Always Everything

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Chapter Twenty-Three

Aubrey’s mom had texted him early Thursday morning, telling him she was on her way home.

After the night he’d had Wednesday, he didn’t want to be away from his dad, but his mom had wanted him home. She’d missed him, she’d said.

So Aubrey had kissed his dad goodbye Thursday morning before school.

“I’ll miss you,” he’d said.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I’ll miss sleeping with you,” Aubrey had replied.

And he had. The warmth of his dad’s body, the firm muscles, the soft cock nestled against his own as they slept.

It’d been one night and he ached for his dad.

A ping made Aubrey open his eyes. Before he even grabbed his phone he was smiling. He knew who it was.

Dad: Happy birthday

Before he could even text back, his phone was ringing in his hand.

His grin nearly split his face. “Hey.”

“Happy birthday, Aubrey.” His dad’s warm, deep voice came through the phone line and made Aubrey close his eyes. He loved that voice.

“Thanks, Dad.” He rolled to his back.

“You’re coming home with me tonight, right?”

“Yeah, Mom wasn’t too happy about it, saying that I’d already spent so much time with you and that she missed me, but I told her I wanted to spend the night at your house.”

He still felt a little bad about hurting his mom’s feelings, but he had plans.

“Okay, I’m glad you’re coming over.” He heard the slight vulnerability in his voice.

Aubrey knew they were both still feeling a little on edge and raw after all that had happened the past few days. They needed to be together, to be in each other’s arms. It was the only place Aubrey felt completely safe.

“I gotta run, but I’ll see you tonight.”

“Okay, I love you,” Aubrey said.

“I love you too.”

They hung up. Aubrey couldn’t remember when the last was that he’d looked forward to his birthday this much.

He stretched and threw the white covers away. His dad was coming for dinner tonight, something he knew his mom wasn’t looking forward to, but it’d been his one request. He wanted his dad here. His mom wanted to spend time alone with him, he knew that, but Aubrey couldn’t bring himself to do that, even for her.

It was his birthday.

And his dad wasn’t going to jail.

They were in love.

And he was going to get fucked tonight. Goddammit, he was.


Banner drove up his driveway in his purple Dodge Charger with the black stripes down the middle of it. Birthday by Anne-Marie was blasting from the speakers.

Aubrey started laughing.

It’s my birthday

I’ma do what I like

I’ma eat what I like

I’ma kiss who I like

It’s my birthday

I’ma do what I like

I’ma wear what I like

I’ma party party tonight

Goddamn, it’s my birthday

Everybody love me

“What is that foul music?” His mom stepped out onto the porch. She locked the door front, then turned around and glared at the purple charger blaring the foul music.

“It’s a friend from school, he wanted to pick me since it’s my birthday,” Aubrey said quickly. “I gotta run.” He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and then bounded down the stairs.

“Change that music! I think I heard blasphemy. You know that’s wrong, Aubrey!” She yelled after him.

He waved over his shoulder.

Banner had all the windows down and the music was obnoxiously loud. Aubrey couldn’t bring himself to care. It was his birthday.

“Hey birthday boy,” Banner said when he got in the car.

“Hey,” he yelled over the music.

Banner backed out of the driveway. Aubrey’s mom stood on the lawn, a hand on her hip, glowering at them.

Aubrey laughed and waved to her.

Banner turned down the music when they were away from the house.

“Does this mean I’m not invited anymore to your house tonight?”

Aubrey chuckled. “No, you’re still invited. My mom’s too nice to flat out refuse you coming.” He shrugged. “She just doesn’t like things like—”

“Music?” Banner said.

Aubrey smiled. “No, worldly things. ”


Aubrey knew Banner knew exactly what he was talking about because it was taught at their school.

“Here, this is for you.” Banner handed him a blue gift bag with white tissue paper.

“You didn’t have to get me anything,” Aubrey said as he took the bag. “But thank you.”

“That’s just for now.”

”What’s that mean?”

“I have something appropriate for tonight.”

Aubrey scrunched his nose. “Do I even want to open this?”

“Yes,” Banner glanced at him. “ do.”

Aubrey took the tissue paper out and peeked inside the big bag.

“Why did you get me a pillow?” He pulled out the brown, 3D looking triangle.

“It’s a Liberator wedge pillow. For positioning.”

Aubrey blinked. “Positioning?”

Banner pulled to a stop at a stop sign. “During sex.”

Aubrey blinked again. “You bought me a pillow for positioning during sex?”

Banner nodded. “It looked like something a gay man would need.”

Aubrey laughed. “I don’t know what to say.”

“There’s more.”

They were going to be at school in about three minutes, so Aubrey reached in and pulled out...

“Lubricant?” He choked. He turned to Banner with wide eyes. “How’d you know I was planning on having sex with my dad tonight?”

“You already are having sex.”

Aubrey glanced away. “Not that kind yet.”

“I didn’t know for sure whether you’d had anal sex or not.” He pulled into the school parking lot. “Either way I thought this would be good stuff for you to have.”

Banner pointed at the bag.

“I’m glad I got the last item then.”

“Oh god. Do I even want to know?”

“Yes. You do. Trust me.” Banner parked near the back, far from the entrance of Brighton.

Aubrey narrowed his eyes. “Trust you?”

“Just open the damn gift.”

The tissue paper crinkled as Aubrey moved it aside to grab the last thing.

“Jesus Christ, I can’t believe you bought me this.” Aubrey felt his body heat as he stared at the box in his hands.

Fun Factory Bootie Plug Set it said across the front

“Butt plugs?” It felt a lot hotter in the car suddenly.

“I’m glad I got them now, they’re even more important since you’re going to be fucked by your dad tonight.”

“Well, I can hope,” Aubrey muttered.

“We can go into the bathroom before school and I’ll help you put one in. That way you’ll be nice and prepared for tonight.”

Aubrey jerked his head to Banner. “Are you shitting me? No fucking way are you putting a butt plug in my ass.”

“Fine, I’ll just be there for moral support. You can do it yourself.”

“Uh, no. If I put in a butt plug you’re not going to be anyone in the building. No one will be.”

“I don’t think that’ll happen. Everyone’s at school.”

Aubrey sighed. “I’m not putting one in at all now.” He glanced away. “I want my dad to be the one.”

He remembered that afternoon on the chair...the licking, sucking, and prostate fingering. So hot. He bit his lip. Yeah. He was definitely waiting for his dad.

“Jeez, even when your dad’s not here I can feel the sexual tension,” Banner said.

Aubrey chuckled horasely. “Sorry, just...”

Banner waved him away. “Thinking about him, I know.” He turned off the car. “Shit, I need to get laid. I can’t keep hanging around you two without an outlet. My hand’s getting cock burn.”

Aubrey stuffed the three gifts back in the bag. “That’s more than I wanted to know.”

“It’s like a rug burn only I’m not rubbing my dick on the carpet, just my hand.”

Aubrey scrunched his nose. “Yeah, I got that.”

“See?” Banner held his hand out. “Look at those calluses.”

Aubrey pushed his outstretched hand away. “Gross, Banner, keep your cock rubbing hand away from me.” Aubrey put the gift bag on the floor behind his seat.

“They’re clean. I wash once I cum.”

Aubrey quickly opened the door. He couldn’t take much more of Banner talking about his cum. He shivered.

Banner got out and looked at him over the roof of the car. “Even when I clean my cum off my hand with my tongue, I still wash.”

Aubrey gagged. “Mother...” he spun around. “Stop talking about that shit, Banner.”

“Licking your cum from your hand?”

Aubrey groaned to the sky when he heard Jeremy’s voice. Of all people to hear Banner’s comments, why’d it have to be the asshat jock?

“Oh look who it is. The captain of the lame-ass football team.” Banner sounded bored. “How many games did you lose this week?”

Banner got his bag out of the back seat and walked around the car to Aubrey’s side.

“We won, dickface.”

“Wow,” Banner said drily. “Let me fall to my knees right here and give you a celebratory blowjob.” He didn’t look back as they walked across the parking lot.

“Doesn’t your boyfriend get mad at all these sexual offers?” Jeremy said as he jogged to Banner’s side.

“We have an open relationship.”

“We have no relationship,” Aubrey said. “Christ, we’re just friends.” He opened the glass doors to school and walked inside.

“You’re one sick fuck, Chambers,” Jeremy said as he shoved pass Banner.

“That guy is such a jerk,” Aubrey said as Jeremy disappeared around the corner of the hallway.

“He’s a closet case.”

“What?” Aubrey looked at him with wide eyes.

“He wants my dick.” Banner hadn’t looked at him, he just kept on walking.

“And how the hell would you know that?”

Banner stopped and stared at him. “I know things.”

If anyone else had said those words, Aubrey would have laughed, or thought they were slightly insane. But when Banner said them, he got chills. Somehow he believed him.

Banner did know things.


“Dad’s here,” Aubrey said as he rushed down the hallway and to the front door. His mom was in the kitchen.

He threw the door open. His dad was just stepping out of the truck.

Aubrey bit his lip as he stared at that dark hair, defined biceps and scruffy face. He was wearing a black t-shirt with ripped jeans.

He let his eyes roam his dad’s entire body as he walked across the lawn and up the porch steps.

Finally, he looked at his dad’s face. He wished he could kiss the shit out of him right here.

“Happy birthday, baby,” he said quietly.


His dad wrapped one arm around his shoulders and brought him to his chest.

Aubrey briefly closed his eyes and rubbed his face into his shirt.

His dad kissed his head.

He pulled back, even though he wished he could stay longer — all night — in his arms. But his mom was right in the kitchen.

“Sterling, you’re here.” His mom’s voice sounded behind Aubrey.

They’d already pulled apart, but Aubrey still backed up a few paces.

“Allyson.” His dad nodded over Aubrey’s head.

“Well, come in, you’re letting bugs in by standing there with the door open.”

They stepped inside and shut the door.

Even though he’d not had a party for his birthday since he was ten, he knew his mom had wanted one. She loved birthday parties, but Aubrey didn’t. He liked doing something fun with someone he cared about. Like his dad.

“I made enchiladas.” She led them to the kitchen.

“Sounds good,” his dad said.

“Banner will be here in a few minutes,” Aubrey said as he went into the dining room.

The table sat eight people, and it’d always been just the two of them, so Aubrey didn’t know why she’d bought it. The dining room was already small, so they had to squeeze behind the chairs to get to their seats. There wasn’t room for anything else but the table in the space.

“Fucking hell, Allyson, why the fuck did you get such a big ass table?” His dad said as he struggled to get in the seat without ramming it into the wall.

His mom stomped from the kitchen. She glared at him, her hands on her hips. “Sterling! You are in my house, please refrain from using such language.”

“Dad,” Aubrey muttered as he saw him open his mouth.

He looked at Aubrey, then back at his mom. “Sure thing.”

His mom looked surprised as she stood there. Her hands slowly dropped from her hips. “ you.”

After she went back to the kitchen, Aubrey leaned over his dad’s back. He was pressed between the wall and the chair his dad was sitting in. “Thank you,” he whispered.

The kitchen was visible from the dining room, only an archway separated them. So, Aubrey quickly took the chair on his dad’s right.

His dad smiled at him.

Aubrey gazed at him as he sat there, staring into those dark eyes. He wanted to reach out and grab his hand, kiss his knuckles, lick his fingers, rub his face on his arm — anything. He just wanted to touch. He wanted the connection it brought.

But he didn’t dare. Remy hadn’t reported them. His mom would. And she’d shove him into counseling at their church or whatever. No way would he let that happen.

The door bell rang.

“I’ll get it,” his mom called.

A few seconds later, Banner appeared. He was wearing a magenta polo shirt and white shorts.

“Surprised you didn’t wear the whole rainbow,” his dad said. “Damn you’re bright.”

His mom scowled at him. “I think he looks very nice.” She smiled at Banner. “Please ignore him, that’s Aubrey’s father.” She touched Banner’s shoulder. “And you look lovely,” she said sincerely.

Banner stared at her. “Thanks.”

“You really do.” She squeezed his shoulder.

Banner blinked. “Okay.”

His dad laughed. “The kid knows me, he doesn’t need a confidence boost from you, Allyson.”

She clenched her hands at her sides. “Sterling...” she sounded like she was barely holding onto her temper.

Aubrey felt his lips twitch. “Dad.”

“I’ll be bringing the food in.” She rushed from the room.

“Can you try to leave her alone for a little?”

“I can try.” The corner of his dad’s lip tilted up.

Banner stepped forward. “At least they can pretend for your birthday. I don’t remember the last time my parents were in the same room together. Well, other than to have sex.”

Aubrey frowned. “That’s gross, Banner. Why the hell would you be talking about your parents having sex?”

“I’ve seen them.”

“Okay, that’s fucked,” his dad said. “Who the fuck watches their parents having sex?”

“I wasn’t watching them. I walked in on them when I was twelve.” He shrugged like it was no big deal. “They were going at it against the wall. It was the only time I’d seen them in the same bedroom. They have separate bedrooms.”

That was disturbing and sad at the same time .

“Well, shit,” his dad said.

“Here,” Banner said as he stepped forward and handed Aubrey a small gift bag.

“Thanks, but you didn’t have to get me anything else.” Aubrey took the red and white striped bag. Every time Banner revealed something about his family, Aubrey felt bad for him. His parents sounded like total dicks.

Banner shrugged. “I told you I’d bring something appropriate for tonight.”

“Appropriate?” His dad said. “What the fuck else did you get him?”

“I’ll show you tonight,” Aubrey said softly.

His dad’s eyes darkened as he stared at him. Aubrey felt his cock thicken.

“I really should bring a date to these get togethers with you two. The tension is so thick I smell it.”

Aubrey scrunched his nose, the stare with his dad broken now. “You really know how to kill it, you know?”

“How does your mom handle being around you two. I’m surprised she doesn’t suspect anything.”

His dad slapped Banner on the arm. “Shut the fuck up.”

“Ow.” Banner rubbed his arm.

“That was a light tap. Now sit your ass down.” He pointed at Banner. “Behave yourself, you little pervert.”

Banner sat across from him.

“I’m the pervert?” Banner stared at his dad. “I haven’t even had sex. Not that I don’t want to, but I haven’t found anyone willing to fuck.”

“You’re not allowed to talk about fucking someone. I don’t want to hear it,” his dad said.

“Hold on a minute, let me get my notebook where I keep all these lame ass rules you have for me.”

His dad flicked him off.

“What are we talking about?” His mom asked as she walked into the room.

“Need some help?” Aubrey said quickly. Who knew what Banner would blurt out?

“Nonsense, it’s your birthday, you just sit there.” She put the tray of food in the middle of the table, then sat down.

“It smells good, thanks Mom.”

“Thank you, honey. Would you like to pray over the food?” His mom smiled at him. “Since it’s your birthday.”

Not really.

“I’ll do it,” Banner said.

Aubrey jerked his eyes to him. Oh shit. He started to shake his head no.

His dad chuckled. “I’d love to hear this,” he muttered.

His mom looked uncertain. “Well, okay. If you’d really like to.”

Jesus Christ.

Banner bowed his head and folded his hands on the table in front of his plate.

Oh Christ.

His mom followed suit, while Aubrey and his dad just stared at Banner.

“Oh god in thine heaven, we thanketh thee for thiseth bountiful food we are about to receiveth. May thine hand blessedeth it. We thank thee for Aubrey. Blessedeth his young soul...”

His dad laughed quietly.

His mom glared at him.

“...have thine hand uponth his body tonight as he receiveth a mighty anointing from heaven.”

Aubrey choked.

Oh Jesus H. Christ.

“May he findth the greatest pleasure as his body shudderth from the thundering of an almighty rod.”

Aubrey was going to kick Banner’s ass for his prayer.

“In all that is thine holy and glorious nameth, amen.”

“Amen,” his mom said softly. “Well,” she gave Banner a flat smile. “That was quite an interesting prayer.”

Banner stared at her. “I meant every word.”

“Yes, I’m quite sure you did. And just what rod were you referring to?”

Aubrey narrowed his eyes at Banner.

“The rod of discipline.”

His mom frowned. “The rod of...discipline?”

Oh for the love of...

His dad laughed. “Yes, Banner, what a prayer.”

His mom glowered at him. “Must you say it that way?”

His smirked at her. “In what way?”

“Like you’re making fun of him.”

Aubrey touched his dad’s thigh under the table. His dad looked at him. Aubrey tried to tell him with his eyes not to say anything else.

His dad put his hand on top of Aubrey’s under the table, and picked up his fork.

Aubrey smiled at him as he started eating.

“This is very good, Ms. Reed,” Banner said.

“Thank you, Banner. You can call me Ms. Allyson.”

Banner blinked at her. “Okay.”

They didn’t say anything for a while. Aubrey kept his hand on his dad’s thigh and ate with his right hand.

He knew his mom was right there, but he couldn’t not touch his dad when he was near.

“So, Banner, are you new at Brighton Christian School?”

“I’ve gone there since nineth grade.”

“Oh really?” She glanced at Aubrey. “Why were you not friends then?”

“How do you know they weren’t?” His dad asked. “Kids don’t tell their parents everything.”

Aubrey squeezed his dad’s leg.

His mom glared at him before shifting her attention to Banner.

“We recently discovered we have more in common than we thought.”

Aubrey stared at him from the across the table. Don’t say it.

“Oh and what is that?”

“Our perferences,” Banner said.

His mom furrowed her brows. “Preferences for what?”

“He’s just talking about music and books and stuff,” Aubrey quickly said.

“Books?” His mom looked at him. “Since when do you like books?”

Aubrey internally groaned. Why the hell did he think it’d be a good idea to get his mom together with Banner?

“He loves the music I play for him.”

“Like hell we do,” his dad murmured.

“What was that?” His mom snapped at his dad.

“Nothing,” Aubrey said.

“Would you like to play us something now? I was going to put on some music,” his mom said.

“No, he wouldn’t,” Aubrey was quick to say.

Banner got up.

“It’s over here,” his mom showed him where the iPhone stand was.

His dad chuckled as he continued eating.

“I think letting Banner pick the music was a bad idea,” Aubrey muttered.

His dad looked at him. His dark eyes with the blue smudge stared at him with humor shining in them. And love, there was always love in those dark depths.

“I think it’ll only make things interesting.”

“Of course you’d think that.”

His mom came back to the table. Her forehead pinched as she stared at Aubrey. “Aubrey, why have you been eating with only one hand? Normally you have both hands all over the table and I have to remind you to eat with manners.” She glanced quickly at his dad.

A song started playing as Banner came back to the table

Amazing grace how sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost

But now I’m found

“Oh! How lovely,” his mom gushed as she clutched her heart.

His dad snorted. “Yeah, how lovely, Banner. What a great song choice.”

His mom smiled widely at Banner. “I can’t believe you have this song on your phone. After this morning’s...well, uh, song selection, I wasn’t quite sure about...well, it doesn’t matter now.” She patted Banner’s hand. “This is wonderful.”

Aubrey smirked at Banner. He just stared right back at Aubrey.

They finished their meal in mostly silence, listening to the list of old hymns playing.

When his mom went to get the cake from the fridge, his dad leaned over and kissed his cheek. “I think my ears are bleeding,” he said.

Aubrey chuckled and turned his face. His dad was so close. “Is it worse than Banner’s usual music choices?”

“Fuck yes.” He looked at Banner. “Little suck up aren’t you?”

Banner shrugged. “I know she’s very religious and this is Aubrey’s birthday. I didn’t think she’d appreciate anything esle.”

His dad chuckled. “You’re fucking right about that.”

“Okay!” His mom exclaimed as she slowly walked into the dining room. “Here’s your cake!”

It was a three tier blue and white cake with seventeen candles on it.

“Wow, Mom.” She’d always gone overboard with his birthdays.

“Happy birthday to you,” she began singing.

Everyone else joined in.

His mom clapped when the song was over. “Blow out the candles, honey.”

He took a breath, made a wish, and blew them out.

The whole time he clung to his dad’s hand under the table.


They got back to the townhouse around ten pm. Aubrey felt like he had butterflies swarming in his stomach. He was nervous, yet excited.

The minute they walked through the door, Aubrey grabbed his dad and hugged him. He smothered his face in his chest, breathing deeply.

His dad carded the fingers of one hand through the back of his hair, and his other hand went around his waist.

“I missed this,” Aubrey breathed.

His dad kissed his head. “I did too,” he said into his hair.

Being in his arms was everything to Aubrey. He loved being held by him, but there was something else he needed right now.

Without letting him go, he pulled his head back and looked up at his dad. “There’s something I want.”

“I always let you pick out your birthday presents.” He said.

Ever since Aubrey could remember, his dad had taken him to the store and let Aubrey pick out his own gifts. It was something he’d looked forward to every birthday.

“This is something that can’t be bought.”

His dad’s hands brushed up and down his back. “And what is it?”

Aubrey licked his lips. “Fuck me.”

His dad’s eyes flared with heat and his hands tightened on his back. “”

He nodded. “Yes.”

His dad swallowed hard. “You’re a virgin.”

"We already know that." Aubrey stared into his eyes. "And having my dad be my first sounds like the best way to lose it."

“We’ve never...shit.” His dad grabbed his face and kissed him. He sucked his bottom lip into his mouth.

Aubrey moaned.

"Then I'm gonna make love to you all night long,” he said against his mouth. “First slow and sweet, then hard and fast." he paused. "I've never made love're my first."

Aubrey smiled. "Then we'll figure it out together."

“You really want this?” He sounded unsure.

“You know I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t. We haven’t done anything for days and I’m horny.” He chuckled lightly. “And I just miss you.” He leaned up on his tiptoes. “I’ve been wanting this for a while,” he breathed against his lips.

His dad swallowed once, then spoke, his lips brushing against Aubrey’s with every word. “I want it too. So much.”

“Then make love to me.” Then he kissed him. Slow at first, caressing his lips against his dad’s.

Soon they were panting, their kisses wet and their tongues tangled up together.

Sweat beaded on the back of Aubrey’s neck. He pulled back and yanked his shirt off. His dad did the same, then they were back together. Sticky chests rubbing and hands digging into flesh.

“Upstairs,” his dad panted. “On the bed.”

Aubrey jumped up, wrapping his legs around his waist.

“Shit,” his dad muttered. He grabbed Aubrey ass.

“Let’s go.” Aubrey gently pulled the hair on the back of his dad’s head. He licked across his mouth.

His dad growled. “Once I’ve had you in the bed, I’ll take you all over the fucking house.”

Aubrey licked across his dad’s mouth again. “Okay.” He gripped the strands of hair tightly between his fingers, holding his head in place while he licked that mouth. One long swipe. Another swipe, slower this time. And then another.

“Fuck, boy.” His dad opened his mouth. Aubrey dipped inside.

They both groaned. Their lips were sealed together, not even air could pass through. Their tongues twirled and their teeth clanked together.

Aubrey couldn’t breath. He didn’t give a shit. His dad could be his oxygen. He’d live inside him if he could.

They suddenly stumbled towards the stairs. Aubrey’s ass hit the railing. He grunted but didn’t break the kiss.

“Gotta...” his dad was breathing heavy. “Bed.”

Aubrey nodded. “Yeah. Bed.” His nose was smashed against his dad’s, their hot breath bathing each other’s faces.

They made it to the room, Aubrey didn’t know how, and fell into bed. Before Aubrey could attack him again, his dad pulled out of his arms.

Aubrey rose to his elbows. “What’s wrong?” His chest was heaving and his cock hurt.

“Lube. We need lube.” He ran his hands through his hair and looked around. “And a condom.”

Aubrey’s eyes drifted down the bulge in the front of his pants. “Damn,” he whispered.

“I have both in the bathroom.”

“We don’t need it.”

His dad stared at him. “We do, I’ve had anal sex before—”

Aubrey growled.

“— with a woman—”

“That’s not any better.”

“—so I know that we need lube.”

Aubrey stood. “First of all, don’t ever mention a past conquest when we’re about to get it on...”

“Get it on?”

“Fuck. Have sex. Suck each other off. Frotting. Whatever. Just don’t talk about another person.”

He cupped Aubrey’s face. “You know you’re it. They never met anything.”

Aubrey gripped his wrists. “I do know that, but it still doesn’t mean I want to hear about it.”

His dad pecked him on the lips. “We still need lube.”

“Banner gave me some.”

His dad’s brows pinched. “Banner gave you some?”

“For my birthday.”

“Of course he did. What else did the little fucker give you?”

Aubrey grinned. “A positioning pillow and butt plugs.”

“Jesus Christ, I feel like I should have a talk with that boy about his inappropriate behavior.” His dad smirked. “But really, I couldn’t give a fuck.”

Aubrey threw his head back and laughed.

His dad kissed his exposed throat, little kisses, up and down.

When his laughs died down, he tilted his head to the side. His dad latched onto to the skin and sucked hard.

Aubrey groaned and jerked his hips forward, rubbing them against the hard cock there. He couldn’t move, his dad had him in a tight grip. He was sucking his neck so hard, yet Aubrey wanted more. His entire body was lit hot and he couldn’t cool off. He didn’t want to cool off.

He scratched his nails up the sides of his dad’s neck and into the dark strands of hair. He tugged, hard.

His dad growled, moving his mouth up to his ear.

“On the bed.”

Aubrey fell backwards, landing in the pile of sheets. His dad reached under him and yanked them away, tossing them on the floor.

Aubrey scooted back until he was in the middle of the bed.

“Where’s the stuff your friend gave you?”

“Downstairs, in the blue bag.” Aubrey was so hard. He wanted to touch himself, he was desperate for it, but he wanted his dad’s touch more.

He watched him leave tell he room, heard him thud down the stairs, and heard the rustling of tissue paper. Aubrey stared at the doorway, waiting until his dad appeared. It was only seconds, but felt so much longer.

This moment was finally happening.

His dad’s face appeared, serious and lust filled. He was holding up the bottle of lube. “The little shit knows his stuff.”

Aubrey could only nod. He didn’t care if they had to use only spit, he was getting fucked.

His dad shucked his pants, and Aubrey inhaled sharply at the exposed cock and balls. He wanted.

Aubrey quickly took his own pants off and threw them on the floor.

“They say it’s easier on your stomach for the first time,” his dad’s words were soft, so unlike him. Aubrey was the only one who got to hear him talk like that.

He raised his gaze to his dad’s.

“But I have to look at you as I make love to you for the first time.”

Aubrey felt his insides flare with heat and churn with love. He wanted that too.

“Yes,” he breathed.

His dad climbed on the bed. He balanced on his knees as he gazed down Aubrey’s body. From toe to head, he slowly took it all in. Aubrey felt the gaze like a physical touch. Every part of him was aware of those dark eyes. Every part felt him and responded to him.

“Lay down.” The whispered words drifted over him, like a gentle wind caressing his skin.

He lowered himself to the bed, never taking his eyes off of his dad’s. He was laying sideways on the bed, his feet dangling off the edge. His dad straddled his middle, that gaze staring down at him. Aubrey had loved that face from the first moment he had breathed. He was apart of him then, and he was about to become even more apart of him. Connected in a way that he could never—and would never — be connected to another person.

“I never wanted to make love to someone,” his dad said. “You’re the only one I’ve wanted this with. The only one who’s felt right.”

Aubrey ran his hands up his thighs, over his hips and settled on his waist. He gently tugged. His dad fell forward, bracing himself on his elbows. Only inches separated their faces.

“You’re all I ever wanted. I know this is special. This is everything.”

His dad nodded. “Yes,” he said hoarsely.

After nearly being reported, and separated, everything felt so much more intense between them. The vulnerability had gone to another level.

His dad buried his face in the crook of his neck, inhaling deeply. He kissed the skin there, a wet, open-mouthed kiss. Down, down he continued with those kisses.

Aubrey moaned, his eyes drifting closed. The heat from his tongue seared across his chest. Aubrey arched when he latched onto a nipple. He licked his way to the other one, flicking it with his tongue.

“Yes,” Aubrey groaned. “Like that.”

His dad flicked the tip of his tongue faster over the nipple.

Aubrey gripped his head, holding him in place.

“Don’t stop,” he panted. “Fuck, don’t stop.” He tossed his head back, fire shooting from his nipple to his cock. He could cum just from that flicking tongue.

His dad flattened his tongue, giving one long lick across the nipple.

Aubrey whimpered.

His dad’s mouth moved down his body. The cool air hit his wet nipples. Aubrey wanted his face back up there, licking his nipples, making him insane with desire.

His dad opened the lube. Aubrey heard him squirt some on his fingers. He didn’t — couldn’t — open his eyes. He was drowning in pleasure. Sensation after sensation was coursing through his body.

Right as his dad dipped his tongue into his bellybutton, he felt wet fingers brush across his hole.


Aubrey clung to his dad’s head, tugging the hair, then spreading his fingers through the strands.

Those two fingers rubbed his entrance. Back and forth. Back and forth. Just that simple touch made Aubrey feel on the verge of coming.

“Have you ever fingered yourself?” His dad breathed against his stomach.

Aubrey shook his head. “No, you’re the only thing that’s been up my ass.”

His dad flattened his tongue at the base of his cock and licked slowly up to the tip.

Oh fuck.

“Goddamn right. I’ll always be the only thing up that ass.”

“Yes,” Aubrey hissed as one finger pushed in.

He spread his legs wider.

In and out, his dad pumped that finger. Long pumps, that had Aubrey hungering for more.

Another slick finger entered him. He felt a slight burn, but it was gone quickly. His dad knew how to stretch him, how to prepare him. He kissed and licked and sucked his stomach as he pumped those fingers.

Aubrey waited for it. He wanted his dad to find his prostate again. Christ, he remembered that feeling. He wanted it again.

“Please,” he breathed. His haggard breaths puffed from him, making his chest move up and down.

His dad kissed the head of his cock, and held.

Aubrey’s mouth dropped open.

The kiss was gentle, no tongue, just his mouth puckered on the head.

Yes. Fuck yes.

A gentle smacking sounded as his dad pulled away from his cock.

Aubrey wanted to beg him to keep kissing, but another finger was added to his ass.

He bit his lip as he arched off the bed.

The fingers slid in, slowly, going deeper. The stretch burned a little, but was nothing compared to the feeling of pleasure.

His dad’s knuckles touched his ass. He couldn’t go any further. Then he bent the three digits.

“Holy shit!” Aubrey jerked. His hands slammed against the bed. His neck arched.

His dad did it again, rubbing along his prostate.

“Yes, shit, yes. Don’t...oh shit.”

His dad lapped at his balls, the same long licks he’d given his cock.

Oh god, it was so good.

He reached for his cock. His dad flicked his hand away. “No.”

Aubrey groaned. Jesus, he loved when he got all growly like that. When his voice deepened. And when he commanded Aubrey to do something.

Aubrey tossed his hands over his head.

“Yes, just like that.” His dad looked up at him. Those eyes full of heat and need.

Suddenly those fingers were gone and his dad was looming over him, propped up on his hands and knees.

Aubrey went to move his hands, but his dad stopped him.

“Keep them there.” He kissed his cheek, then his other one. “Surrender yourself to me.” He licked Aubrey’s mouth.

“Yes,” he breathed. He didn’t want to do anything else. His dad could have all of him.

“Condom,” his dad breathed across his lips.

“No. You’re my dad. We don’t need one.” Aubrey wanted nothing between them.

He stared at Aubrey for a second, his brows furrowed. “I’d never hurt you.”

“I know.”

“I’m clean.”

Aubrey felt a smile pull up the corners of his lips. “I know.”

“I haven’t been with anyone in a long time.”

“I know.”

The line between his eyes finally smoothed out. “You know all that?”

“I know I want nothing between us. There should never be anything between us.”

He kissed Aubrey once more. “No, there shouldn’t.”

Aubrey fisted his hands above his head, watching as his dad lubbed his cock.

This. Was. It.

“Stop me...”

Aubrey nodded. He knew what he’d been about to say. If it hurts.

His dad shifted Aubrey’s legs, so carefully, placing his feet flat on the bed, until Aubrey’s heels rested against this ass. He slid his hands under Aubrey’s ass and lifted.

Aubrey bit his lip as his dad’s fingers squeezed his ass cheeks and then pulled them apart.

His dad glanced down as he brought his cock to his hole. Aubrey felt the head press against it. His dad looked up, his gaze colliding with Aubrey’s. He gritted his teeth and pushed.

Aubrey felt the pressure, the ring of muscles give, then the fullness of the hard, smooth cock.

“Christ,” he whispered. His nails digging into the palms of his hands. It was fucking amazing.

Leaning forward, his dad cupped his face. He held his weight off of Aubrey with his elbows.

“No,” Aubrey panted. “I want you to crush me. I want to feel you on every part of my body.”

His dad groaned quietly, then let his weight fall slowly.

Aubrey wrapped his legs around his waist. He could hardly breath, his heavy body was crushing him, but he didn’t want it any other way.

He eased further in. Aubrey whimpered as the thick cock inched in. He was spread so wide. His insides were drawn taut. His skin was sticky.

His dad was shaking, forcing himself to go slow. He was resting his forehead on Aubrey’s, their noses smashed together. Their mouths open, breathing into each other.

He felt the pubic hair touch his ass. He was all the way in.

They laid there, shaking, sweating, waiting.

“I’m fine,” Aubrey managed to get out. “Move, fuck move.”

He slid his hands up Aubrey’s arms and linked his fingers with his. He didn’t lift his body from Aubrey’s, he just rocked forward.

Aubrey whimpered.

He rocked again, a little harder this time. Aubrey lifted up to meet him. He cried out as his cock hit his prostate.

“Right there.” He was desperate for it. The pleasure was unlike anything else he’d ever felt.

Their slick chests slid together as his dad snapped his hips forward.

Aubrey cried out again, their parted mouths brushing and their foreheads sliding together.

Aubrey tightened his legs around his waist.

“Fuck me,” he breathed.

His dad’s hips jerked harder and faster. Their skin slapped together. Aubrey rose to meet each thrust, lifting his dad’s heavy body with his hips. His prostate was hit with every inward thrust.

His fingers clutched onto his dad’s. His cock was being rubbed between their joined bodies.

He stuck out his tongue. The tip flicked over his dad’s mouth as their bodies rocked.

“Baby...” his dad groaned. He squeezed his eyes shut.

Aubrey felt the tingling start at the tips of his toes, spreading upward. His mouth opened wide on a silent scream. His breath froze in his lungs. Like something was snapping into place, his orgasm broke. His breaths stuttered. His eyes closed. His body spasmed.

He wasn’t conscious of anything else. His dad’s body and the sheer pleasure running through him, filled him to overflowing.

He. Was. In. Heaven.


There was nothing he loved more than watching his boy in the throes of an orgasm. It took him over the edge every. Single. Fucking. Time.

He rubbed his face all over his son’s. Hearing him barely breath, feeling the hot cum coat his skin. He pulled his hips back and slammed forward. Aubrey screamed.

Sterling broke.

His dick pulsed. The pleasure so intense he couldn’t move. He’d never gone without a condom. Which was why Aubrey was such a miracle. His fucking miracle.

He felt his cum fill his boy’s ass. It made this moment even more fucking hot and so goddamn special.

He didn’t know how long they came, but they clung to one another until the last bit leaked from them. And still, they didn’t let go.

He rolled.

“No,” Aubrey groaned, reaching for him.

“I’m crushing you.” He pulled him with him, turning them both to their sides. Their arms immediately wrapped around each other and their legs tangled. Sterling was still inside his son. He didn’t want to pull out.

“I...” he was still breathing heavy. “ you crushing me.”

Aubrey’s blue eyes were so fucking bright. It was like the sky, his eyes always reminded Sterling of the sky. Only now, they were even lighter in color.

He caressed his fingers down his boy’s cheek. “It’s never been like that.”

Aubrey gave a sleepy smile. “Of course not.”

He had to smile at his son’s words. Of course not. Because Aubrey was everything.


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