Always Everything

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Chapter Sixteen

So are you going to tell me what happened at school today?"

Sterling was lying on his back, with his son draped across his chest. He tilted his face up and kissed the top of Aubrey's head. He stayed there for a moment, breathing deeply. His boy smelled like innocence and sex. He'd never known a combination like that existed until he'd tasted Aubrey. Goddamn.

"It's not important," Aubrey mumbled into his chest.

He dragged his fingers through the back of Aubrey's hair. "It sure as fuck is important. Who the hell is this girl and exactly where did she touch you?"

Aubrey snuggled his face into Sterling's skin. He chuckled. "Dad, c'mon, it was nothing."

He bristled. It sure as fuck wasn't nothing. Damn girl got his boy sent to the principal's office. "Aubrey," he said. He tried to sound stern, but from the smile he felt against his skin, Aubrey didn't take him seriously.

"That's hot. Can you say my name like that again?" He tightened his leg around Sterling's and pressed his body harder against his side.

He growled. Damn that boy, his cock was already hard again. Shit, it'd only been a few minutes since they'd both come. Damn sixteen year old body. He didn't know how he'd keep up with it.

"Aubrey, tell me what happened."

"Mmm," his son fucking purred. "Yeah, just like that." He inched his hand down Sterling's abs and into the trimmed pubic hair.

"Fuck," Sterling gritted out. His dick was already thickening. How the fuck did that happen? He was thirty-four years old, not thirteen.

"Your hair is so soft there," Aubrey muttered as he raised his head. His eyes were clouded with lust. "How do you get it so soft?" He spread his fingers in the hair, brushing against the base of his cock and the top of his balls.

"You're not getting out of the question," he breathed. Fuck. His heart had started thumping wildly and his breathing increased.

Aubrey lowered his face to his chest. He laid an open mouthed kiss on his collar bone. "I'm not," he said into his skin. He kept kissing down his chest, leaving wet trails.

"Baby," he panted. Oh, fuck, it felt so good. Goddammit, his cock was already leaking.

Aubrey got to his nipple and stopped. Sterling's chest was moving up and down, his harsh breaths filling the room. Shit, just put your mouth on it. He'd never liked when women kissed his nipples, but he had an insane desire for his boy to suck them like he was an infant.

You dirty perv.

"Suck them," he ground out. Fuck, just do something.

Aubrey smiled up at him, then he took the nipple between his lips and sucked.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

He didn't suck them hard, like Sterling had sucked his nipples; no, his boy suckled them.

"Oh shit," he groaned. "Just like that, baby boy."

Aubrey gently moved his fingers up and down in Sterling's pubic hair, while suckling his nipple like he was a goddamn baby.

Yes! You fucking perv.

Christ, it felt better than it had any right to.

Sterling closed his eyes and held his boy's head against his chest. Aubrey moaned around the nipple between his lips.

"Fuck." Sterling panted through his mouth; sweat gathered on his forehead.

Aubrey suckled a bit harder, his lips puckering and his tongue brushing against the nipple.

"Oh, fuck, baby boy, oh fuck. Just like that," he moaned.

Aubrey brought his other hand up and put two fingers inside Sterling's mouth. He closed around them greedily, sucking hard. He groaned and moaned around those fucking fingers.

Aubrey finally wrapped his hand around Sterling's aching dick. He arched and groaned deeply.

Aubrey jerked him at a steady pace, matching the suckling on his nipple.

Every part of Sterling felt ignited in flames. He was burning hot and all he wanted was more. His toes tingled. He held his boy's head tighter. His legs stretched taut and his body flexed. He bit down on Aubrey's fingers as cum shot from his cock.

His whole body rocked and shook. He was burning and drowning at the same time. He saw white dots behind his eyelids.

The fog slowly cleared from his mind. He was heaving and sweating. His body was sticky, and hot and cold at the same time. He felt boneless.

He blinked his eyes open. Aubrey's fingers were still in his mouth. Shit. He'd bitten him.

"Aubrey, baby?" He said once Aubrey'd pulled his fingers out.

He said nothing.

Sterling lifted his head. Aubrey was still next to him, but his eyes were closed. And he was panting.


That's when Sterling noticed the bed was moving a little. He lowered his gaze. Aubrey had his hand under his body; he was jerking his cock.

"Christ." Sterling stared at his son's face. It was flushed pink and his damp hair was sticking to his forehead.

"Goddamn," he murmured. He grabbed Aubrey by the hips and pulled him on top of him.

Aubrey didn't even open his eyes or still his hand. He just panted harder.

Sterling stared up at his boy's blissed out expression. Holy shit, that was fucking hot. He watched Aubrey's mouth open wider and wider the closer he got to coming.

"That's it, baby." He dug his fingers into Aubrey’s hips and dragged them up his sides.

Aubrey's breath stuttered in his throat. He arched his neck.

Sterling felt warm cum rush onto his stomach. He groaned at the feeling of his son's cum spreading on his skin and running down his sides.

Aubrey kept jerking, his mouth open and breathing harshly. The tendons in his neck stretched tight.

Fuck, he was beautiful.

When he'd jerked the last of it out, his hand stilled. He collapsed on Sterling's chest.

"Damn," Aubrey breathed.

Sterling cupped his ass and kissed his head. "That was so fucking hot to watch you come."

Aubrey smiled into his skin. "It was hot watching you come."

They laid there, their cum cooling between them and their sweat drying. Neither one of them cared though.

They fell asleep.


Aubrey felt warm...and a little sticky. He opened his eyes to a slit. The closed curtains were in front of him, letting in a little bit of light through the gaps. He wiggled.

"You're awake."

Aubrey rubbed his face on his dad's chest and then glanced up at him. His arm was behind his head and he was smiling softly at Aubrey.

"How long have you been up?" He stretched his legs along his dad's.

"Not long. I just didn't want to bother you." He brushed his knuckles down Aubrey's cheek.

He leaned up and kissed his dad on the mouth. "I think now we need a shower."

His dad chuckled. "Yeah, I think so."

"I'm stuck to you," Aubrey said as he wiggled his body.

His dad rolled them over. Aubrey's breath caught in his throat as he gazed up at him. He was holding himself up on his elbows.

"You need to stop staring at me that way." His dad's eyes darkened.

"I can't help it," he whimpered. His dad's big body was covering his. Their legs tangled and their arms wound together. The smell of sweat, cum, and sex filled the room.

"Like I said, you're going to be the death of me." His dad lowered his face to his. Aubrey closed his eyes and sucked in a breath.

"We need to shower and eat," his dad muttered against his lips.

"After you kiss me," he breathed.

He licked across Aubrey's mouth. "You're insatiable."

Aubrey moaned. He opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out, trying to catch his dad's tongue as it swiped his mouth.

"Will you take a shower with me?"

"You need help washing yourself?" His dad kissed him once on the lips.

"I do."

His dad chuckled at him. "Let's go." He got off the bed and walked to the bathroom.

Aubrey raised himself up to his elbows. "Damn," he whispered as his eyes watched that firm ass waltz into the bathroom.

His dad was hot, and he didn't care how wrong anyone thought this was.

He'd found his always everything, and he wasn't about to let him go.


Getting in the shower with his son was both weird and hot as hell. He remembered showering with Aubrey, but that was only when he was a baby.


Sterling let his gaze drift down his son's wet — fully grown — body. He was under the spray, his face lifted to the water. He watched the water run into his ass crack and felt like a sick fuck at the jerk it gave his dick.

"I can feel you staring," Aubrey said with his eyes still closed. He wiped his face and turned to face him.

Sterling's eyes took in the length of his son's body; down his smooth chest and flat stomach, across that half hard cock with the pink head, and down his nearly hairless legs.

Aubrey stared at him with hazy eyes. "I think I could go again."

Sterling laughed roughly as he grabbed the soap bottle. "I'm sure you could." He squirted some soap on a washcloth. "You're sixteen, remember?"

Aubrey grinned. "Almost seventeen.”

Sterling maneuvered him out of the spray and started washing his chest. He watched his boy's nipples pebble as he ran the washcloth over them. Jesus, they were so pink and perfect; not too big and not too small.

"Dad?" Aubrey said a little breathlessly.

He swallowed. "Yeah?"

"You won't pull away again will you?"

Sterling stilled. He raised his gaze to his son's. He was hit with vulnerability and pain in those blue depths. He could have fucking kicked himself.

"I'm sorry, baby." He brought him to his chest, wrapping his boy up in his arms. Aubrey melted against him, bringing his arms snuggly around his waist.

They stood there, with the hot pouring down Sterling's back.

"I wasn't trying to hurt you." It sounded lame to his ears, but he didn't know what else to say.

"Please don't do it again," Aubrey whispered into his skin. He tightened his arms. "I can't handle it again."

He'd never heard his son sound so raw. It ripped Sterling's heart in half to know he had caused that.

"I'm sorry," he said again. He kissed Aubrey's wet hair. "I know I have shit to work through, but I'll not pull away again."

Aubrey rubbed his cheek into his chest. "I know you have stuff to work on." He slid his head up and looked at Sterling. "And if you need some time, or to put the brakes on some things, I'll understand." He swallowed thickly. "Just don't pull away completely. Don't..." he raised to his tiptoes. With his hand behind Sterling's neck, he lowered his face until Aubrey was able to lay a kiss on his mouth. "Don't take this away," he said against his lips.

Sterling felt his skin prickle and his insides fucking tingle. "I won't, baby. I won't."

And he meant it. No matter what he had to do, no matter what he had to work through; he'd not hurt his boy again. Aubrey needed him this way. Sterling could be called whatever the fuck people wanted, but he'd not abandon his son again.


All Aubrey felt like doing was lying on the couch with his dad, watching Netflix and eating.

Since they'd gotten home, they'd come a few times and slept until 3:00 in the afternoon. And damn, had they worked up quite the appetite.

"Good thing I just went grocery shopping, huh?" His dad said as he opened the fridge.

Aubrey stretched and yawned. He was sitting at the table, watching his dad's ass as he walked around the kitchen. They were both just in their boxer briefs, and shit, did Aubrey like the view.


His dad smirked at him over his shoulder. "Are you even paying attention to anything I'm saying?"

"Mhm." He leaned on the table and propped his face in his hand.

"You're not even looking at my face."

Aubrey grinned sleepily at his dad. "Why would I when your ass is right there?"

His dad bent over and reached inside the refrigerator.

Aubrey groaned.

His dad chuckled. "It's a good thing I know you actually love me and not just my ass."

Aubrey finally lifted his gaze to his dad's face. "I really do."

His dad set the food on the counter. "You gonna help me make dinner since you love me so much?"

Aubrey grinned. "As long as it's something easy."


It was five o'clock and they just finished eating dinner. Normally, they didn't eat this early, but they were starving after that cum fest.

"Did they know you weren't coming back into work today?" Aubrey asked as he lounged in his dad's lap.

"Yeah, I told them I probably wouldn't be back." He looked at Aubrey's head nestled against his groin.

Aubrey was lying on his back, his knees bent, and his hands folded across his stomach.

They usually had the TV on when they were in the living room, but they didn't now. It was quiet. Just the sounds of the neighbors coming home and dogs barking.

"What about tomorrow? You know that's when my official suspension begins."

His dad scoffed. "It's such a load of shit that they gave you two fucking days of suspension for saying the S word."

Aubrey chuckled. "Becca got three days when she said fuck."

"God fucking forbid."

They both laughed.

His dad took a sip of beer. "So, tell me what happened."

Aubrey sighed. "You didn't forget about that?"

He scoffed. "Why the fuck would I forget about that?"

Aubrey nuzzled his face into his dad's stomach. "Because we've been busy."

His dad buried his fingers in Aubrey's hair. "Don't try to distract me again." He brought his other hand up and caressed Aubrey's neck gently.

"It was nothing," he muttered into the skin of his dad's stomach. "Just like I told you before." He kissed the trail of hair that lead from below his dad's bellybutton down to his shaft.

"Who touched you?" His dad massaged his fingers into Aubrey's scalp.

"Just a girl." He still had his face pressed against his dad's stomach.

"And where did the this girl touch you?"

Aubrey closed his eyes as he kissed his dad's bellybutton. "I don't think it matters." He stuck the tip of his tongue out and flicked it across the hair there.

His dad gasped. "Baby, you're not getting out of this."

Aubrey placed an open mouthed, wet kiss right above the waistband of his dad's underwear.

His dad groaned. Aubrey felt his hard-on beneath his cheek.

"Where'd she touch you?" he gritted out.

Damn. He wasn't going to let this go.

Aubrey turned his head and gazed up at his dad. His eyes were darker with lust, making the blue smudge brighter.

"My cock."

His dad blinked. "What?"

Aubrey turned his face back to the wet skin of his dad's stomach. "It's not a big deal." He sucked the skin below his bellybutton into his mouth.

"Did you just say your cock?" His dad tightened his grip on Aubrey's hair and turned his head.

Aubrey stared at him with heavy lidded eyes. "Can I suck your cock?"

His dad shook his head like he was shaking some sense into himself. "Baby, did you say that girl touched your cock?"

Aubrey's skin was tingling and warm. His heart was beating hard and his breathing was heavy. He didn't care about Becca; all he wanted was his dad's cock in his mouth.

He was addicted.

"Dad, can you just forget about it?" He licked his lips. "I want to suck your cock again."

His dad took his shoulders and sat him up. Aubrey felt light headed and cold. "What—?"

"That fucking girl touched your goddamn cock and you're the one that got suspension?"

Well, shit. Now his dad was pissed.

"Dad..." Aubrey rubbed his face.

His dad's forehead was pinched and his mouth was set in a thin line. He glared at Aubrey. "That fucking girl violated you and you didn't even tell the fucking principal?" he growled.

Aubrey took his dad's face between his palms. "Dad, it wasn't like that. I wasn't violated. It was just a quick little touch. Barely there. It just startled me." He kissed him on the lips.

"It sure as hell is a big fucking deal."

Aubrey smiled. "You're so hot when you get all possessive and shit."

His dad growled. "This is not some goddamn joke, Aubrey." He gripped his hips and yanked him onto his lap.

Aubrey straddled his dad's hips. He moaned as his cock pressed against his dad's hard-on.

"You're mine." His dad said fiercely. "Do you fucking hear me?" He roughly dragged his fingers up Aubrey's rib cage. "I mean it, I'm not backing out this time." He dragged his fingers across Aubrey's sides and to his back. "I'm a sick fuck who wants his son to be his and only his."

Aubrey wound his arms around his dad's neck. "I need you to want me." He buried his face in his neck. "I need you this way." He bit his throat.

His dad groaned.

"I need you in every way." Aubrey flattened his tongue and licked up the length of his dad's neck, across his jaw and to his mouth.

His dad opened for him. Aubrey dipped inside, his dad sucking his tongue into his mouth.

Aubrey moaned and flexed his hips against him.

His dad pulled back.

Aubrey panted, his chest moving up and down rapidly.

"I don't want another person to touch you." His dad stared fiercely into his eyes.

"I don't want another person to touch me."

"This cock belongs to me now." He slipped his fingers inside the waistband of Aubrey's underwear.

Aubrey jerked his hips forward as his dad wrapped his fingers around his length.

"Yes," Aubrey breathed. "And no one touches you."

"I'd break their fingers if they touched me." He pushed Aubrey's underwear below his balls. "I don't want another person's skin near mine after I've had a taste of yours." He leaned forward and licked up Aubrey's cheek. His hand was holding Aubrey's cock firmly. His thumb brushed across the tip, smearing the precum around.

Aubrey gripped his dad's neck harder and rutted against him. He arched as his dad jerked him, once, twice. He threw his head back and moaned.

His dad lowered his face and bit a nipple. Aubrey yelped. "Fuck yes!"

He sucked the nipple into his mouth.

"Oh shit, oh shit," Aubrey panted.

Suddenly, his dad let him go. He pushed him back, holding his back with his arm. Aubrey fell back on his dad's stretched out legs. He stared hazily up at the ceiling. His dad's legs were still on the floor, but extended straight out.

Before Aubrey could say anything, he felt his dad cradle his balls and lap at them.

"Oh my god." Aubrey's eyes drifted closed.

He sucked one ball into his mouth.

Aubrey whimpered.

Then he sucked the other one into his mouth.

Aubrey carded his fingers through his dad's hair and held his head there.

"I like the taste of your balls."

Aubrey moaned low in his throat.

He licked a path from his balls up to his cock. When he reached the tip, he tongued the ridges under the head.

"Oh shit." Aubrey's mouth dropped open. His toes straightened and he pulled his dad's hair.

He sucked the tip into his mouth. Aubrey's cock pulsed and then he was coming.

Oh damn. He felt pleasure tighten his limbs and soar through his veins. He squeezed his eyes shut, moaning.


Aubrey laid there, panting in the afterglow of another orgasm.

"Damn, Dad," he groaned. He didn't feel like he could ever move again.

"Damn, kid," his dad groaned.

They laughed hoarsely.

"I can't keep up with you." His dad gently pulled him up onto his chest.

Aubrey wrapped his arms around his body and nuzzled his face into his dad's sweaty chest.

"You're just as bad as I am," Aubrey mumbled.

His dad laid his cheek on his head. One hand cradled Aubrey's head and the other held his back.

"After having you, I don't think I'll ever be able to get enough," he whispered. "I think I'm addicted."

Aubrey's mouth curved in a lazy smile. "Good, because I'm addicted to you too."


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