finallyyy. That was the longest ride ever." I exclaim. I look forward as see a double story house with a beautiful green garden with hundreds of peonies that have flowered. It looked like I walked in a well taken cared for garden.

"Kayla..... Kayla" my mom tries to grab my attention. But all I could focus on was the view. We were surrounded by a lush forest. "Kayla, your room in the last room upstairs facing the back" says my mom.

The room faced the backyard and most part of the forest. Something caught my eye. In the distance I see a large animal. The second I blink it's gone. Weird, I guess. Looking around, theres a queen size bed with tables on each side. Lots of cupboard space and even my own ensuite. Sweet!

The next couple of days went by really fast. From unpacking to cleaning up to making everything feel like home again.

Saturday morning I went for a jog and ended up stopping at the local park. Faintly in the distance I hear an ice cream truck. My stomach makes this weird sounds. I chuckle at myself and jog to the truck.

"Hi there, May I please have a cookie and cream flavoured ice cream". It only took five minutes. I scanned the park for a bench in the shade and saw one a few meters away. While walking I was a coin on the floor. It was faced up. They always say 'If its head pick it up for good luck'. Unfortunately that did not happen in the next few moments for me.

Splash. My favourite ice cream in the whole entire world was melting away in the bricked floor all because this person who bumped me, walked straight into me.

"Excuse me, watch where you are going! I just lost my ice cream because you are not looking." I looked up and scared into beautiful green eyes. "I...I" Lost for words

"I am so sorry, let me make it up to you, I'll by you another one with 2 scoops this time." He smiles at me and I smile back. " Thank you" "By the way my name is Damon. How about yours?" "Buy me my ice cream and I'll tell you"

A couple minutes later Damon comes back with 2 ice cream cones in his hand, I squeal when I see my new ice cream. "Thank you, thank you." I exclaim. "No problem...". "Kayla, my name is Kayla" "Such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl". I blush when he says that. He walks with me around the park.

I found out his Dad owns the company my dad works for. Meaning we will see alot of eachother.

One thing I am grateful for is that, from that day I may have lost an ice cream gone but I gained a bigger one and My Best Friend,Damom.
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