Sinner's Paradise

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10 - A Black Stain, Another Game

1 week later

Sin never cut me to make me cry that night. In fact, he left me in that spa and let me be.

I dressed in private and returned to his chamber to find some blankets and a pillow on the floor at the foot of his bed.

Sin had gone stone cold on me.

At least, that was the impression.

I had been wanting to find a way to lose his attention but all at once, perhaps after reading my thoughts - he gave me exactly what I wanted.

Despite the space and his absence. He did give me tasks to complete which were set by Enforcers.

I had to paint every day. I had to paint something new and from my imagination. I wasn’t allowed to copy whatever I saw.

So in affect... I painted some goblins, mountain landscapes, abstract sand dunes, vases filled with dead roses, a fountain of blood and a face of a pretty angel. Each one, Sin would hum and huh, throw it into the fire and tell me it was being transported to his cavern of collections.

It was one of the only interactions we’d have during the day throughout this week.

Today was day 7 and I had ordered a large canvas.

It was equivalent to the one of the goddess like angel to the left of me.

I had been working for a solid six hours non stop on a picture I couldn’t let escape my mind.

Perhaps I had become too complacent and that was the point.

However, my mind would not allow me to paint anything but the image I had in my brain.

Since the morning, I was left alone in Sin’s chamber, set up before the fire the size of someone’s kitchen, painting while my body was splattered with the rainbow colours I was using.

I was smiling the whole time, wrists dripping with paint as I use my fingers for this one.

It was Sin, in a field of green, smiling and happy while watching a girl... equivalent to me, I admit... as she picked a flower.

There was nothing really too controversial about this piece, other than Sin looked positively happy which he never really was - and it was set on Earth.

The place between Heaven and Sinner’s Paradise.

An in-between.

Perhaps that was the climb to Heaven. Perhaps when you were allowed into Earth, you were given a chance to prove yourself for the next level.

Or perhaps the whole thing was a lie.

Regardless, I paint what I do and I am proud of it.

As I finish the artwork by filling in some white clouds over the blue... I nearly jerk out of my skin as a splotch of black is flicked onto the clouds.

“Make it a storm,” Sin drawls behind me, his lips near my ear but not close enough to caress my skin.

I do not speak, I just nod while my heart is heavy. My fingers move over the black mark and smear it into the clouds.

It’s easy to change the appearance of fluffy white clouds to a raging thunder storm.

“I want it to rain, too,” as Sin adds this in, I can’t help but protest.

“No, it’s my painting,” I murmur, “It’s a storm brewing, nothing more. It’s quite romantic -”

“I think I’ve waited long enough to hear you cry,” Sin scoffs deep in his throat, as a flash of fire encases the artwork - but this time it falls to ash and I know he has simply destroyed it within seconds. I stumble back from it as it disintegrates into nothing, “This one isn’t welcome in my collection.”

“Why?” I spin to Sin, furious with frustration after all those long hours of work, “It was a masterpiece!”

Sin just stands back in his metal linked armour, polished to perfection as usual as he keeps a few paces from me, watching me with quiet amusement by my attempts at defiance.

“You disobeyed me,” Sin drawls, “...and you’ll be punished every time you do such a thing, Eva,” Sin is calm, hardly fazed by my snappy tone, “For my sake, get clean... I’m taking you for a stroll through the city. I’m feeling like a personal check on the streets is needed and I need a dancer next to me to ward off any filthy females that attempt to intercept my analysis of my Paradise.”

“I am not a dancer,” I growl.

“You are now, I can’t wait, I’m bored,” Sin snaps his fingers and as magical flames lick their way up my body... the paint sizzles away painlessly while a chain link outfit replaces my coveralls.

I gasp down at the tiny brass linked skirt, linked to a brass bra that barely covers my chest. A couple of chains hang to act as decoration... but there is a tightness at my throat and I feel up to inspect the leather collar... with a fat chain hanging from it.

Sin reaches out a hand and the chain levitates into his palm.

Still looking bored, he inspects what I’m wearing.

“Average,” he murmurs, “But it’ll do.”

“Why is it average?” I ask in a gasp, “Why do you want to take me for a walk with you? You’ve avoided me all week! I thought you were bored of me -”

“I decided to leave you be, little Angel,” Sin murmurs, cutting me off with a sharp eye as his blue orbs fire with secrets only he knows, “I want you to feel comfortable.”

“I hardly do in this attire,” I try not to hiss, but I don’t really succeed.

“You look modest enough,” Sin slowly raises a brow, “You don’t think so?”

“No,” I snap now - I looked ridiculous!

“Okay,” Sin snaps his fingers and I feel more air caress the tops of my thighs. As I look down, I’m wearing brass linked panties... it’s less than the skirt was and it’s hugging my ass tighter, “Better, silly sweet thing?”

“It’s - argh... it’s ′better’,” I say it against all my intuition, knowing any complaint will reduce my clothing further... Sin finally smirks, entertained.

I wait for him to further torment me, but he just holds the chain and patiently stares into my eyes.

“ have become complacent,” he assesses correctly, “Isn’t that unfortunate... for you.”

“What are you talking about?” I ask.

“Where do you think we’re going, Eva?” as Sin asks the question, my eye brows furrow but he is not going to accept hesitation as a part of my response - so he wraps the chain around his palm and jerks me closer. I stumble forward until I’m an inch from his armoured chest. He keeps reeling me up... until I’m on my tip toes, trying to breathe. I gulp, my chin raised as he calmly looks down into my gaze.

“A...” I gasp the answer, “A public show?”

“Yes,” Sin murmurs, “But not what you think, sweety.”

"Thank, Sin -”

“You’re going to dance,” Sin continues while intensely studying my reaction, “...and while every eye in the city watches you twirl and gyrate for my entertainment... I’m going to have five virgins sitting at my feet. Because you’ll inspire me to defile them.”

“What?” I whisper - both embarrassed and confused.

“I don’t know what you’re confused about, Angel,” he murmurs, “You will not change - that doesn’t mean I don’t have needs.”

“I’m still confused,” I shake my head as he slowly lets go of the tension around my throat.

I can finally land back on the soles of my feet.

“Tonight you’ll sleep in your bed chamber,” Sin lowers his eye lids, his blue orbs flashing with his own inside joke, “Don’t worry, sweet thing, Georgie will keep you company. As for me... I’ll have five. So don’t worry about your Master, Eva. Just rest. You’ll be painting for me next week... perhaps something... with a little more Sin - rather than heart. I’m sick of your attempts at romanticising my Paradise. There is no romance here, Eva... just games. Chin up, sweet thing, we’re going to have so much fun tonight.”

Oh, Sin.

As he smoothly turns from me and walks away, tugging the leash... I am forced to follow at a close distance.

I intake some rattled air... my brain clouded with confusion.

Like an idiot thinking I could somehow find a way to strike him with ideas through my provocative painting... Sin had turned the tables to punish me quietly.

I just knew this was all planned last minute.

And I didn’t understand my racing thoughts.

I actually wasn’t scared to dance.

I was just scared that I wouldn’t impress him.

Which meant once again I was losing.

Sin kept fooling me. Playing me. Teasing me.

To what end?

I was still yet to find out.

Author's Note: this is actually a reupload of an old story of mine I wrote on a 'secret' wattpad account and I haven't updated it in 2 years but I was in love with writing it at the time, I've moved it to Inkitt instead and if y'all love it, I might continue you - but let me know! x 10 chapters is all there is for now.
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