Sinner's Paradise

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4 - Crimson Castle

After two weeks my masterpiece was nearly complete. Everything on the inside of Sin’s Castle seemed to be themed with a blood red colour as I recline on my comfortable couch, opposite my red covered bed - single sized. Thank, Sin.

The room was tiny with the bed and the couch and a balcony that overlooked the star filled sky. Nothing else was in the room. Even my bathroom was a communal one shared by all the other residents.

14 nights and I hadn’t seen the Lord of the Paradise. Not yet. Apparently he was in hibernation and didn’t want to be seen by anyone until he was ready.

I was secretly thankful, except for the fact that the rules of Sin’s Castle were... well... few but strict. Keep your residence clean and if you want to leave, you must seek permission from Sin.

Hence, I hadn’t left these red walls, encased in the sandstone.

I hear giggling from under my sheets a moment later and I look up to see a man fall out with Georgie wrapped up in his arms.

“I told you not to come with me,” Georgie slaps him and then kisses him while my bed is now a mess.

I roll my eyes and put my paintbrush aside as the man leaves with my friend’s spell. Georgie uses her magic to get him to leave in a puff of pink sparkles.

Then she turns to me, grabbing my blanket to cover her naked body, she climbs on top of my bed and sighs as she leans her head against the stone wall behind her.

“” I ask, raising a brow.

“I like this castle,” Georgie whispers, wiggling her eyebrows, “Thanks for giving me a chance to explore. Who knew I’d still have that flirt inside me? I used to get at least three men a day... I’m back up to two.”

“Too much information. You know I hate talking about your intimate adventures,” I cross my legs under me on my couch while Georgie pouts.

“I’m just trying to see if you’ll start spilling,” Georgie murmurs, “You know, about your adventures.”

“I told you I haven’t had any. I’ve explored the castle and I’ve been painting it, what more is there you want me to say? That I was sleeping with Sin this whole time?” I hate the way she slowly grins at this.

“I wish you weren’t lying...” she sighs and curls up into my bed, closing her eyes, “I’ve wished to know for so long.”

“Wait,” I blink rapidly, “I thought... I just assumed... I’m pretty sure you said, you’ve been with him, like that.”

“No,” she moans, “I’ve always wanted to, but I never got the chance.”

“Why, you’re not his type? You’re everyone’s type,” I shrug and she opens her eyes to look me over with a frown.

“He likes virgins, silly,” Georgie slowly sits back up, pushing her dark hair behind her, “Speaking of which, I have some pretty little things wanting me to help wax them for their first time,” even the word makes me shiver in pain, “Bye, bye, Eva. Stay safe,” Georgie winks at me and then disappears in her pink sparkles, leaving my bed a mess.

"Argh,” I stand up and march over to the bed, grabbing the covers and roughly putting them back into place, “Of course he likes virgins, how poetic,” I feel like face planting onto my bed when I hear a knock at my door.

I slip to my knees on the floor and jump back up, brushing off my purple dress.

I see an Enforcer stick her head into the room. Her red eyes are urgent and her hand suggests I move quickly. I walk up to her and she licks her lips, nervous.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, confused.

“We’ve tried everything,” she whispers, “We’ve tried to rouse him. To feed him. We’ve even sacrificed our damn lunches, to try and get him to come out of his chamber. I did some research, found out your the last person he invited to stay here before he locked himself away. Would you like to do me a favour?”

“Like what?” I ask, confused.

“Knock on his door,” she says, “Open it and check if he is still alive. Some of us are scared he might have finally fell into a century long sleep, and if he has... that broods trouble in this Paradise. We need a top law enforcer. You need to help us... if you’re willing. I need you to be willing, Eva.”

“Fine,” I shrug, “Whatever.”

“Good, thank you,” the Enforcer grabs my hand from under her black robe, and then she tugs me along behind her, “This way.”

“I know the way,” I tell her.

“Really?” she looks over her shoulder, “Good, if you’ve been there before you have a better chance.”

“Sure,” I murmur, unsure as she lets my hand go and I strive ahead.

I didn’t feel scared, but I felt a bit apprehensive. I had a feeling he wouldn’t answer to me, so it’d be no big deal if I knocked.

I head up winding stair cases and swing around corners of elaborate halls, until I reach the most luxurious level of all.

I see his door and a bunch of Enforcers outside of it, discussing ideas in their black robes.

When they see me, they must recognise me as they urge me closer and then they step back to see if I’ll have the magic touch at Sin’s chamber door.

I nod to them respectfully and then turn to the large wooden door, clearly shut with a dim light seeping out from under it.

Oh, Sin.

Here goes nothing.

I reach up my hand and knock on his door, aiming to knock three times.

Except, as my fist connects with the wood, the door automatically starts to creak inwards at first contact.

I glance to the Enforcers and they suddenly fist pump the air while trying to maintain silence.

I smile nervously at them and then turn my head to peak a glance into Sin’s chamber.

My nervous smile is quickly wiped off my face.

I see a grey bed, moved to the middle, with... was... I wasn’t sure how many pairs of legs I could see. But there was definitely at least seven girls all giggling or moaning or kissing one another, while Sin was in the middle of it all, the happiest man in Sinner’s Paradise.

His eyes flicker between each occupant, before his blue orbs of steel rise up... and they spot me in the door way, my whole body frozen and my face unreadable.

I wave, awkwardly and then I step forward, I grab the door and I slowly swing it back shut, even as Sin seems to grin, slowly and maliciously, while his eyes are delighted that I’ve appeared.

“Wait,” an Enforcer begs me to stop.

But I make sure the door is closed before I turn to the four Enforcers with a tight lipped smile.

“He’s fine,” I croak out and then I turn and head off down the hall way.

Luckily, Enforcers were law bringers because they knew if you were telling the truth.

I’m sure they read me well enough as they let me leave.

Sin was fine.

As for me... I wasn’t sure if I was fine.

Especially when my heart feels like it’s melting.

My own sin, takes over me.

My broken heart consumes me and I feel an enormous amount of self pity as I trudge my way back to my room, each step feeling heavier than the last.

I try to pull myself out of it by focusing on my latest masterpiece.

Crimson Castle, I’d call it.

After all, that bed had patches of blood.

Because they had all been virgins.

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