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Maya spends her summer working at an amusement park, Adventure Land. Little does she know she finds a little someone to spark up her summer. He’s nothing but trouble, but Maya can’t get away from him. They fall in love, but who breaks each other’s heart first? A beautiful disaster.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

I’ve always been told I’m a romantic.

But, who wouldn’t want to fall in love and be with forever? To have a partner through life. Someone who loves you, understands you, and takes care of you. Someone who is a great conversationalist, can make you laugh, and is sensitive.

If you can seriously look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want this, you’re lying. Or, you just don’t believe that love like this exists.

But I do. I haven’t seen any good examples in real life - other than the ones on tv - but I want to believe that it’s real. I know it’s real.

If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. Sometime.

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing on my nightstand. Sitting up, I reach for my phone and read the text Alaska sent me. Are you ready? I’m coming over.

My eyes then snapped to the clock on my phone and realized it was 10am. I had only an hour to pack my things and leave campus. Why didn’t I start packing last night? Idiot.

I jumped out of bed and immediately went to the bathroom in my dorm. My roommate’s stuff was already packed and ready to go in the corner, but my roommate was out of sight. Thanks a lot for waking me up.

The first thing I did was reach for my luggage underneath my bed and pack all of my clothes. Once I finished that, there was a knock on my door. Must be Alaska.

I opened the door and there Alaska was. Smiling brightly up at me with a two coffees in her hand.

“You brought me coffee?” I asked her surprised.

She looked at me weirdly before walking past me and into my dorm, “No. Both are mine.”

I rolled my eyes at her and she handed me one. “Funny.”

She chuckled and looked around my dorm. “You aren’t done packing? What time did you wake up?”

“Like, 5 minutes ago.” I tell her, letting out a sigh, “Literally when you texted me.”

“Oh my God,” she chuckled, “Okay, i guess i have to help,” She says, pretending that she doesn’t want to.

“Thanks,” I say relieved.

Alaska has been a friend of mine since high school. It’s kind of weird too because we weren’t as close as we are now when we were in high school. But, I’m glad we are now because she has been there with me through a lot of things. Like, my parents very recent divorce.

She walked over to my desk and began packing up some stuff in a random box she found. Her tiny fingers grasping my items. She was really small. Like, really small. She tells me that she’s 5’2, but I think she’s lying.

After we’ve finished packing, it was 11am. Time to hit the road. We put our stuff in our cars. Now, it was time to drive for hours back to our home town. Alaska and I parted ways and would soon reunite in a couple of hours.

I parked my car outside my small suburban home and was immediately greeted by my family. They somehow heard my car drive in. “Maya!” They all chirped approaching me.

“Hi mom,” I said, enveloping her into a tight hug. “I’ve missed you.” I then hugged my dad who came to visit just because I was coming
home. And then my little brother and little sister.

“Are you staying for good?” My little sister, Maddy, asked me. She’s the cutest thing ever. Only four years old.

I pouted, “Only for a couple of months before I have to head back, Mads.”

Now it was her turn to pout. We walked inside the house and it already smelled like my favorite home cooked meal. “Mama, you didn’t.” I smiled.

After we all devoured the best meal that exists on earth, we headed into the living room. One thing I have forgotten to miss was we’d occasionally watch movies altogether in the living room. I miss this feeling.

The feeling was then washed away when I was getting ready to bed. Mom came into my room and told me how I needed to get a job. Something about how I wasted my summer last year blah blah blah...

Where would I even apply?

“Good morning honey,” My mom chirped once I walked into the kitchen around 9am.

“Morning,” I grumbled. I looked like a mess and I didn’t care. I went straight to the coffee machine and made a cup for myself. “Want some?”

“Nah,” she says, “Already drank 2 cups.”

“Damn, mama,” I say, “What time did you wake up?”

She chuckled lightly, “7am.”

I whistled, “Wow.”

“Yeah...” She sighed, “So, anyway, did you find a place to work at?”

I turned my back on her and rolled my eyes. Letting out a sigh, I nodded. “Yes.” I grumbled. “The amusement park is hiring and I guess it could be fun.”

“Hm,” she hummed. “Make sure the pay is good there.”

“Of course, mama.” I said. My phone then buzzed in my pocket. It was Alaska. She said: Wanna go to the beach this weekend? I drive.

I smiled, “Alaska invited me to the beach this weekend. Can I go?”

“Sure,” she said, “If you take Maddy and Michael with you.”

“What?” I gasped, “C’mon. That’s unfair.”

“Both papa and I will be at work. They’re too young to stay home alone.” She told me firmly, “Either you stay home or you take them with you.”

I pursed my lips, “Fine.”

I replied back, Mama’s making me take Maddy and Michael with. That ok?

Alaska didn’t waste a second to reply back. That’s cool! I’ll pick you guys up 9am sharp.

A thought then popped up in my head. “Hold on,” I say, catching mama’s attention. “If I’m at work, and you and papa are at work... Then Maddy and Michael will be home... Alone... How will that work?”

Mama chuckled evilly, “They stay home alone all the time. I just said that to annoy you. But you are taking them to the beach. No other choice.”

I gasped, “Wow. Thanks mama.”

She winked before walking out of the kitchen and out to the backyard. Probably to water her garden. My cup of coffee was finally done and I took it to the living room. After putting on a random movie, I relaxed.

I then pulled out my phone and checked the amusement park’s website. I then noticed they were hiring and I clicked Apply Now. After filling out my form and sending it, I set my phone down.

What a summer I’ll have.
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