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Chapter 2 - Mason's POV

My mom's birthday is coming up and Jasmine agreed to go shopping with me. I know it's early, but she loves my mom so I'm taking a chance that she won't curse me out. I dial her number and it rings throughout my ride. Her voice is low and gravelly when she answers.

“You had better be dying.”

Okay...this conversation didn't go the way I expected. She hung up on me. I drove to her house and used the key she gave me. Surely she wouldn’t kick me out. Like I said, she loves my mom and I’m pretty sure I can convince her. Or she’ll try to kill me. Hmm...I’ll take one for the team for my mother. I walk into her room and see her outline under the cover. She doesn’t see me because her head is covered so I yank the cover off of her.

My Lord! She's naked! I hear her voice but the words don't register. My brain is focused on one thing. All I can do is stare at this chocolate goddess kneeling on her bed. I take in everything she has to offer. Her breasts are like melons and those thick thighs. I knew Jasmine had a body, but in all the years I’ve known her, I haven’t seen it. This is what has been under those clothes!

When I finally look back into her eyes, I want her. I want to wrap my arms around her, suck on that bottom lip, and hear her moan. I’m brought back to reality when a pillow hits my face. She tells me to get out and I make a hasty retreat, heading to the kitchen.

“Lord, she's going to kill me!”

I hear her shower turn on and I try to think of something to get me out of trouble before I get in it. Well, get in any deeper. I decide to make her breakfast. Jasmine loves food and maybe this will calm her. I go to work, making her an omelet with bacon, cheese, and mushrooms. I hear the shower turn off as I'm making toast. By the time I'm done plating the food, she was strolling into the kitchen. I was slightly disappointed that she was clothed (wait, what?), but she looked good in her fitted t-shirt and some tight denim shorts.

“I come in peace,” I say as I put the plate on the counter. Jasmine looks at the plate and then back at me. She is shooting daggers at me as she walks past me and goes to the refrigerator. “Jassy, I am so sorry. I didn't know you were going to be naked. Please say something.”

She didn't even turn to me as I spoke. She took a drink of orange juice from the carton and closed the refrigerator door. I watched as she walked to the kitchen sink and turned on the water. I sat at the counter and hung my head. Jasmine and I had disagreements but we always worked them out. Had I gone too far this time?


I looked up at the sound of my name and was splashed with water from the sink sprayer!

“WHAT THE -,” I sputtered as the water hit me in the mouth.

Jasmine was laughing so hard as she talked, “Don't come barging in just because you have a key. Next time you might see something.”

I had seen everything I needed to see and I liked everything I saw. No! NO! I can't think that way about Jasmine. We can't cross those lines. “JASMINE!! Ok, I give! Stop the spray!”

She walked to the hallway closet and got a towel for me. “Give me your shirt. I'll throw it in the dryer.”

I froze as I wiped myself down. The thoughts that were going through my head about my best friend had me a little scared and I didn't want to take off my shirt. A flash of holding her to my chest, kissing her neck right under her ear caused me to shiver.

“Dude! Give me your shirt. You will not be sick for your mom's birthday and blame me."

I snapped out of my thoughts and took off the shirt, tossing it on her head. She laughed as she walked to the laundry room then to her bedroom. Coming back out, she handed me a t-shirt.

“Here, you left this when we were putting the bed together.”

I quickly grabbed the shirt and put it on. “Thanks!” I'm not self-conscious and Jasmine has seen me without a shirt before, but I felt truly naked in front of her right now. “So, you ready to help me?” I gave her a toothy grin.

Jasmine bit into her omelet as she nodded her head yes. I played on my phone to occupy my time while she ate. It kept my mind and hands busy because I was very tempted to touch her.

When she finished her food, she kissed my cheek and said, “Thanks for breakfast. I love when you spoil me!” After putting the plate in the sink, she headed toward the door with me trailing behind her. I watched her hips sway and felt the beginnings of an erection.

“Help me, Jesus!”

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