Always Everything

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Chapter Seventeen

Aubrey's phone rang early Tuesday morning.

What the hell?

He swiped his hand on the nightstand next to his dad's bed. The lamp tipped over, a book fell to the floor, and an empty glass toppled over.

Where the hell was his phone?

His fingers banged into his iPhone. Without opening his eyes, he brought it to his ear.

"Hello?" His sleep scratchy voice said.

"Are you fucking your dad?"

"Jesus Christ, Banner," Aubrey mumbled into his pillow. "Will you keep your voice down."

"I'm outside, away from the school. So, are you?"

Aubrey groaned and rolled over. "Why the hell are calling me?" He rubbed his eyes.

"I skipped bible class so I could call you. Everyone's talking about how you got suspended for saying shit."

"No one has anything better to do than talk about how someone said shit?"

"It's you. You've never done anything wrong." He paused. "Well, aside from the whole fucking your dad thing."

"Christ, Banner, you really need to shut up about that."

"Why? Did you and your dad break up?"

Aubrey groaned again.

"How would that work? He's still your dad, right? You're just not fucking anymore? So, are you talking to each other? Or do you just say hi and bye like normal kid/parent relationships?"

Aubrey sat. "Christ, Banner. I can't even keep up with you." He swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up.

"Becca said fuck and got 3 days suspension. She's bragging like a bitch about it." Banner snorted. "She'll do anything for attention. Everyone's talking about you saying shit and getting suspended, so she thinks if she reminds everyone that she said a 'really bad word' — like what the fuck does that even mean? — she'll get attention."

Aubrey had already pissed and flushed the toilet by the time Banner had finished talking. "Damn, it's too early for all this shit." He turned the sink on and washed his hands.

"Did you have a late night?"


"Are you going to answer my question?"

Aubrey dried his hands and squinted at himself in the mirror. He had a purple hickey on his neck, and his nipples were red and sore. Damn, it had been a good day yesterday.



"Is he there right now? I don't mind if he is. You can just put me on speakerphone and I'll be quiet while you two fuck."

Aubrey coughed. "What the hell?" He went back into his dad's bedroom.

"I said —"

"I heard you." He walked down the stairs. "My dad's not home. He had work." He entered the kitchen. "And if he was I wouldn't put you on speakerphone." He shook his head. "That's creepy, Banner."

"It's like porn, only you're not acting. I think it's hotter."

Aubrey fell into the chair at the table. "I don't even know what to say to you."

"I think we should hang out. Or if I get a boyfriend, we could double date."

Aubrey's head fell to the table. "We're not double dating. Do you seriously not know how wrong it is that I'm having sex with my dad? I don't think it is, but he could go to jail and —" he stopped talking. Lifting his head, he furrowed his brows. "Wait, did you just say a boyfriend? You're gay?"

"You mean you didn't know? Of course I'm gay. I've always liked guys."

"Um, I'm sorry I didn't know. I just assumed —"

"You assumed that I liked girls?"

"Well, yeah, I just —"

"You just assumed that since I'm a guy I must have been panting after pussy. You just assumed that I'm straight. Why? Who says that every guy is straight until proven gay? Where did that idea come from? Who set these fucked rules? Why should I have to come out as gay? Why not straight guys? Should they waltz into their parent's room and say, 'hey, mom and dad, I wanted you to know I'm straight.'? No. They don't have to do that. Everyone just expects them to be straight. It's fucked. I shouldn't have to tell anyone I'm gay. I should just be able to be."

Aubrey blinked. Okay, he had a headache after all that. "Uh, right. Sorry. I shouldn't have assumed."

"Have you lost your assginity yet?"

Aubrey's head fell to the table again. "Oh my god, Banner. The shit you say." He groaned.

"If you have, do have any pointers? Since I've never been fucked, or fucked another guy, I think it'd be helpful to hear from someone who's already been fucked."

Aubrey rolled his forehead along the table. "I'm gonna go. This is just getting weird."

"Do you want to hang out after school? Bible class is almost over, so I have to get going. But maybe later I could drive to your house. Will your dad be home by that time? I could just leave when he gets home. I know you'll probably want some time to be alone with him. Or I could just hang out while you and him fuck in the bedroom. Or bathroom. It's fine if you even want to fuck in the same room I'm in. I'll just sit there, not making a sound. I won't even pull my dick out. I'll just save the memories for later when I'm by myself.”

Aubrey's face pinched. "Okay, this just got a whole lot weirder. I'm gonna go before I puke." He hung up without saying another word.

That was just...he shivered as he remembered Banner's words. Gross. His friend wanted to watch him and his dad fuck. That didn't even sound hot to him.

He chuckled. And his dad would flip at the idea of another person seeing Aubrey naked.


Aubrey pulled into the parking lot in front of the building the construction crew were working on. He'd texted his dad earlier and got the address.

He grabbed the bags of fast food and got out of the car.

The sounds of machines and hammers filled the space around him the closer he got to the site. None of the guys even glanced at him. He scanned the area, looking for his dad.

"Hey, you looking for Sterling?"

Aubrey turned around at the sound of the voice. A guy in twenties was walking towards him.

"You're Aubrey, right?" He smiled, the corners of his blue eyes crinkling.

Aubrey smiled. "You're Travis."

"You remembered."

He'd only met him once before, but he remembered the friendly smile and the shaggy brown hair.

""Your dad's over there," Travis tilted his chin at the building behind Aubrey. "He's working around back."

"Thanks." He waved as he made his way over to the half constructed office building.

The sun was hot, and by the time he made it around the building, he felt a drop of sweat roll down his back.

His dad was bent over...and that's all Aubrey saw. He didn't see what he was doing or working on, all his eyes saw was that firm ass.

Shit. He subtly shifted as he kept walking, hoping none of the other workers noticed the sudden boner in his shorts.

But damn, was his dad hot.

"Hey, little boy, whatchya doin' here?" A raspy voice halted him in his tracks.

Aubrey felt like he had to shake himself out of a daze. What? He glanced to his right and there stood an older man with gray hair and baggy jeans.

"Uh..." Aubrey lifted the bag in his hand. "Bringing lunch to my dad." His dad that he had just been lusting over.

The man's brown eyes slid down Aubrey's body. Aubrey tightened his hold on the bags. This guy was creepy.

"Pike, get the fuck away from my son."

Aubrey nearly breathed a sigh of relief as his dad's voice washed over him.

The guy— Pike — shifted his pedo gaze away from Aubrey. Thank Christ.

"Didn't know ya had a boy," Pike said. His hands were resting on his hips, giving him a relaxed look, but Aubrey didn't feel relaxed around this dude.

"You think I'd tell your boy-lovin' ass about my son?" His dad glared at him.

Pike didn't look so "chill" anymore. His mouth flattened into a thin line and his gray brows lowered over his eyes. "Hows many timez do I got to tell y'all— I do not like boyz!"

"Could've fooled me," Aubrey muttered under his breath.

His dad must have heard him because he gave him a lopsided grin. "My boy doesn't think so." He shifted his gaze back to Pike.

He just huffed and stomped away. And Aubrey was glad his creepy ass was gone.

"So, what'd you bring me for lunch?" His dad stood at his side, not close, but Aubrey could still smell the sweat and wintry scent. He nearly groaned at the stir it gave his cock. How could his dad smell so good after working half the day in the sun?

"Down boy," his dad mumbled.

Aubrey smirked at him. "Can't help it."

His dad just shook his head and reached for the bags. "You're hard," he said as he looked inside the takeout bag.

Aubrey cleared his throat. "You were bent over."

The rest of the construction site melted away as Aubrey gazed at his dad. He was so tall, over six feet, and it was all muscle. He remembered how it'd felt to be under that hard body and his cock thickened even more.

"I'm at work," his dad muttered, still digging through the bags.

Aubrey bit his lip and forced his gaze away.

His dad lifted his eyes to his. Aubrey nearly gasped at the lust that shone from them.

"Wait till we get home."

Aubrey was hard the rest of the day.


Sterling walked into the house, the door slamming shut behind him. He took his boots off and glanced into the living room.

He froze.

"Hi Dad," Aubrey said.

He was sitting in the leather armchair they never used. He was spread out like a fucking heathen feast, his legs draped over each arm of the chair. One of his arms was over his head, grasping the back of the chair, and the other hand was slowly stroking his hard dick.

Well holy motherfuckin' shit.

"I've been waiting all day for you to get your ass home," Aubrey said as he continued to stoke his cock.

Sterling felt his balls tingle and his dick harden. "Stop," he managed to squeeze through his tight throat.

Aubrey's lips curved upward. "Why?"

His boy wasn't listening. The little shit.

Sterling strode over. Putting his hands on the arms of the chair, right above Aubrey's legs, he leaned down. His heard his boy's breath hitch. His pupils dilated.

He slowly lowered his head towards his son's. Aubrey's arm flexed as he gripped the back of the chair harder.

He came to within an inch of his kid's face. Aubrey tilted his chin up, his breath heavy and his lips parted.

"Take. Your. Hand. Away."

Aubrey moaned and dropped his hand to the leather.

"When I tell you to stop touching your dick, you listen, boy."

Aubrey whimpered and tilted his head further back. "Y-yes."

His son stuck his tongue out, trying to swipe it across Sterling's mouth.

He backed away and Aubrey practically whined.

"I need a shower."

"No," Aubrey panted. His eyes were glazed and his cheeks were pink. "I like you like that."

He remembered his boy's hard dick at the construction site earlier. And damn if it didn't make Sterling's cock strain against his jeans.


He took a couple of steps back, his boy watching his every fucking move.

"Put your hand above your head."

Aubrey immediately lifted his other arm and gripped the back of the chair.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

He was a goddamn feast, laid out for his pleasure. Sterling was going to enjoy the hell out of him.

He grabbed the back neck of his t-shirt and yanked it over his head.

Aubrey groaned.

He looked at his boy as he flicked the button on his jeans. Aubrey licked his lips as Sterling lowered the zipper.

"You want my cock?" Fuck, he felt like a goddamn pervert. His leaking dick loved it.

"Yes," Aubrey moaned. "Fuck, yes."

Mmm. He fucking loved how turned on his boy was.

He shifted his gaze to Aubrey's cut cock. Precum was beading on the tip and running down the sides.

Motherfucker. His mouth watered.

He shoved his pants down and kicked him aside. Aubrey didn't take his eyes off of him.

Sterling knelt down in front of his boy sprawled out on the chair. Aubrey inhaled sharply.

The musty, clean scent of his son wafted up to him and he groaned.

His knees hit the bottom of the chair as he scooted as close as he could get. Aubrey went to lower his legs, but Sterling stopped him.

"No," he said gruffly. "Keep them there." He touched Aubrey's ankles, then smoothed his hands up his shins.

Aubrey bit his lip.

He followed the line of his legs, across his knees, then down the inside of his thighs.

Aubrey arched slightly, his fingers digging into the leather behind his head.

Sterling dropped his gaze to his hands; they were nestled in the crease of Aubrey’s legs, framing his dick. Sterling brushed his thumbs down the sides of his balls, until he cupping them between his two thumbs.

Aubrey whimpered and rutted against the chair.

"Stay still."

Aubrey groaned. "How can I?"

"Make yourself..." he leaned forward. Aubrey's breath stuttered as Sterling nudged his nose against his boy's. "Stay. Still." Aubrey's breath fanned hot over his face.

He pushed his thumbs up, lifting Aubrey's balls a little.

"Oh shit," Aubrey panted.

"You know I've never seen one place on you," Sterling whispered over his son's mouth. So close, but not touching.

"See it," Aubrey practically begged. "Touch it."

Sterling stared into his boy's eyes, round and dark with desire.

Slowly, he slid his hands down Aubrey's skin. His thumbs grazed over his ass cheeks.

Aubrey hissed. "Can I touch you?"

"No, don't move."

Aubrey closed his eyes and tilted his head back, biting his lip.


He wanted to kiss and suck and sloppily lick every inch of that face and neck.

But he had another place he was going to kiss, suck and sloppily lick.

Lowering his gaze, he finally laid eyes on the pink pucker of his boy's ass.

Holy fucking Christ.

His dick was leaking. He'd never been this fucking aroused by an asshole.

And he'd seen his fair share.

"Dad," Aubrey whimpered.

He spread the cheeks wider, watching Aubrey's hole flex.

"Fuck," he muttered.

He was transfixed by that fucking pink hole, shuddering like it was just waiting to be touched.

Sterling brushed his thumb over it. It spasmed and Aubrey sucked in a breath.

He did it again, and again; loving the feel of the wrinkly skin against the calluses on the pads of his thumbs.

Aubrey groaned deep in his chest. "Dad, please, you're fucking killing me."

Sterling was so fucking hard he hurt. Just from lightly touching his kid's asshole. How the hell would he fucking survive anymore?

He pressed his thumb against the hole and it opened just a little. It was like a goddamn invitation.

He groaned. "Fuck."

Lowering his face, he watched as his thumb pressed a little harder. Without resistance, it slid in, just the tip.

Oh shit.

Aubrey was fucking out of his mind with pleasure. His dick was leaking so much it had lubricated his entire shaft and balls.

Oh motherfuckin' shit. He wanted to drink down that precum.

You dirty bastard.

Damn right.

He watched a single drop of precum slide down Aubrey's balls, into the crease of his ass and onto his thumb.

Oh hell yes.

Sterling didn't wait, he dove down between those spread legs. He licked the precum off his thumb and the rim of his boy's asshole.

"Dad!" Aubrey shouted. His body jerked and Sterling had to press him back to the chair.

"Stay," he said without lifting his face from that fucking pink hole.

Aubrey gasped a breath, his body shaking.

Sterling pushed his thumb in a little more. He followed it with his tongue, flicking around the rim, then pushing it in, right next to his thumb. Mmm. Oh Christ.

Aubrey could barely stay still. Sterling was holding each thigh wide open, but his boy kept straining against this hold.

He took his thumb out.

Aubrey pinched his brows together, looking down at him.

"Don't stop." He said it so breathy, Sterling could hardly understand him.

He stared hard into his son's lust glazed eyes. He rubbed his forefinger agaisnt his hole.

Aubrey's lips parted and his breath shook. Still looking at his boy, he dipped the tip of his finger inside.

Aubrey’s eyes widened.

His hole wasn't lubricated enough.

"I want it," Aubrey breathed. "Do it."

Goddammit. They'd never discussed this, but his boy begging him was all the permission he needed.

Sterling lowered his face between his son's legs again. Easing his finger further in, he spit on Aubrey's hole.

"Oh god, yes. Fuck," Aubrey said.

Flicking his tongue around his finger, he moaned to himself. Damn, eating his son's asshole shouldn't taste so good.

He wiggled his finger a little, pushing it a bit further.

Aubrey was writhing and biting his lip. His arms were shaking as he clung to the back of the couch.

His boy looked so pink and flushed. A layer of moisture covered his skin like a fucking shiny top coat.

He spit on Aubrey's hole again. He pumped his finger back and forth slowly. It easily eased in and out. He stilled his movements and stared at his son. His hair was sticking up, the lighting catching those goddamn gold highlights. His face was flawless and his lips were swollen and red. He looked like a goddamn angel.

Sterling felt like the devil.

Aubrey's eyes drifted open, the bright blue searing into Sterling like a fucking laser beam.

Goddamn, where did he come up with this shit?


Without breaking eye contact, he slowly pushed his finger in until the rim bumped his knuckle.

Aubrey licked his lips. "More."

Sterling's gaze shifted to his son's leaking cock. Drip after drip ran down the shaft.

Sterling's finger brushed over a smooth mound. Aubrey nearly flew out of the chair.

"Holy shit!" he shouted, as he stared at Sterling with wide eyes.

Prostate. He'd heard about it, but never experienced it.

Or touched it.

"I found my boy's prostate," he murmured.

Aubrey's breaths were loud in the silent room. His legs were clamped over the arms of the chair.

He turned his finger slightly, searching for that fucking bundle of orgasm inducing nerves.

"There! Oh fuck, there!" Aubrey yelled.

Sterling stopped on the smooth mound.

"God," Aubrey moaned.

He watched his boy, sweat beading on his forehead and pebbled nipples. He slipped his other hand around Aubrey's thigh and to the small of his back. He leaned in, until he could rest his forehead on his son's.

Staring into those half lidded eyes, he rubbed once over his prostate. Aubrey's eyes glazed over.

"Don't look away," Sterling whispered. He rubbed his finger, back and forth, over his prostate. Slowly at first, then faster.

Aubrey shook and panted, his whole body jerking with each breath he took. His mouth hung open, throaty moans escaping and surrounding Sterling like a fucking blanket.

Jesus Christ, he was going to come just from watching and listening to his boy.

Aubrey arched, his mouth gaped open and closed. It was like he was he was trying to speak but couldn't. The blue of his eyes deepened, then they slammed shut.

Sterling sawed the tip of his finger faster across the surface of his son’s prostate.

A deep, fucking loud, moan erupted from Aubrey.

Then he was coming. Untouched.


Sterling reached down with his free hand and jerked his cock. It was fucking hard and hurt like a bitch.

His body tightened. Fucking fiery tingles shot from his balls to his toes. His mouth dropped open; his breath stuttered. He smashed his nose against Aubrey's as cum shot from his dick.

Fuckin' fuck.

His breath shuddered into Aubrey's open mouth. Their foreheads slid together; their sweat mixing. Cum coated their stomach and chests.


They didn't move. Their chests heaved as one, and their eyes stayed shut.

The A/C blew over their heated skin and cooled the cum on their stomachs. But they still didn't move.

It was fucking perfect.

Sterling finally got it. He finally — fucking finally — understood why none of the other relationships worked out.

His soulmate was his own flesh and blood.

Aubrey was the one person that he was meant to be with forever.

Did that scare the fuck out of him?

You bet your ass it did. But he'd made a promise once before not to hurt his boy, and he'd broken that promise.

He wasn't going to do that again. He wasn't going to second guess himself or focus on his shitty past.

Aubrey was his present and his future.

And hell to the fucking yes, he was embracing the shit out of their fucked up relationship.

Because, in the end, it wasn't fucked up to them. To them, it was always everything.


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