Always Everything

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Chapter Eighteen

Aubrey rolled over into his dad's chest. Mmm. The perfect way to wake up. His dad's heated skin smelled like the soap they'd lathered on each other the night before. Damn, that shower had been hot.

Aubrey smiled to himself as he remembered the blow job he'd given his dad under the hot spray.

"What're you smiling about?" His dad's sleep roughened voice scratched down Aubrey's spine.

"You," he said into his dad's skin. He flicked his tongue against the skin between his dad's pecs.

His dad reached down and squeezed his ass. "I have to go to work."

Aubrey shoved his thigh between his dad's hair-roughened ones. "Not yet though." He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the moment; being plastered to his dad's body, the smell and heat of his skin.

There was nowhere else he'd rather be.


Day two of suspension had been boring. Aubrey hadn't done anything but hang around the house and watch TV.

Around 3pm, his phone pinged with a text.

Banner: what's your address? Bringing homework assignments

Aubrey chuckled to himself and shook his head. Banner was weird, but Aubrey liked him. He was probably the only friend Aubrey really had. He was nice to everyone, and everyone liked him, but he wasn't really friends with any of them.

He'd never thought it was strange that he'd rather be hanging out with his dad than kids his own age. Now, he knew why.


He laughed out loud at that. His dad would groan and say something about Aubrey's tacky ass lines.

He texted Banner his address, and about thirty minutes later, he was at the door.

"Your dad home?" Banner walked in, his gaze staring at Aubrey.

"Nope. Won't be for a couple more hours."

Banner kicked his Sperry's off. He was still in his school uniform; khaki bottoms and a navy blue collared shirt.

"Thanks for bringing the class assignments." Aubrey went to the kitchen table and sat down.

"I figured the pricks they call teachers at Brighton wouldn't email them to you." Banner sat across from him, setting his bag on the floor.

"I would have just gotten them tomorrow, but it's great you brought them now."

Banner was pulling papers and books out of his bag.

"Want something to drink or eat?"

"Just beer," Banner said as he set the papers and books on the table between them.

"You do realize that we're only sixteen, right?"

Banner stopped what he was doing and stared at Aubrey.

That stare was so...intense. He didn't reveal anything of what he was thinking and he hardly ever blinked.

"You're fucking your dad and you're worried about underage drinking?"

Aubrey blinked. Christ, Banner just threw shit out there. "Okay, I think we need to set some ground rules here."

"Ground rules? Why do you sound like my kindergarten teacher?"

Aubrey rubbed his eyes. "I'm not trying to sound..." he sighed. "Look, Banner, you can't just keep talking about me and that."

Banner tilted his head to the side. "So, you did break up?"

Aubrey groaned in frustration. "Jesus, Banner, this is exactly the shit I'm talking about."

"Breaking up with your dad?"

Aubrey pulled his hair. "No! Okay, I didn't break up with my dad. Can you just try to pay attention for a sec?"

Banner furrowed his brows, which Aubrey had never seen him do. "Haven't I been paying attention?"

Aubrey felt like he was going to flip his switch. "Banner," he said through gritted teeth. "You need to forget about me and dad."

"Why?" He was still staring, his face completely wiped of expression.

"Because it's fucking wrong, don't you get that?" He said a little too loudly. "My dad could end up in fucking jail," his voice broke on the last word. "I can't—"

"I get it," Banner said quietly.

Aubrey inhaled deeply, trying to get his emotions to chill.

"I haven't said anything to anyone, and I never will." His voice was clear and monotone.

Aubrey swallowed. "Thanks," he said softly.

Banner looked down at the papers in front of him. "Ms. James gave us this stupid ass project today..."

Aubrey smiled as Banner starting telling him about their classes, acting like nothing had happened at all.


Fuck, he was beat. The sun had been relentless today, and he'd worked outside for most of the day.

He just wanted to shower and curl up with his boy.

He didn't even notice another person sitting at kitchen table as he glanced through the sliding glass doors. All he saw was his son, sitting shirtless, with a book in front of him and a pen in his hand.

It was good to be home.

When he opened the door, the A/C hit him like a fucking ice machine. He nearly moaned in pleasure at the relief to his overheated skin.

"Hey, Dad," Aubrey said from the table.

He shifted his gaze to the left, where his son was sitting. He'd half turned around in the chair, smiling that bright fucking smile that nearly took up his whole face.

"Hi, Aubrey's dad."

Sterling's mouth had been tilting up in a smile, but at the sound of another voice, it turned downward.

That Banner kid was sitting across from Aubrey, papers on the table in front of him. He stared at Sterling, the same fucking stare he’d had the day he’d heard him sucking his son off in the goddamn guest bedroom.

Jesus H. Christ.

"The fuck is he doing here?"

Aubrey chuckled at him. "Dad, chill. Banner's cool." His son turned back around in his chair, slouching over the book on the table.

Sterling came to stand at the table's edge, right in between the two kids. Banner just kept fucking staring at him.

Well motherfucker...why the HELL wasn't his boy wearing a goddamn shirt?

"Aubrey, what the fuck are doing sitting here in nothing but some goddamn shorts?" He glanced at Aubrey's lower half. "And fucking ass short shorts too." He growled.

"Because this is what I was wearing all day." He shrugged like it wasn't a big fucking deal.

It was a big fucking deal.

Sterling glared at Banner, then glared at Aubrey. "Don't you know to put more clothes on when people come over?"

"It's okay, Aubrey's dad, I know he's taken," Banner said.

Sterling folded his arms over his chest. "The fuck is that supposed to mean?"

Banner just blinked. "That Aubrey's hot—"

Aubrey choked.

"—but I wouldn't make a move on him." The fucking kid had the gall to look at his son. "He does have a great body—"

Aubrey coughed.

"—and I will admit I wouldn't have minded fucking—"

Aubrey slapped the table. "Okay, I think that's—"

"No, I want to hear what the fucker has to say," Sterling said. He didn't take his eyes away from that Banner kid for one second.

"But that was before I found out you two were together." Fucking kid shrugged like what he said was no big deal. "He's not my type really."

Sterling glowered at Banner. The fucked up kid just stared at him like all that shit he'd just said was normal as fucking hell.

This kid needed help.

Aubrey cleared his throat. "Uh, well, I think I'll just..." he got up and rushed up the stairs.

Sterling took his seat, without breaking the stare down between him this fucking sixteen year old whack.

"Listen, kid..."


"Kid, you need to stay the fuck away from my boy."

Banner wasn't even fucking phased. "Why?" He tilted his head, like some fucking bird. "I just told you he isn't my type. I'm not some asshole that wreaks relationships."

Sterling ground his teeth together. "You had imagined fucking my boy."

"Imagine is a strong word, I said I wouldn't have minded fucking him."

Like that made it better.

"He's hot, can you blame a horny teenager for wanting to bang a hot guy?"

Fucker had a point. His son was goddamn beautiful.

Aubrey thudded back down the stairs, the sound echoing off the walls.

"I don't want you to have another thought about my boy."

"Are we still talking about this?" Aubrey asked.

"Yes, we sure as fuck are still talking about this. Why the fuck wouldn't we be?" he growled. "This kid wanted to fuck you!"

"I said I wouldn't have minded."

Sterling glared at him. "The fuck difference does it make?"

"It means I was horny and was thinking about sex all the time," Banner said. "Still do, actually."

"That's it, out of my house." Sterling jumped to his feet and loomed over Banner, who looked pretty fucking relaxed sitting there.

Aubrey sighed. "Dad, can you please calm down? Christ, Banner is my friend."

His boy pushed past him and sat down at the table again. At least he was wearing a shirt now.

They went went back to whatever the fuck they were doing before he came through the door.

"Fuck, does no one listen to me?" He muttered to himself.

"I do listen to you," Aubrey said without looking up. "Just not when your inner caveman decides to bang his chest and snarl at the world."

"Caveman?" Banner snickered — the fucking kid snickered. Where the hell did that come from?

Aubrey smirked at Banner. "He likes to think he's not, but he's the biggest growly, chest thumping caveman there is."

"I'm right fucking here," Sterling said.

"I know." Aubrey lifted his head and fucking grinned. "How was your day at work?"

Sterling shook his head. "I need a shower."

Aubrey's eyes darkened and his gaze slowly slid down his body. He knew that look in his boy's eyes. Goddamn.

He glanced at Banner. "Don't you need to head home?"

"Nope." He didn't even look up. "It's fine if you want to shower with your dad, Aubrey." Goddamn, that kid said whatever the fuck came to mind.

Sterling groaned. "Fucking Christ."

"Uh, I..." Aubrey shifted his gaze back to his textbook.

"Moment killed," Sterling mumbled to himself. He trudged up the stairs and got into the shower. Alone.


"Hi, Mom," Aubrey said as he answered his phone.

"Hi, honey." She sounded exhausted.

"How's Aunt Sarah?"

"She's doing better, but she's still at the hospital due to high blood pressure."

He'd heard pretty much the same thing yesterday when he'd spoken with her.

Aubrey leaned back against the couch. He heard his dad in the kitchen, cooking dinner. Banner was still sitting at the table.

"Sorry, Mom."

She sighed. "It's fine. I just don't know how long I'm going to be able to stay. I already took my two weeks of vacation to be here, and at this rate, she'll need more than two weeks of care."

"I'm sure she'll be fine once she's out of the hospital."

"I'm not going to miss your birthday though. I will come down next weekend to see you." She sounded adamant.

"It's fine, I'm not having a party or anything."

"You should. What about that girl from church? Tiffany? Why don't you invite her and a few of your other friends over?"

He nearly groaned at the suggestion. There was no way he was ever inviting Tiffany over again. And how did he tell his mom all he wanted was to be wrapped up in his dad for his birthday?

"Nah, I'm okay." He hoped she dropped it.

"Well, what do you want for your birthday?"

Um, well...

"Nothing," he muttered, as he felt his face heat. He bit his lip as image after image filled his mind.

His dad driving his dick into him.

His dad fingering his prostate.

His dad sucking his nipples so hard they bruised.

His dad cumming all over him.

"Uh, Mom, I have to go," he squeaked.

"Aubrey? Are you okay? You sound like—"

"Yep, totally fine." That didn't sound fine at all.

"Dinner's ready," his dad called.

"Uh, dinner's ready. I'll talk to you later, Mom."

"Oh okay, love you. Call me if you need anything."

I need my dad's cock. He nearly choked.

"Uh huh. Love you too."

He hung up, his heart beating too fast and his breathing choppy.

Oh shit.

He wanted to be fucked by his dad for his birthday.


When his son came back into the kitchen, his cheeks were flushed and his hands were stuffed in his short's pockets.


"How's your mom?" Sterling asked. He set the garlic bread on the stove after taking it out of the oven.

"She's good," he said. He hadn't looked at Sterling, and that was weird.

That Banner kid was clearing their school shit off the table.

"Okay, well, everyone get their own fucking plate, there isn't wait staff here."

Banner put his bag by the door. "Your dad has to be the coolest dad on this planet."

Aubrey gave a small smile at that and glanced at Sterling. "Yeah, he is."

"Alright, suck ups, get your asses over here and get your own damn food."

"Do you always cook?" Banner asked as he took the plate Aubrey handed him.

"Don't get your hopes up, it's not that great," Sterling said. "Just some shit I throw together every once in a while."

"Don't let him fool you," Aubrey said as he dished out some spaghetti. "He's pretty freaking great." He grabbed a piece of the Texas toast garlic bread. "When he wants to be."

"I've never seen my parents use our kitchen. Not even on holidays. But that's probably because they aren't home that much, but when they are, they're in their offices."

Well damn. The kid just said that like it wasn't the saddest fucking thing on the face of the earth.

Aubrey glanced at Sterling.

"Shit, Banner. That's..."

"Fucked up," Sterling finished.

"Yeah, I'm sorry."

Banner looked at Aubrey. "It's not your fault, you don't have to be sorry." He shrugged. "I hardly know them." Kid took his plate of food and sat back down at the table. "I don't think we've spoken to each other since I was like nine."

Aubrey's eyes widened. "What?"

Banner just started eating.

Sterling pulled a fold up chair from the laundry room and put it between the boys. Aubrey looked at him. His boy's eyes were round and sad.

That was his Aubrey; he cared about everyone and his heart was so fucking big.

Sterling flopped down in his chair. "You can come over here anytime you want, even if Aubrey's not here."

Banner looked up from his food and stared at him. "Really?" He tilted his head.

"Sure." Sterling shrugged.

"Okay," he said, then went back to eating.

Aubrey bumped his foot with his. Sterling glanced over at him. He was grinning, those blue eyes bright.

Sterling felt his insides fucking melt a little.

He'd made his boy happy, and that was fucking everything.


He'd gone back to school on Thursday. All the other kids had seemed to forget about his two day suspension and Aubrey was glad. He didn't want to be the center of attention because he'd said "shit".

The rest of week went by normally. He loved staying with his dad full time. When he got home from work, Aubrey would wrap his arms around his waist and kiss him. It usually lead to them sucking each other off, or getting in the shower together and jerking one another off.

But they hadn't done any more ass play.


After that one, freaking hot, moment, when his dad had fingered his prostate, they'd gone back to just dick play.

Which was still hot. But Aubrey wanted more.

"I'll follow you to your dad's house?" Banner asked as they finished school that Friday.

"Sounds good."

Aubrey had been ready to tackle his dad to the ground, and have his dirty way with him, when he'd told Banner he could come over any time.

His dad acted like he was an asshole that didn't give a shit, but Aubrey knew better.

"Who else is coming tonight?" Banner asked as they left the school building and walked through the parking lot.

"A friend of my dad's, Remy, and Travis was supposed to come." He chuckled. "But he wanted to hang out with his girlfriend, and when he asked if she could come along, my dad said something about how he didn't like her. And that it was guys only."

"Your dad doesn't leave anything unsaid, does he?"

Aubrey stared at him. "Really? You're one to talk, you're like the most honest person I've ever met. I mean, Christ, some of the things you say are just..."


Aubrey smirked. "You mean you know?"

"I've been told a few times." Banner's shaggy brown hair flapped in a sudden breeze.

"Thank Christ it's finally cooling off a bit," Aubrey sighed.

"Just in time for your birthday," Banner said.

"Who knows what the weather will be like next weekend."

Footsteps sounded behind them, then a voice said. "Hey dickface, haven't you seen you in a while."

For Christ's sake it was Jeremy. Aubrey rolled his eyes.

"Don't you have anything better to do then to harass Banner?"

Jeremy ignored him. "So, nothing to say to me today?"

Banner didn't even look over at him. He just kept walking.

Jeremy was quite a few inches taller than Banner, so he had to duck his head low to glance at Banner's face.

"Leave him alone," Aubrey said.

Why was the stupid jock walking next to Banner? Why did he always bother him?

"Got your boyfriend coming to your rescue, huh?"

Aubrey grabbed Banner's arm and jerked him away. "We don't need his shit, let's go." He strode to his car, pulling Banner behind him.

"C'mon, dickface, don't let your little boyfriend fight your battles."

Banner didn't even turn around, just lifted his middle finger over his head.

Aubrey heard Jeremy laugh.

"There is seriously something wrong with that asshat."

Banner just shrugged. "I just ignore him most of the time."

Aubrey chuckled. "Or make sexual offers."

"That's true." Banner suddenly turned around. "Hey, Jeremy!" he yelled.

"What the hell, Banner?" Aubrey stared at him wide-eyed.

Jeremy stopped in the middle of the parking and looked at Banner.

"I forgot to offer to suck your cock!"

"Banner!" Aubrey hissed. He quickly looked around the parking lot. They were still at school for Christ's sake.

"Banner Chambers!" Mrs. Hamilton's outraged voice echoed across the parking lot. She was just coming out of the school entrance.

"Oh shit," Aubrey muttered.

Jeremy threw his head back and laughed.

"You are a vile young man," Mrs. Hamilton glowered at him.

Banner didn't even look at her.

"Till Monday, Chambers," Jeremy called back.

Neither one of them were paying attention to Mrs. Hamilton.

"Jesus Christ, let's get out of here," Aubrey murmured.

Banner lifted his hand high and waved at Jeremy. With his middle finger raised.

Mrs. Hamilton gasped and clutched her heart.

Aubrey practically dragged Banner to his car and away from their Bible teacher.


"He's hot," Banner whispered to Aubrey.

"Remy?" Aubrey glanced towards the man as he was coming down the stairs. He'd gone upstairs to use the bathroom. Aubrey's bathroom, that he rarely used, so it was basically just a guest bathroom.

"Yeah," Banner said from beside Aubrey.

They were sitting on the couch, looking through music on Banner's phone.

Aubrey looked at Remy. He seemed to be in his late twenties. He was wearing fitted light jeans with holes and a dark blue, v-neck t-shirt. His dirty blonde hair was short and a little spiky, and his green eyes were more like a light sea green. Nothing like Banner's dark, almost emerald, green eyes.

"Uh, I guess?" Aubrey slowly lifted his shoulders. "I don't see it."

Banner just went back to looking at his phone. "Of course you don't. You've already found true love. Your eyes are unable to see anyone else."

"True love?" He chuckled. "No one but you talks like that."

"I found a song." Banner held up his phone.

"Okay, let's hook it up to the surround sound."

Remy joined them in the living room, just as his dad was coming in, carrying beer bottles.

Aubrey showed Banner where to hook the phone up, then went back to sit on the couch, right next to his dad.

The corner of his dad's mouth kicked up in a tiny smile. Aubrey couldn't help but grin back. He wished they were alone. He wanted to climb on his lap and bury his face in his dad's chest. He was wearing those striped shorts that he had in about every shade and mixture of gray, white, and black; and his black AC/DC t-shirt was stretched snugly across his firm chest.


He'd gone to the gym after work today, and Aubrey would have jumped him when he walked through the door all sweaty and hot. But Banner had been there, and it was weird. It didn't matter that Banner had heard them at his own house. Aubrey didn't want to get it on with his dad when anyone was around. Once had been enough.

"Down boy," his dad said under his breath.

Aubrey smirked and settled into the leather, as close as he could get to his dad without it looking strange.

Remy sat in the chair.

Aubrey quickly looked at him, then glanced at his dad.

His dad shifted his eyes to Remy, then burst out laughing.

Remy took a sip of his beer. "What?" He said.

His dad shook his dad. "Nothing."

Aubrey felt a little bad about Remy sitting in the chair where his dad had fingered his prostate. But not bad enough to say anything.

A song started playing through the speakers. Aubrey didn't recognize it. Banner sat back down on the couch, on the other side of Aubrey. Aubrey used the excuse to scoot closer to his dad's side. He subtly leaned against his side, pressing his thigh closer to his dad's.

"Mama, I like boys, I like pecs

Like them arms when they flex

Like that print in them sweats

Tell them girls, Thank you, next

I like when they text me sexy pics of 'em

Like them abs when there's six of 'em"

"What the fuck?" His dad said.

Aubrey started laughing, so did Remy.

"What the hell is this?" Remy asked, still laughing.

"I like boys, by Todrick Hall," Banner said. He just sat there, sipping his beer, staring straight ahead.

"I like when they shake it, shake it

I like when they grind real slow

I like when they almost naked

Tell dad I'm so homo"

"For the love of fucking Christ," his dad muttered.

Aubrey laughed as he fell against his dad's side. He rubbed a hand across his dad's stomach. "It's actually pretty cool," he said quietly.

"It's fucking ridiculous," his dad muttered.

"So you like boys?" Remy asked Banner.

Aubrey shifted his attention to him, the back of his head still leaning against his dad's arm.

"I do," Banner said flatly.

"Me too," Remy said.

"And women," his dad threw in.

Remy shrugged. "Sure."

"Please don't start talking about pussy," Banner said as he turned his gaze to Remy. "I don't want to get sick before the pizza gets here."

Remy leaned back in his chair and laughed.

Aubrey tilted his head back, looking up at his dad. "I feel like we should say something to him," he whispered.

His dad flicked his eyes to Remy, then back to Aubrey. "Nah. What he doesn't know won't hurt him." He grinned.

Aubrey laughed.

Another song started playing.

"They called me fag, now I'm the one with the bag

They called me bitch, now look who famous and rich

They threw their stones, and now they beggin' for loans

They threw their sticks, and now they ridin' my dick"

"Jesus H. Christ, what the fuck kinda music is this?" His dad shook his head. "Put some AC/DC on. That's real music."

Banner looked at his dad. "Todrick Hall is the kinda music we need. It's real."

"Real?" His dad scoffed. "Because he's singing about liking guys?"

"Exactly," Banner said.

"I have to agree with the kid," Remy chimed in. "I think it's great that there's music out there like this."

His dad groaned. "Oh Christ, I'm surrounded by a bunch of guy lovin' guys."

Remy furrowed his brows as he glanced at Aubrey, then back to his dad.

"Your son's gay?"

Oh shit.

His dad didn't even flinch, while Aubrey's heart beat a little faster.

"No," his dad simply. Because that was the truth. He didn't like guys, at least none other than his dad. But he also didn't like girls, just his dad.

Banner looked at Aubrey.

Aubrey realized he was a little too cozy with his dad. Sixteen year olds didn't lay against the side of their dad's body...and have their hand gently rubbing back and forth across their dad's thigh.

Oh double shit.

He quickly snatched his hand away and struggled to right himself.

Remy was now staring hard at them, like he'd just noticed how close Aubrey and his dad had been sitting.

What the hell was wrong with him? How could he forget he was in a room full of people?

Aubrey glanced at his dad. He was drinking his beer and acting like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Aubrey's heart was beating so loud, it was ringing in his ears. They didn't really know Remy; he could call the cops when he left here. He could claim he suspected Aubrey was being sexually abused by his father. He could —

His dad touched his elbow. "Aubrey," he said quietly.

Aubrey turned around, his eyes met his dad's. "I'm sorry," he said barely above a whisper.

His dad shook his head and stared fiercely at him. "No. There's nothing to be sorry for." His voice was only loud enough for Aubrey to hear him.

Aubrey swallowed hard.

The doorbell rang, signaling their pizza had arrived. His dad got up to go get it.

Aubrey settled back against the couch cushions. He slid his gaze to Remy. He had gone back to drinking his beer and he was talking to Banner. Even though Remy was sitting in the chair, looking relaxed with his legs stretched out and crossed at the ankles, Aubrey couldn't help but notice the line between the man's eyes.

And the way he kept quickly glancing towards Aubrey.

Oh freaking shit.

And with that, Aubrey's greatest fear was realized: his dad being taken away from him.

Because he'd been tossed in prison.


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