Always Everything

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Chapter Eight

Sterling: where are you?

Aubrey: I told you at Banner’s house

He gritted his teeth. Enough with this texting shit. He stabbed his keys in the ignition and called his boy.

Aubrey picked up on the second ring.


“Where the fuck are you?” he growled. He backed out of the parking lot. “I’m leaving the bar. Where are you?”

“Dad, what the hell is wrong with you?”

“Aubrey, I swear to Jesus fucking Christ, if you don’t tell me where the fuck you are I’m going to ground your ass for the next fifty years.”

“I’m at Banner’s house, it’s five minutes from mom’s, off Maple Street.”

“Text me the address,” he said.

“Dad, you’re being weird. I told you where I was. You were busy.” Aubrey sighed.

“Well, I’m not fucking busy now, am I?” He got on the road and headed towards Allyson’s place.

“Jeez, Dad,” Aubrey muttered.

“What’s wrong?” Sterling heard a voice ask in the background.

“That’s him, isn’t it?” He ground his molars together.

“What?” Aubrey said.” “It’s my dad,” he said to that Banner kid.

“Is everything okay?” The Banner kid asked.

“Put him on the phone,” Sterling barked.

“I don’t think so, you unstable lunatic,” Aubrey said. “I’ll be right back.” He heard his son say to that fucking Banner.

He heard a door open and close. “Dad, you’re acting crazy, what’s going on?”

“Text me the address.”

“I have my car here, I don’t need you to pick me up.”

“I’m coming to get you whether you like it or not.” He tightened his hand on the steering wheel. “Now text me the address.”

Aubrey sighed like this was oh—so—fucking inconvenient for him. “Fine.” Then he hung up. His son hung up on him.

Sterling pulled over when he got the text with the address. He’d get in a car accident if he tried to enter that damn address while driving. He was too pissed to think clearly.


His dad was being weird.

“So, your dad is pissed.” Banner said. It wasn’t a question.

“Yeah, seems like it.” Aubrey tucked his phone into his jeans pocket. “Which isn’t like him. He’s the chillest dad ever.”

“At least he gives a fuck about you.” Banner said.

Aubrey followed him into his bedroom. “Yeah.” He got the feeling Banner’s dad wasn’t the greatest.

“You hungry?” Banner said as he sat on his full size bed.

“Nah,” Aubrey said. He was too busy worrying about what the hell his dad was going to do when he got there.

He sat on the chair at Banner’s desk. “You have a big room.”

Banner shrugged. “It’s whatever.” He was staring at Aubrey, his green eyes unblinking.

Aubrey turned away from that stoic stare. The room was twice the size of his room at his mom’s house. The whole house was a lot bigger than either of his parent’s places. It was clear Banner’s family had money.

The walls were painted a light gray and had nothing on them. There wasn't a poster or picture in sight. It was almost as if no one lived in this room regularly. It looked like a guest bedroom. The curtains were plain gray and so was the comforter on the neatly made bed. The desk, dresser, and nightstand were dark gray. The lamp was gray. Aubrey shook his head as he shifted his gaze back to Banner.

"You like gray, huh?"

Banner just blinked once. "Nope."

Aubrey folded his lips in. Okay. He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. His head dropped. Even the floor was gray tile, covered with a gray rug. Okay, this was getting depressing.

"Wanna play a video game or something?" he said.

Banner scooted on the bed until his back was resting against the headboard. "What's up with your dad?"

Aubrey rolled his eyes. "I don't have a freaking clue what's going to with him."

"He's mad you're here?" Banner didn't break eye contact at all.

"Seems like it."

"Does he usually lose his shit when you're at a friend's houses?"

"No," Aubrey sighed.

His phone pinged.

Dad: I'm here.

Aubrey rubbed his eyes. Great. Let the show begin.

"My dad's here," he said as he stood.

Banner swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

"Why is he picking you up if you have your car here?"

Aubrey chuckled. "Your guess is as good as mine."

The doorbell rang, then a banging followed.

"Christ," Aubrey muttered.

He followed Banner out the door and down the stairs. The banging started up again.

"We're coming!" Aubrey yelled.

Banner opened the door, and there stood his dad, pissed and panting. What the hell?

He glared at Banner. "Am I to assume you're the kid my kid is hanging out with?"

Aubrey rolled his eyes. "No Dad, this is Tim from next door. He just likes to answer his neighbor's front door, you know, just in case the person knocking is actually wanting to see him."

His dad turned his glare to him. "Don't get smart with me, you little shit."

Banner stared at him, then he stared at his dad.

"Dad, what the hell is wrong with you?" Aubrey crossed his arms.

His dad stomped through the doorway and slammed the door shut behind him. His black shirt and jeans fit him like a freaking second skin, and even though Aubrey was pissed at him, he couldn't help the reaction of his cock. Damn.

"Nothing," his dad growled.

Aubrey scoffed. "That's clear."

Banner looked at him.

"Why are you looking at my boy?" His dad clenched his fists as he took a few steps in Banner's direction.

"Dad! What the fucking hell?" Aubrey strode over to him. He pushed his chest. "What the hell is wrong with you?" he quietly growled.

His dad glared down at him as he ground his teeth.

Aubrey shuffled closer to him, clenching his fingers into his dad's shirt. "It's okay," he whispered. Aubrey didn't quite get what was going on with his dad, but he had an idea.

"You would beat the shit out of anyone that touched me." Aubrey remembered saying those words to his dad just a couple of days ago.

He turned his gaze to Banner. He was standing there, in his basketball shorts and red t-shirt, his face revealing nothing of what he was thinking. "Can I talk to my dad alone for a second?"

Banner pointed behind him, where a hallway was. "There's a small guest room down that way. Second door on the left."

"Thanks," Aubrey said as he grabbed his dad's hand.

"Stop," he muttered when he saw his dad glare at Banner as they passed him.

He pulled him down the short hallway and kicked the door to the second room on the left open. It was a smaller room with one twin size bed and a dresser and nightstand; just as plain and gray as Banner's bedroom.

His dad slammed the door shut and started pacing. "I'm insane. This is insane. It's fucking insane!" He tossed has hands in the air.

Aubrey gently took his dad's hands in his and lowered them back down. "I get it."

"What do you get?" His dad still sounded angry.

"Why you're acting this way." He glided his hands up his dad's arms until his fingers were under the sleeves of his shirt. Aubrey loved his dad's shoulders, they were broad and firm. He dug his fingers into them, loving the way the muscles pressed back against his fingers.

"I'm not acting any way," his dad said quietly.

Aubrey chuckled lightly. "Right." He shuffled closer, his body almost touching his dad's. He looked into those dark eyes. They were so expressive, but Aubrey didn't know if that was because he knew his dad better than anyone, or if they really were that easy to read. "Have you ever wondered why I have the exact shade of blue as your eyes?"

"I don't have blue eyes," his dad muttered. He was unable to look away from Aubrey's gaze. They both stood there, only connected physically by Aubrey's hands on his dad's shoulders.

"The corner of your eye, the blue smudge."

"Its Heterochromia."

"It's a sign."

"A sign?"

"That I'm yours," Aubrey breathed.

His dad groaned softly. He gripped Aubrey's hips, bringing him a little closer, yet still not touching. "Are you mine?"

Aubrey inched his hands even further into his dad's shirt, the fabric bunching up around his arms. He caressed his dad's shoulder blades. "Yes, I've always been yours and I always will be."

His dad's eyes burned with heat, his nostrils flared, and his lips pursed. "You're not that kid's out there."

Aubrey huffed a laugh. "You're insane." He slowly leaned his chest and groin against his dad's hard body. "You really think I'd want anyone but you?" He breathed against his dad's mouth. He focused on those pale red lips; so freaking perfect and so freaking tempting. "You really think a boy would be enough to satisfy me after I've had a taste of you?"

His dad closed his eyes and sighed. He rested his forehead against Aubrey's. "I'm sorry, kid. I don't know what I'm doing," he whispered.

"It's okay," Aubrey whispered back. "I don't really get it either." He scooted his fingers a few more inches under his dad's shirt. "I just know you're right. This is right."

"How do you know?"

"Because I feel it." Aubrey gently laid his lips on his dad's. "I feel it everywhere." He kissed his dad once. "In my body." Another kiss. "In my mind." Another kiss. "In my heart." Kiss. "In my soul." Kiss.

His dad moaned quietly. "Baby..." he breathed. "I can't..." yet he didn't pull away. His lips stayed against Aubrey's; his body remained firmly against his.

"You can, if you'll let yourself." Aubrey hooked his calf around his dad's. "Tonight proves you want me." He rubbed his calf slowly up his dad's calf. "You want me all for yourself." He rubbed it slowly down. "You don't want me to be with anybody else." He rubbed it back up. "The thought makes you see red." He chuckled against his dad's mouth. "And that's why you drove your ass all the way over here." He pulled back just enough to look into his dad's eyes. "You had to make sure I wasn't touching another person. Because I'm yours."


Sterling was fucking hard. He couldn't deny the goddamn pull between them. It was intense as shit and he was about to lose his motherfuckin' mind at the thought of his boy with another person. Girl or boy, he didn't want Aubrey touching them.

"I am a fucking pedophile," he mumbled.

Aubrey laughed softly. "No, you're not." He kissed him again, a gentle, lingering kiss that had Sterling's balls aching and pulling tight against his body. Jesus Christ, there wasn't even any tongue involved. Motherfucker, what would more be like?

Explosive, you dick. Why the hell are you even thinking about that fucked up shit?

Their breaths were hot against each other's mouth as they panted. Their cocks were hard and pressed together. Aubrey was on his tiptoes, making sure his sixteen year old dick was lodged next to his fucking father's.

Goddamn. That shouldn't make him harder.

"I can't," he muttered, while wrapping his arms around his son's back. He squeezed his body to his.

"I know," Aubrey panted, his eyes closed, his face flushed. "It's okay, Dad." He moaned. "You don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with."

A knocked startled them both. "Is everything okay?" It was the fucking kid, Banner.

Sterling growled. "Everything's fucking fine. Leave me and my kid alone." He yelled through the door.

Then he slammed his lips against his son's.

Aubrey grunted, but quickly opened his mouth. Sterling thrust his tongue inside. Deep. Exploring. Licking every inch of his mouth. He pushed him back. Aubrey toppled over, but Sterling caught him before he fell. He picked him up and Aubrey's legs went around his waist.

"Goddamn, you're like fucking sin. I'm gonna burn by tasting you, but I can't stop," Sterling rasped. "You're so good, so right. I can't stay away. You're gonna be the death of me, but I can't stop."

They fell on the bed. Sterling crushing his son under him; Aubrey's legs wound tightly around his waist.

"I don't want you to stop," Aubrey said breathlessly. "You're my sin too."

Sterling groaned. He licked a line from his boy's collarbone up to his ear. "You're mine."

"Yes," Aubrey hissed. "I told you I was."

"Not anyone else's." Sterling bit gently on his ear lobe.

"No," Aubrey moaned. "No one else's."

Sterling rolled them on the bed so Aubrey was on top. He shifted his legs so that his knees were nestled on either side of Sterling's hips. Their groins were smashed together, so achingly perfect Sterling felt like he was ten again and about to blow his first load.

"I want you," Aubrey said. Then he kissed him. Their mouths opened wide; their tongues dueled for dominance, twirling around each other. Spit and blood flooded their mouths.

He didn't even know who bit who.

Aubrey whimpered into his mouth. "Touch me."

He tightened his hands on his son's hips. "Too far."

"I thought you said I was yours." He leaned down and spoke into Sterling's ear. "That means my body is yours." He licked the shell of his ear. "That means you can touch me wherever you want."

"Jesus Christ." Sterling grabbed his boy's ass and forced him down, until he was lying flat on his body.

"Yeah," Aubrey moaned. "Like that." He rocked back. "Jesus."

He ground his dick against his son's.

"More," Aubrey panted into his ear. "Please give me more."

Sterling wasn't even thinking anymore; he was running on pure lust driven adrenaline. His body was just doing.

He dug his fingers into Aubrey's ass, kneading the flesh through the rough jean material. His boy groaned and whimpered, the sound loud in his ear. The quiet room filled with their moans and harsh pants. It felt like the space became smaller, their sounds of pleasure and the smells of sex filling it to capacity.

Suddenly, Aubrey sat up. He grabbed the back neck of his shirt and yanked it off.

Sterling's lust flared hotter at the sight of that pale, flawless skin."Goddamn.”

Aubrey rocked his cock into Sterling's. His head dropped back on his shoulders. "Dad, that's so good," he sighed.

His hands went to the front of his boy's pants. He popped the button. Aubrey whimpered. He eased the zipper down over his son's hard, leaking cock. His red underwear were wet, the dark patch getting bigger as Sterling grazed his knuckles over the material covered ridge of flesh.

"Oh my god," Aubrey said breathlessly. He lifted his head and speared Sterling with that bright gaze. "Keep going."


Sterling didn't break the eye contact as he slid his fingers —slowly— up the length of his boy. It was so harm, so hard, even through the underwear. He'd never felt another dick besides his own. But this...his son's, his own flesh and blood, it was right. It felt like he'd waited his whole life for this. For his Aubrey to finally be his in every single way.

Aubrey bit his lip and pressed his thighs harder into Sterling's sides. His fingers cling to Sterling's shoulders. His face was flushed pink and his pupils were round with desire.

He hooked the tips of his fingers into the waistband of his boy's boxer briefs. His fingers brushed the head of Aubrey's cock.

Aubrey's lips parted. "Oh god," he whispered.

Sterling dropped his eyes. His breath hitched as he saw the tip of his son's cock for the first time. It was red and shiny; he watched as a bead of precum formed. His mouth watered as his eyes followed that bead of precum as it slid down his finger and ran over his knuckle. "Fuck."

Sterling pushed the boxer briefs farther down. Aubrey moaned as his six inch cock sprang free. "Oh god, Dad."

He was overcome with the need to taste. This was his boy, his son. He needed to have him in his mouth. He gripped him under the arms and tossed him to the side. Aubrey landed with a bounce and a huff. Sterling jerked to his feet. He stared at his son laying there, bare chested, cock out; flushed and panting.

"Fuck, you're beautiful, baby," he said. He flicked the button on his jeans. Aubrey's eyes zeroed in on his motions. Sterling unzipped his pants and eased them open. His dick strained against the black fabric of his boxer briefs.

Aubrey went to touch his own cock. "No," Sterling murmured. Aubrey looked at him.

"Hold it up for me."

Aubrey groaned softly.

Sterling watched as his boy wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock and held it up. Precum slid down the shaft, over his fingers and into the trimmed pubic hair. Sterling stepped forward until his knees bumped the edge of the bed. He hooked his hands in his boy's jeans and wrenched them down, pulling them off his feet and tossing them behind him. Aubrey stuttered a breath as he watched him.

Sterling smoothed his hands over his son's ankles, up his calves, and over his thighs. He swallowed hard when the tips of his fingers reached the crease between his legs and groin. It was so warm. He stared at that cock, cut and leaking; at those balls, smaller than his own, but just as masculine. Something he never thought he'd find hot as fuck. Yet here he was, motherfuckin' aroused at masculinity.

"Dad," Aubrey panted.

Sterling shifted his gaze to his boy's face.

"Please," he softly begged. "Touch me."

He watched his son's face as he let his fingers sink into the warm creases, his palms rubbing the coarse hair of his thighs. Aubrey moaned quietly as Sterling glided his fingers down even further. Aubrey's balls brushed the backs of his fingers and Sterling fucking loved the feeling of those full balls touching him.

He leaned down and shoved his face into Aubrey's crotch. "Fuck," he groaned as he inhaled the smell of his son.

Aubrey heaved a breath as Sterling dug his fingers into his thighs and pulled them further apart. He stuck his tongue out, tasting, with just the tip, that warm crease of flesh. Aubrey's moans and groans echoed around them, boxing them in. It was like they couldn't escape this desire they had for each other.

Sterling trailed his tongue down the crease and under Aubrey's balls.

"Oh my god," Aubrey breathed.

Sterling flattened his tongue and licked up his boy's sack. Aubrey moaned loud.

He should have been worried about that Banner kid hearing, but he didn't give a flying fuck at the moment. His kid's taste was filling his mouth, his sounds of pleasure his ears, and his skin was touching Aubrey's. He was in fucking lust heaven.

He licked over his boy's fingers, up his steel shaft and to the red tip. Aubrey nearly sobbed as Sterling flicked his tongue over the slit. Precum wasn't supposed to taste so fucking good. Sterling groaned low in his throat. "Christ, baby, that's good."

Aubrey pressed his head back into the mattress, his mouth open and his eyes closed.

Sterling leaned over his body, placing one hand on either side of Aubrey's head. His fully clothed body hovered over his son's fully naked one.

"Aubrey," he whispered.

His boy blinked his eyes open, like he was waking up from a deep sleep. Those fucking bright eyes gazed up at him like he was the goddamn son of god. Sterling swallowed hard as he gazed down at his everything. "Open your mouth."

Aubrey whimpered as he opened wide. Sterling slowly lowered his head. He licked across his open mouth before dipping inside. Aubrey groaned as their lips closed and their tongues tangled. He scratched his nails lightly across Sterling's scruffy cheeks. The kiss was rough, then gentle; fast, then slow. It was wet, sloppy, hot, and goddamn perfect.

Sterling pulled back, leaning his forehead against Aubrey's. They panted into each other's open mouths.

"God, you taste so good. It's never felt like this when I've kissed someone," Aubrey breathed.

Sterling hated the thought his son's lips touching anyone else's. "Just how many people have you kissed?"

Aubrey’s lips curved into a small, knowing smile. "Just a few girls." He rubbed the palms of his hands along Sterling's cheeks. "You're the first guy."

Sterling grunted. "I better stay the only guy."

Aubrey chuckled. "I think it's safe to say you will." He scrunched his nose. "I'm still really hard." He carded his fingers through Sterling's hair. "Do you think you can get your mouth back down there?"

"Scoot up the bed," Sterling said.

Aubrey quickly moved himself to the top of the bed. Once his head was on the pillows, Sterling yanked his shirt off. Aubrey licked his lips as his eyes roamed over the expanse of his chest.

"Hold it up again," Sterling said.

Aubrey wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock with his right hand. Sterling put one hand on either side of Aubrey's hips then leaned down. His boy's breath inceased the closer his face got to his cock. A bead of liquid formed on the tip and dripped down the side. Sterling quickly lapped it up with his tongue; his son's moan filling his ears. He licked a path up the back of the cock, over the veins and around the ridge of nerves right under the head. His boy tossed his head from side to side and arched his back. His panting breaths were gusting out like he was running a fucking marathon.

Sterling flicked his tongue over the head.

"Jesus Christ," Aubrey grunted.

He flicked his tongue again, right over the slit. The faint sweet taste of his kid's precum burst on his tongue as he lapped each drop that beaded on the head.

"Dad," Aubrey moaned. "I'm not gonna last."

Sterling lifted his eyes to his boy's face; it was flushed and sweaty. His neck was arched, his mouth was open and his eyes were closed.

It was goddamn mesmerizing. He'd done that to his son. He'd brought him to the fucking greatest —most carnal—pleasure a person could know. He'd made his boy feel this way.

If this was sin, then Sterling would motherfuckin' embrace the shit out of it.

"Oh my god, oh my god, ohmigod!" Aubrey said.

Sterling flicked his tongue faster along the slit as Aubrey's voice grew louder. "Shit, shit, shit!"

Sterling grasped his boy's hips and held him still as his body started to thrash. Aubrey stroked his cock rapidly; his other hand gripped Sterling's hair.

"Fuck!" Aubrey yelled. His body tried to arch but Sterling just tightened his hold.

He felt Aubrey's dick throb against his tongue, then a shot of cum hit his face. He quickly put his tongue over the slit and lapped the hot, white cum up.

Aubrey couldn't even talk anymore; he stuttered his breaths, moaned loud, and groaned deep.

Sterling didn't realize he'd swallowed his son's cum until he put his mouth over the head and sucked the last bit of cum into his mouth and down his throat.

Fuck. He never would have thought he'd get so much pleasure from having his kid's dick in his mouth.


Holy shit. Did that just happen? Aubrey finally opened his eyes. His dad was between his legs and the head of his cock was in his mouth. Shit. He'd just had his first blow job and it had come from his dad.

"Dad," he croaked, as he continued to suck on his cock. "Too much."

His dad slowly released his cock from his mouth. Aubrey let go of the base of his shaft and caressed his dad's face. "That was incredible."

His dad crawled up his body. Resting on his elbows, he carded his fingers through the hair on either side of Aubrey's head. They didn't say anything, they just breathed the same air and stared into each other's eyes. They didn't need words. They'd always been close, but this act had just brought them closer.

Was it even possible to be closer than they were at this minute?

A knock on the door jarred them out of the trance they'd fallen into.

"Shit," his dad said under his breath.

"My dad just got home," Banner said though the door.

"Goddammit," his dad said as he jumped up.

"Dad?" Aubrey sat up.

His dad picked his shirt up off the floor and turned to him. "Aubrey," he said as he slipped his t-shirt over his head.

Aubrey scooted to the edge of the bed. His dad shifted his body between Aubrey's legs then cupped his face. When Aubrey was looking into his eyes, he said, "I think I love you too much.”

“What does that mean?”

His dad kissed his nose, then his lips. “That I’m sick, because I fucking loved every second of what we just did,” he muttered against his mouth.

Aubrey smiled against his lips. “I did too,” he whispered. “All of it. I wanted it.”

His dad slowly pulled away, his hands lingering on Aubrey’s face. “Now let's get you dressed." He smiled at him. And that smile right there, was Aubrey's whole freaking world.

He'd always lived for that smile, he'd just never known what it'd meant until recently.

That he belonged to his dad and his dad belonged to him.


Aubrey was dressed, but his hair was still messy and his lips were red. They looked like they’d been bitten and sucked.

Sterling nearly came just from the memory of how those lips had gotten that way. He’d devoured that pink mouth like a starving man. He’d pulled those lips into his mouth and —

“You're still hard,” Aubrey said.

Sterling shifted his attention to his boy, who was standing in between the bed and the door. His eyes were on Sterling's groin.

"And I'm gonna stay hard," he grunted.

He felt his dick get even harder as his boy continued to stare at it. "You're making it worse."

Aubrey licked his bottom lip. "I can take care of it for you."

"I don't think so, you horny motherfucker," Sterling chuckled hoarsely. "We're in enough trouble as it is."

"Trouble?" Aubrey walked to the closed door.

"That fucking friend of yours probably heard the whole damn thing." Sterling groaned. "And goddammit the police are probably on their way." He scrubbed his hands over his face. "If Allyson doesn't kill me, all the inmates at the prison I get sent to will."

Aubrey shook his head. "You're being dramatic. Banner didn't hear anything and no one's going to prison." He opened the door.

And there stood that fucking Banner kid, holding two glasses of water.


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