Sinner's Paradise

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3 - Sin's Desire

“I had managed to walk down corridor after corridor, hall after hall until I found a lobby for the public. People wishing for an attendance with Sin. I was even offered by three soldiers to stay in a guest room, out of a random Eye-Selection Lottery, three random slots... all for me?” I ask Georgie as she reclines on her couch in her Milky Star beauty salon, her dark hair spread out and being brushed down by five little goblins.

She blinks, a few times to feign boredom.

“Been there, done that,” Georgie holds out a hand for me to pass her the wine, and I do so with a frown.

“I want to know how he works inside, I want to know,” I tell her.

“Go see him again and find out,” Georgie winks and smiles.

“No. Just tell me. Why does no one speak of it... of what he says... of what he does... it’s like one big damn secret,” I stand up and Gerogie leans up off her reclining couch, narrowing her eyes.

“No, no, you’re not leaving like that, dressed in that splotchy dress. The dress code for Sinnner’s Paradise will not be thwarted. Do you want to end up in a dungeon? Oh, perhaps you do, darling,” Georgie laughs and so do the cute little goblins who had grey square heads, squinty eyes and whiskers like cats.

“I am not wearing the violet outfit you chose, the one that makes me look like... like... some sort of dancer,” I snap.

“You are a dancer, darling. I’ve seen you,” Georgie nods to the goblins who raise their little eyebrows at me.

They were the size of my hand and sometimes I wanted to smack them all silly... but that was letting in a violence I’d never had. Violence was not my sin.

A broken heart was; irreparable damage.

I’m not sure about the details of my past life. Georgie thinks I took my life, or she thinks I died in old age with a broken heart or from a sudden illness in my prime age. Not to mention, she wasn’t sure if I was lesbian, bi or straight half the time.

Neither did I, to be honest. I just wanted to not think about love, in any form.

The details weren’t important.

“I’m not that type of dancer. The ones you see at every bar and market, I’m an artist and I move on my... on my feeling,” I explain, as I feel goblins tugging at the end of my dress.

I look over my shoulder and see them grinning up at me.

Except they aren’t Georgie’s snot coloured little mongrels.

These ones are black.

Only one person had midnight black goblins with those silver cursed eyes.

“If you step one foot outside this beauty salon wearing that, it’ll only be minutes before an Enforcer catches you for punishing. Don’t expect me to show up or bail you out. I have a spa date with an angry model soon,” Georgie sighs and closes her eyes while I back up towards the beauty salon’s door to the street.

"Fine, I’ll change... but not until I see something first,” I turn and see the black goblins grinning at me from the brass doors to Milky Star.

I hurry over and catch my reflection in the glass window before I leave, as the night lights help provide a reflection.

My hair was brunette, tangled and too long... my eyes sunken and just as plain brown as my hair. I looked down right boring. Except for the permanent frown which was now even more turned down.

And then my eyes seem to turn blue, for a split second... until I realise that isn’t my image but a reflection from the man outside.

I blink and he is still staring at me, slowly smiling.

That smile could be slowly seductive... and those eyes could be curiously suggestive.

At least that’s what I wanted it to mean.

“Bye, bye, stay safe, please, Eva... who will I gossip to if you disappear?” Gerogie farewells me as I grab the brass door and swing it open.

I wave her goodbye as I step out onto the sandy street.

I couldn’t ignore Sin, it’d be plain rude... and I didn’t want to risk an eternity of pain down here.

I just wanted to paint and be alone.

“Hello?” I call out as I look around to see Sin’s silver armour, replaced with a stylish black suit, messy hair and calculating eyes as he kicks a piece of trash and it burns with the touch of his black polished boot, “Is there anyway I can please you?”

“Careful what you ask for,” Sin glances at me, humoured, “You were smart to know the way you phrase things to me is important. Don’t slip up now. Don’t worry, Eva, I’m here to deliver you a new dress for ruining your old one,” Sin clicks his fingers and goblins appear behind him in more smoke, carrying a blood red box above them as they march to me with happy little gurgles and snorts.

I can’t help but smile as I see the ‘S’ styled on top of the box with an artist’s hand.

I liked the design.

I reach down and take off the lid to see a red dress inside. It was lace and velvet, with a black belt and a V cut down the middle. When I lift it up, I can’t keep the satisfied smile from my face.

“Sin, I-” I look to his eyes and my voice get’s stuck in my throat.

Oh, Sin.

His look was no longer casual or human.

It was as impatient as a demon waiting to eat.

And I was the meal... if I played myself wrong.

“I can’t take it,” I murmur, quickly folding it back up and dropping it in the box, slamming the lid shut, “Thank you but no,” I turn from Sin before he can reply and I walk down the street in a state of panic.

The more steps I take, the more dread seems to fills my heart.

Until Sin literally walks out of the sand stone building before me and steps right into my path.

He holds out a hand to stop me moving and I freeze, looking down at my feet.

“Dress Code 2. No marks,” Sin drawls, happily catching me off guard, “You were smart in refusing a second gift, Eva... because then you’d owe me everything. But even so with your denial, you can’t escape breaking a law... my law.”

“So either way, I lose,” I whisper, narrowing my gaze and looking up to see his satisfied blue orbs of steel, drowning in my suffering.

“I’d rephrase that, sweet thing. Either way, you’re mine,” Sin murmurs.

“Yours-?” I ask, confused.

It almost sounded like I was his to lov-

“To punish, Eva,” Sin cuts off my thoughts just in time, “I hope you don’t mind the slight inconvenience, but I have to lead or things can get a little out of control in Sinner’s Paradise.”

“Then I will face my punishment,” I grit my teeth.

“Good. You can either give me your life... or come to my castle and take residence there. I have a room for you,” Sin’s options are both extreme but one doesn’t sound like a punishment.

“How is that a way to pu-”

“Punishment can be submission too, Eva,” Sin drawls, “And your backbone is a little too up tight for my desires. I need you to submit.”

“You want me to fear you, don’t you-?”

“Quite the opposite,” Sin’s goblins laugh on the ground, pointing up at me.

“Really?” I ask.

“I want you to submit, nothing more, nothing less... unless you’d prefer me to take your life, that can be arranged as well,” Sin slowly smiles and I cross my arms over my chest.

“I will take residence in your castle,” I nod, “Deal?”

“A deal with the devil is always a done deal, Eva,” Sin drawls as he comes forward, closing the gap while holding out a hand for me to shake, “I’m surprised you haven’t begged for mercy yet.”

“Why would I?”

“Most do.”

“I’m not most people,” I don’t know where it comes from but my statement just blurts out and then Sin narrows his eyes, intrigued.

I grab his outstretched hand to shake and he clasps mine tight.

I expect a rush of evil.

Instead I just feel warm flesh, like mine, with a formidable grip.

But his eyes flash, and it’s like he reads deeper into my mind now that there is another form of contact.

I quickly pull my small hand out of his large one, and I hold it in my other hand as I wait for his response.

“Interesting... Eva... so interesting. I hope you settle in well,” Sin nods, turns and waltzes away with his goblins in tow.

I feel flooded with desire and confusion.

My emotions were at a peak as he walks away from me.

Oh, Sin.

I wasn’t sure if it was because he sought me out twice in such a short period... or because he just took all of my control away.

But for some reason, my heart was singing for more and my lungs felt needy for air.

I am wrong if I think it’s just my heart.

It’s also the wall of magic that slams into me and distorts my vision once again.

Everything turns, breaks and moulds as I’m transported to his castle.

And I had a feeling this time I wouldn’t be allowed to leave.

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