Always Everything

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Chapter Twenty

They ate their ice cream under the big umbrella. The beach was packed and the sun was hot. Two things Sterling didn’t like, yet he found himself smiling. He found his fucking heart feeling all light or some fluffy shit.

He looked at his boy sitting on the other chair to his left. It was all because of him. This feeling he had, one he’d never had without his son, was all Aubrey’s doing.

He was always happiest when his boy was with him.

“This is really good,” Banner said as he licked his spoon.

“That’s fucking nasty, kid, can you not lick your spoon?”

Banner paused and stared at Sterling. “Licking is all apart of eating ice cream.”

“Not like that.”

“Like what?”

“Licking the goddamn spoon when there’s still ice cream on it.”

“That doesn’t make any sense. If I’m eating ice cream there’ll be ice cream on my spoon. What else would I lick?”

Sterling sighed. “You’re putting a big scoop of ice cream on your fucking spoon and then taking these stupid little licks at it. It’s fucking gross.”

“Can we please stop talking about licking?” Aubrey said.

“How else am I supposed to eat ice cream?” Banner took another little lick of his full spoon of ice cream.

“Get your nasty ass away from me. I can’t even enjoy my own fucking ice cream with you sitting at my feet licking it like that.” He sat back in the beach chair and set his cup of fudge ice cream aside.

“Why are we still talking about licking?” Aubrey asked.

“I’m not sitting at your feet. I’m sitting on the towel. There’s not much room under the umbrella, so I have to sit in front of you.”

Aubrey leaned his head against his chair and chuckled.

Sterling groaned. “You’re exhausting, kid.”

“You mean Banner.”

Unwillingly, Sterling’s lips curved upward. “Banner.”

“I could always sit at Aubrey’s feet. Or in Aubrey’s lap.”

He jerked his head up. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Okay, caveman, just an idea,” Banner said.

“And don’t fucking call me that.”

Aubrey grinned. “I love it when you act like a caveman.”

Sterling looked at him. “I’m not acting like anything. And why are we talking about this again?” Didn’t they just have a discussion about this caveman-alpha shit?

Aubrey smiled softly at him. “No. You’re just being yourself,” he said quietly.

Sterling stared at those blue eyes. They were so bright with life. His boy had always been like that—the brightness in this dark, fucked up world they lived in.

He was Sterling’s brightness.

“Come here.” He’d not even realized he’d said something until his son got to his knees and moved over to his side.

Banner fell into the empty chair. “This is much more comfortable than the ground.”

Aubrey’s stomach bumped Sterling’s thighs. That bit of contact made Sterling want to feel more of his son’s body.

He patted his lap as he extended his legs. The corner of Aubrey’s lip lifted as he sat his ass right on Sterling’s dick.

The instant shot of lust wasn’t a surprise to him, but the feeling of completion was.

But it shouldn’t have been. Hadn’t his son completed him from the moment he’d been born?

Aubrey leaned his back against Sterling’s chest, his legs falling along the top of his. They were so perfectly aligned from head to toe. Not because they were close to being the same size. No. Because they were right for each other. They understood one another as no one else did. When their bodies touched it was as if they fell into place. Like a fucking puzzle piece that had finally found its match.

Sterling couldn’t even be annoyed at himself for thinking such romantic-type shit. Because it was fucking true.

The top of Aubrey’s head rested against the side of his chin. He buried his nose in his son’s hair and inhaled. Fuck, he always smelled so good.

“Your ice cream is melting,” Banner said.

“I don’t care,” Sterling said. He didn’t even move his face from Aubrey’s hair. He closed his eyes and inhaled again.

This was right where he wanted to be.


Aubrey loved being held by his dad. His dad’s arms were wound loosely around his waist, his thumbs brushing back and forth across Aubrey’s stomach. They were surrounded by people, but Aubrey felt like it was just him and his dad.

But didn’t he usually feel that way around him? His dad seemed to be the only person Aubrey felt completely safe with; completely relaxed with.

He sighed and finished his ice cream, licking the cone lazily.

“Can I have some?” His dad’s voice was a heated breath against his ear.

It was ninety degrees out and Aubrey shivered. Wordlessly, he lifted his vanilla ice cream cone to his dad’s mouth.

He watched intently as his dad’s tongue slowly swiped the ice cream. He felt his his cock twitch at the sight.

His dad licked again, this time giving the ice cream a longer swipe.

“I swear you’re doing that on purpose,” Aubrey rasped.

His dad chuckled. “I just wanted to see if it worked.”

“Worked?” Aubrey’s gaze was still zeroed in on the lips of his dad. They were so close. Less than an inch away from his face.

“In books and movies it always works.”

Why did his dad sound so unaffected by this whole licking-ice-cream-like-it-was-a-freaking-cock thing?

“What’s with all this talk about books? Have you been secretly reading romance novels?”

His dad scoffed. “Hardly.”

“You two always give me blue balls.”

Aubrey scrunched his nose. “What?” He rolled his head on his dad’s shoulder to look at Banner. He was nearly done with his cup of ice cream and he was looking at them.

“You really know how to kill a mood,” his dad said.

“I didn’t know you were setting a mood. Are you taking a bathroom break or something? Unless you’re into voyeurism.”

“I’m not gonna fuck my kid at the beach, dickhead,” his dad said. He didn’t sound pissed, he actually sounded like he was fighting not to smile.

Banner put his empty cup of ice cream on the towel between their chairs. “You have to be the only adult that calls a teenager names.” Pushing his rainbow striped sunglasses to the top of his head, he looked directly at his dad. “You could give a kid a complex with all the shitty things you say.”

“Am I giving you a complex?” His dad asked. His gaze was focused on Banner, but his fingers were tracing the muscles on Aubrey’s stomach. The light touch made his stomach quiver.

Banner blinked, then with one finger, pushed his sunglasses back to his nose. “Fuck no.”

His dad grinned. “I didn’t think so.”

Banner leaned his back against the chair. “I know you like me.”

Aubrey felt his cock do more than just twitch in his swimming shorts now. The simple touchs from his dad’s hands were making him crave even more touches all over his body.

“I love touching you,” his dad whispered into his ear.

Aubrey’s eyes closed as he turned his face into his dad’s neck.

There was noise all around them, but all Aubrey heard was the breathing of his dad. All he felt were those fingers on his stomach.

His cock ached, his body wanted more, but he didn’t do anything about it. He just sat on his dad’s lap, enjoying the feel of his body behind him.


“What the hell are you doing?” Sterling asked as Banner fiddled with the switches on his radio.

“I’m just turning on the Bluetooth.” He was leaning forward, his arm between Aubrey and Sterling.

They’d just left the beach, the sun was already setting, casting pink and soft oranges everywhere.

Sterling looked over Banner’s arm to his boy. His cheeks and nose were red and his hair was sticking up all over the place. Aubrey grinned at him, and Sterling felt his heart thump a little harder. Goddamn, his son could turn him inside out. He felt like a fucking sap lately.

Music started playing...

Hiya, Barbie

Hi, Ken

You want to go for a ride?

Sure, Ken

Jump in

I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world

Life in plastic, it's fantastic

You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere

Imagination, life is your creation

“Are. You. Fucking. Serious?” Sterling said.

Aubrey leaned his head back against the seat and burst out laughing.

“You haven’t liked any of the other songs I played.” Banner shrugged from the backseat.

“So you thought you’d play Barbie Girl?” Sterling stared straight ahead at the traffic light he was stopped at.

“It’s a classic,” Banner said.

“This is not a fucking class,” Sterling said.

“It’s old,” Banner insisted.

“Old?” Sterling shook his head. “Kid, this isn’t old.”

“For someone my age is it.” Banner said.

Aubrey chuckled and shook his head.

“Are you saying I’m old?” Sterling turned around and looked at him.

Banner just stared at him with those serious eyes. “I don’t know, how old are you?”

“I don’t think it’s polite to ask an adult’s age.”

“You don’t seem like the type of person to care about what’s polite or not.” Banner just continued to stare at him, still no expression on that fucking face.

“Maybe I’m self-conscious about my age.” Sterling was fighting not to smile. Damn this kid and these weird ass conversations they had.

“Light’s green,” Banner said.

Sterling turned his eyes back to the road.

“He’s thirty-four,” Aubrey said.

Sterling glared at him. The little shit just smirked.

“That’s nearly half way to forty,” the other little shit said.

“Thanks for pointing that out, you little dick,” Sterling muttered.

The stupid ass Barbie song was still playing in the background.

“My dick’s not little.”

Aubrey covered his ears. “Please don’t start talking about your dick. Shit, I think I’ll be scarred for life if you do that.”

Sterling pointed at his son. “I’m with him on that.”

“Why? You both obviously like dick.”

Sterling groaned. “Fuck, kid, please stop talking about dick.” He shivered. “I’m getting ready to fucking puke over here.”

“I only like one dick,” Aubrey said.

Sterling swiveled his head to look at his boy. His eyes were practically twinkling as he stared at Sterling, a little half smile curving the side of his mouth.

Sterling set his gaze back on the road as his hands tightened on the wheel.

“I can feel the sexual tension. Wow,” Banner deadpanned. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much sexual tension as I feel when I’m around you two.”

And it was killed.

“You’re not allowed to say sexual tension either.” Sterling said.

“So I can’t say dick, lick, or sexual tension. I never thought there’d be so many rules with you.”

“I’m allowed to say those words.” Aubrey grinned.

“Of course you’re allowed to say those words. He probably begs to hear them from you.”

“Don’t say beg either,” Sterling said.

Banner blinked at him. “Should I be making a list of banned words?”

Aubrey laughed and even Sterling couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I think we should double date,” Banner blurted out.

“Not that again,” Aubrey said.

“What? I don’t date,” Sterling said. They were nearly back to his place.

“But I bet you date your son.”

Aubrey reached across the seat and laid his hand on Sterling’s thigh. “I guess we do date-like things.”

Sterling glanced at his son. He lowered his right hand and covered Aubrey’s with his own. “I guess we do,” he said quietly.

“I’d have to get a boyfriend first,” Banner kept talking. “But I’ve never had one before, so whoever it is would be my first. I think that’s a pretty big thing, to be my first. He’ll have to be pretty special. I have high standards. I won’t just put out for anyone.”

“What is with all these kids today? Shit, when I was your age—”

“We don’t want to hear what you did when you were our age,” Aubrey said quickly.

“I do,” Banner said.

“No,”Aubrey said as he shook his head.

Sterling pulled into his complex.

Aa he parked the truck, Banner said, “So, what are we having for dinner?”


Banner stayed for dinner, but left afterwards. Aubrey knew he had no one waiting for him at home, and he didn’t think Banner had any other friends. He felt bad about not inviting him to stay another night, but Aubrey really wanted some time alone with his dad.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” His dad asked once they were finished cleaning the kitchen.

“No.” He looked up at his dad as he stood there, wiping his hands on a dish towel.

“We haven’t showered yet.” He scooted closer, until his front was pressed against his dad’s chest.

His dad gazed down at him with those dark eyes and scruffy face. His arms came around him, his hands sliding to Aubrey’s ass. Yes.

His dad squeezed his ass. Neither one of them had changed out of their swimming shorts, they’d only thrown on a t-shirt.

“Are you asking to shower together?”

A slow smile lifted Aubrey’s lips. “You know I am.”

His dad returned his smile, those dark eyes swimming with desire. Aubrey just wanted to stare forever into them. They were everything. He was everything.

Without any more spoken words, they walked up the stairs, their fingers linked together.

Once in his dad’s bathroom, they faced each other in front of the long mirror over the double sinks.

“Today was perfect,” Aubrey breathed.

His dad rested his hands on his hips, his gaze intense. “It won’t always be perfect.”

“No,” Aubrey shook his head. “It won’t. Because life sucks.” He ran his hands over his dad’s arms to his shoulders. “But you don’t.”

His dad chuckled softly. “Well, shit, thanks.”

Aubrey slid his fingers into the edge of his dad’s hair. “I mean that as long as I have you I can get through the sucky days.”

His dad leaned his forehead against Aubrey’s. “I still can hardly believe it...” he swallowed. “Believe that you think of me the way you do.”

Aubrey tightened his fingers in his dad’s hair. The air between their bodies was hot.

“Believe it.” Aubrey’s eyes closed. “Please believe it.”

His dad didn’t say anything for several moments. They just stood there, breathing each other in. Their hands clenching and unclenching on their bodies.

The tips of his dad’s fingers slipped beneath the waistband of Aubrey’s shorts.

Aubrey’s eyes opened. His dad was staring at him, those eyes with the blue smudge searing him to his soul.

His fingers slipped in further, up to the second knuckle. Aubrey gasped. His fingers were only touching his hip bones, but that small contact made his cock ache and his balls tingle. He wanted release.

“Dad,” he sighed.

His dad’s arms flexed as he slowly pushed down Aubrey’s shorts. They pooled around his ankles. Then his dad’s fingers slid up his sides. Their skin was sticky, warm, and sandy. His dad’s fingers stuck to his body, but he continued to drag them up.

Aubrey moaned as his dad’s fingers pressed deep into his ribs, his sternum, his nipples.

Aubrey’s head fell back on his shoulders, his eyes closing. He stood there, letting his dad do whatever he wanted to his body.

His shirt was lifted and tossed away. He felt his dad move, then a hard—naked—chest was pressed against his.

Aubrey opened his eyes as he straightened his head. His dad’s gaze was bright and filled with lust.

“I never thought I’d want someone like I want you,” his dad said softly. “All the fucking time, I want you.”

Aubrey slid his hands around his dad’s sides. “I always want you too.” His fingers met in the middle of his dad’s back.

His dad opened the glass door on the shower stall. Without letting go of Aubrey, he turned on the water.

Aubrey leaned forward and kissed his dad’s tan skin, right in the curve of his neck. He stuck his tongue out and tasted salt and sunscreen.

His dad lowered his hands, each one grabbed a handful of Aubrey’s ass. He yanked him against his groin. Aubrey didn’t know when his dad had taken off his pants, but he didn’t care. The feel of one hard cock against another hard one made him moan and rut.

Aubrey opened his mouth and gave a wet, sucking kiss to his dad’s neck. He sucked again, flicking his tongue like he was trying to eat the skin there.

“Fuck,” his dad groaned, his head falling to the side.

Aubrey dragged his mouth down his chest. The salty sweat was exploding on his tongue, only making him want more. He dragged his fingers to the front, digging them into his dad’s stomach.

His lips snagged on a nipple. His dad jerked his hips forward. Aubrey kissed the tip of the nipple, once, twice. He pecked it again, loving the way it peaked under his lips. He wanted to kiss that one nipple for hours. He wanted to torture his dad with pleasure.

He ran his hands over the ridges in his dad’s stomach, over each rib and to the sides of his pecs. Cradling them in his hands, Aubrey sucked hard on the nub.

“Motherfucker!” His dad yelled.

Suddenly, Aubrey was yanked up. His dad’s lips crashed to his.

They both moaned as their mouths opened and their tongues tangled. They bumped into the shower stall as they stumbled their way under the spray. His dad slammed Aubrey’s groin against his as he swiveled his hips.

Aubrey groaned into his dad’s mouth. The hot water beat down on his back. His dad shoved him under it, until his head was wet. Water ran down their cheeks and into their mouths. His dad gripped his chin and held him in place. He deepened the kiss, plunging his tongue to the back of Aubrey’s throat and flicking it along the tender flesh there.

Aubrey gagged, instinctively trying to pull away. The grip on his chin only tightened. Aubrey’s fingernails scratched down his dad’s back. His dad’s other hand slapped his ass. Hard.

Aubrey whimpered as his body jerked.

“Stay still,” his dad breathed against his lips. Then his tongue back in his mouth, flicking the very back of his throat.

This time, Aubrey fought the gag reflex. He stood there, his body smashed against his dad’s, even their toes were touching. His hands clinging were to his dad’s back. Water dripped from his hair, into his closed eyes and down his cheeks. Hot water and warm spit filled his mouth.

His dad’s mouth was nearly inside Aubrey’s wide open mouth, his tongue licking the very back of his throat and flicking the uvula.

Aubrey gagged again, but quickly breathed through his nose. He forced himself to remain still, to just feel. And goddamn, did he feel. Every part of his body was strung taut. His nerves were burning and his dick was leaking. His balls were throbbing.

His dad kept licking, long strokes and short flicks. It was too much and not enough. Half of Aubrey wanted to push him away and cough and gasp for air, the other half wanted to hump his leg and cum.

Yet he forced himself to stand still. He felt like he would drown with the water running into nose and mouth, but each time he thought he couldn’t take it any longer, he inhaled and air filled his lungs.

Christ, it was so much. He’d never experienced this level of arousal. It was sweet torture.

The grip on his chin tightened painfully. It only made Aubrey moan. The hand on his ass lifted and then smacked down.

He yelped, then coughed. His dad’s tongue was still in his throat. Aubrey hit his dad’s back, wanting him to back away, yet not stop at the same time.

“Have you had enough, baby boy?” His dad’s voice was like gravel.

Aubrey gasped and sputtered.

“Are you done?” His dad slapped his ass again.

Aubrey shook his head as he continued to cough. His eyes were still closed, the water still running in his face.

Suddenly, he was pushed against the tiled wall, out of the spray. His lips were opened and his dad’s tongue was back in his mouth.

He moaned loudly as his dad yanked his thigh up.

Aubrey wrapped it around his hip, his dad gripping the thigh hard, holding it in place.

“Let me suck you,” Aubrey moaned into his mouth. “Fuck, let me suck you.”

“Fuck, boy.”

Aubrey dropped to his knees on the hard tile. His dad’s body blocked the water. Aubrey bit his lip and groaned as he took in the sight of the dick right in front of his face. It was so long and thick. So hard, the tip so red and shiny.

He pulled the foreskin back, his dad stuttering a breath above him. The ridges under the head had pin sized bumps on them. Aubrey flicked the tip of his tongue over the beaded liquid on the head. His dad groaned. He flicked again over the slit.

“That’s it, baby, just like that,” his dad panted.

Aubrey flicked again and again, getting faster. The slit was now oozing precum just as fast as his tongue was licking it up.

“Goddamn,” his dad groaned.

Aubrey hadn’t moved his hand from the base of the cock. He gave one more flick across the slit, then dragged his tongue down the little piece of skin connecting the foreskin to the head of the cock.

His dad’s hands hit the shower wall. His palms flat against the surface as he hung his head and watched Aubrey.

He slowly slid the tip of his tongue along the glans just under the head, then over the pin sized bumps.

His dad’s chest was heaving and his mouth was parted.

Aubrey’s own cock felt like it was going to explode without even being touched. Christ, he loved tasting his dad this way.

The precum.

The smooth skin.

The hard length.

The veins.

It was all so hot. It made him want to sleep with his dad’s dick in his mouth. He wanted it to be the first thing he tasted when he woke up.

“Mmmm,” Aubrey moaned low in his throat.

“Stop...playing around,” his dad gritted out.

Aubrey didn’t pay him any attention. He wanted this cock. He wanted to take his time, to taste it slowly, to savor it. The smell. The feel. The pure fucking perfection of it.

He mouthed the side, just under the head. His teeth scraped gently and his tongue flattened against the skin.

“Motherfuckin’ Christ,” his dad ground out.

Moving his head down, Aubrey sucked and licked the side until his mouth hit his hand. Then he sucked and licked the other side.

He lifted his free hand and touched the palm of his hand to his dad’s sac. The hairy balls jerked slightly at the touch. Keeping his hand flat, he gently moved it back and forth, the balls slowly rolling along his palm.

“Shit,” his dad said. His eyes were still focused on Aubrey’s mouth.

Aubrey looked up at him, his tongue sticking out. He leaned forward a little, until the tip of his tongue touched the slit, right where the precum beaded. He held it there as he stared at his dad.

“Mother. Fucker.” His dad ground his teeth together as his eyes darkened.

Aubrey gave a single pull of the cock, bringing the foreskin over his tongue.

“Oh fuck,” his dad groaned.

Aubrey’s tongue flooded with precum. He moved his hand down the shaft, exposing the head completely again.

His dad banged the wall with his fist. His face was flushed, the spray was pounding on his back and drops of water were dripping down neck and chest.

Aubrey pulled again, bringing the flesh over his tongue once more.

“Yeah, baby, like that. Oh shit, you look...oh fuck.”

Aubrey did it again and again. Pull up over his tongue and back down. Foreskin hiding his tongue, then pulling back.

“Oh god, oh Christ, yes.” His dad got louder.

Aubrey tasted the precum and he wanted so badly to close his lips around the head and suck. Suck hard. He wanted every last drop in his mouth and sliding down his throat.

But he didn’t move. He kept his eyes on his dad’s and the tip of his tongue pressed against the slit. His lips were slippery with the salty liquid. He whimpered. Shit, he wanted that precum.

“Faster, Aubrey, oh baby, faster!” His dad panted. His whole body was shaking. His balls were still rolling on the palm of Aubrey’s hand. They were twitching and drawing tighter and tighter to his body.

“Shit, fuck, damn. You look so hot. Just like that.”

Aubrey jerked faster. His wrist started aching from the pace, but he didn’t slow down.

“I’m gonna—”

Cum shot out and onto tongue. It dripped down his lips and chin, running down his neck.

His dad was moaning and groaning, the sound echoing off the walls.

“Aubrey,” his dad breathed. He sounded out of breath.

He finally gave into the desire and closed his lips around his dad’s cock. He sucked the last bit of liquid into into mouth. His eyes closed as the cum filled his mouth. He swallowed.

“Aubrey, stop,” his dad said weakly.

He knew he was too sensitive, but Aubrey couldn’t stop. He didn’t want to stop.

He dropped his hand from his dad’s balls and grabbed his cock. It hurt. He whimpered. He pulled once. Fire shot through his veins and then he was cumming. He head thumped against the wall. His dad’s cock fell from his lips.

He didn’t know how long he came. He didn’t know what his dad was doing. He didn’t know anything except the intense pleasure filling him. He couldn’t control his body as it shook and arched. His mouth hung open. He could barely breathe.

“Goddamn.” The whispered word from his dad slithered through the fog in his brain. He was vaguely aware of the shower turning off and his dad kneeling before him.

“Aubrey,” he whispered.

Aubrey blinked his eyes open, like he was waking from a deep sleep. His dad was right in front of him, his dark eyes staring into Aubrey’s blue ones.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” his dad said.

Aubrey managed a half smile. He felt drunk. “So are you.”

His dad smiled at him, his hands cupping Aubrey’s face. “We should get out.”

Which is when he realized the shower wasn’t running anymore and they were kneeling on the wet tile shower floor.

“Why is the shower off?” Aubrey scrunched his nose.

His dad laughed and then kissed his nose. “We ran out of hot water.”

Aubrey wrapped his arms around his dad’s waist and leaned into his body. “It was worth it.”

“Yeah, it fucking was.”


Aubrey’s phone started ringing around 10:30 that night. They weren’t asleep; his dad was lying flat on his back, and Aubrey was stretched out on top of him.

He propped himself up on his forearms and reached to the nightstand.

“It’s mom,” he said just before he answered.

“Hey Mom.”

“Hi honey. How are you? I didn’t wake you did I?”

Aubrey grinned down at his dad. He was fiddling on his phone.

“No, we’re awake.” He crossed his arms over his dad’s chest and stared down at him. His dad caught him staring and smiled.

“I just wanted to check in with you. I didn’t get a chance to call earlier, and I didn’t want to go all day without hearing your voice.” She sounded really tired.

“Are you okay?”

She sighed. “I’m fine. Aunt Sarah’s blood pressure has been stable the pass couple of days so they’re going to release her tomorrow.”

“That’s great, Mom.” He couldn’t help but wonder what his mom would think if she knew he was lying on top of his dad’s naked body. While he was naked too.

She started telling him about Aunt Sarah and the doctors and all other kinds of things that Aubrey tried to pay attention to. But his dad’s body was so warm. His face so scruffy and his hair so messy.

He buried his face in his dad’s neck and inhaled. Jesus, he smelled good. He didn’t lift his head or move. He just stayed there, breathing in his dad and listening to his mom talk. Being in his dad’s arms was everything good and beautiful. He needed it like he needed air.

“So what do you think?”

Huh? Oh shit, he’d missed what she’d said.

“Aubrey? Are you still there?”

He lifted his head and blinked down at his dad. He wasn’t on his phone anymore. One hand was resting behind his head and the other was caressing Aubrey’s back.

“Um...” he blinked at his dad again.

He laughed. “Don’t look at me, I have no idea what she said,” his dad whispered.

“I said how about I come home on Friday that way we can celebrate your birthday together on Saturday.”

“Oh. Uh, I guess. I didn’t really have plans.” Other than to have my dad fuck me.

“Oh I can’t believe you’re going to be seventeen. Time really flies. My baby’s all grown up.”

Aubrey chuckled. “Not yet. Still another year to go before I’m a legal adult.”

“Don’t remind me.” She yawned. “I’m going to have to go now, I’m exhausted.”

“Sure, I’ll talk to you soon.”

“Good night, I love you.”

“Love you too.”

Once they hung up and Aubrey tossed the phone aside, he looked at his dad. A half smile was pulling at the corner of his mouth.

“What?” Aubrey asked. He rested his face in the palms of his hands, his elbows digging into his dad’s chest.


“Who were you texting?”

“Just Remy.”

That name sent chills down Aubrey’s spine. “Why?” He still remembered that night Remy stared at them strangely; the night he’d caught them not acting like father and son.

“He wants to get together tomorrow.”

Oh shit.

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