Sinner's Paradise

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Sinner's Paradise is a city where rules are made to be broken by the bad, the broken and the desperate. It's a fantastical hell with cursed beauty weaved into the magic of it's very existence. With a one way ticket you willingly purchase, it's a place where dreams and nightmares have an equal chance of coming true. Eva should fit right in, since she doesn't believe love can ever last. She prefers to paint and weave the beauty of the nature around her. Nothing else matters, until she meets Sin, the Lord of the Paradise and the richest man alive. He'll test all her boundaries and if Eva isn't careful, she'll fall right into his trap. Loving the devil is about the most dangerous and stupid thing you could ever hope for... so why is it the very thing Eva can't stop thinking about from the moment she meets Sin?

Romance / Fantasy
C. Swallow
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1 - Sin Meets Eva

This type of classical music wasn’t meant to sound so enthralling to my ears, even from this far away, yet my mind was completely at ease for once as I watched the Lords and Ladies enter the desire filled courtyard. With all the stars shining down and the two moons watching over the participants, there was enough luminescence to highlight the main features of the rulers waltzing in.

One thing was in common between them all. Steel blue orbs as eyes for every single Lord and Lady, enhancing their malice tinted souls. Each dressed to perfection, with a friend in tow as they passed over the pavement, the broken bricks... so artistic. It made my arty-farty nerves fire as my small paint brush stroked in the cracks on the canvas.

I couldn’t wait to use this art piece for some money. The gold coins would satisfy my achey, wanting heart. I needed the fulfilment of success for a heart’s desire. No, not that type of heart’s desire, where you wanted love.

Quite the opposite.

Material satisfaction was enough joy for me.

Love was just pain, suffering and confusion.

Gold. Who didn’t like gold? Plus, there were no feelings attached.

I sit on the dune of fluffy desert sand, my feet squishing through the grains and my light blue dress comfortable in the still air, at a perfect warm temp. All the while my fingers construct the art piece for me as my eyes focus on the event far below me.

It always interested me, how the weekly gala satisfied the needs of such Lords and Ladies... and Sin, the Lord of the Paradise. Speaking of Sin, I hadn’t seen him yet.

I frown as I think this, and my eyes scatter from the restricted courtyard to the sandstone walls, the many houses, triple and four story palaces of gold, luxury and art. Everyone had a residence, and the Lord of the Paradise was either in his sandstone castle overlooking the whole city, or he was seeking out vulnerable souls in the streets.

Who knows, who cares? Although I can’t say that my eyes don’t scan the whole city twice... thrice... okay, at least four times, as I think about Sin.

He was the greatest desire of all, anyone who lived in his Sinner’s Paradise was bound to fall for him. No matter how evil, how malicious, how lovely or how charming, he was -

“You have a skilled hand.”

My whole body freezes and my hand holding the brush over the canvas, halts midair.

Impossible. I was in an isolated location, purposefully sought out to be isolating.

Yet, I had heard that voice behind me, smooth, salty... spicy... sweet... scandalous.

Oh, Sin.

“Excuse me?” I ask, regaining my sense of self, my head turning, only to face a hand that blocks my vision and urges me to turn back to my canvas.

“Don’t look at me,” he speaks, low and with a warning, “I don’t wish to be gazed upon tonight, of all nights.”

I turn back to my art piece, my heart racing.

All the while, he sits by me, and I purse my lips as I remember to breathe through my nose.

I see at the corner of my eyes, his long legs stretched out next to me in a suit of metallic armour.


It was -

“Pretentious bastards, all of them, but not pretentious enough to be right,” he murmurs to himself, even as I don’t look at him, “And love. How stupid. Yet they all look for it. Everyone does.”

He falls silent and I decide I better, at the very least, introduce myself politely.

“My name is -”

“Eva, I know,” he drawls, bored, “My name is Sin. Nice to meet you. Do you know why I’m here?”

I pause.

Any question asked by Sin was a dangerous question.

“You are... bored, and wish to change your path, or something, by looking elsewhere,” I shrug and my paintbrush falters with a nervous twitch, so the black paint ruins the artwork in a wide stroke.

I bite my tongue to stop myself from swearing.

“Shame,” he murmurs a bit loudly, and I feel my spine tingle as I know he’s leaned in closer, “I was enjoying your talent. What shall you do now... think up a new canvas? Continue with this disaster?”

“It was only a disaster when I was interrupted,” I snap, speaking without thinking, “Ah, I’m sorry, how impulsive-” I cough distractedly into my hand and try to think desperately of a way to fix how badly I just stuffed up.

Never insult the Lord of Sinner’s Paradise.


But I just did.

“I’m sorry too,” he murmurs, low.

“Why are you sorry?” I ask, thinking how can Sin be apologetic if I stuffed up? He ruled this place, he was the law giver, the law maker, the being who could do whatever he wanted.

“Because now I’m curious, Eva,” Sin eventually replies after a good long silence, that has well and truly made my pores start to sweat, “ me, Eva... it’s never a good thing, when a female spikes my curiosity. Never.”

I gulp and I dare a look at him as my heart jumps with his words.

And that, is my second mistake.

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