Sinner's Paradise

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5 - Sin's Speech

Similar music was playing again at the gala but this time I was in the courtyard that was featuring the dance, attended by the Lords and Ladies of Sinner’s Paradise. I was standing off to the side, dressed in my favourite blue dress. It hugged my tiny curves; I didn’t have many.

What can I say, I was boring and so plain to look at, most Lords and Ladies left me alone.

I was always untouched and never bothered in Sin’s Crimson Castle.

I had started to refer to it as such and I had tried my best to store those images of his virgin ‘sacrifices’ by thinking of anything but Sin.

The cracked pavement below my feet. Paintings. Goblins. Buffets. Baths. My non-existent friends. Georgie had been very busy this week at her Milky Star beauty salon.

Unfortunately, however, I had lost my desire to paint since finishing my latest masterpiece. Which was five days ago.

I had been sleeping most of the time and day dreaming.

At the moment I was just brooding while sipping on red wine.

I didn’t even like wine.

But the alcoholic taste was just another thing to dwell on, besides that last encounter, if you could call it such a thing, with Sin...


Needless to say, last week, a few hours after I found Sin alive and well, he exited his chamber and was back to his old self. I didn’t see him, I only heard from the female Enforcer that came to check on me; her name was Peach.

She had thanked me for my service, even though I had done nothing but open a door.

Now, I watch in lazy fascination as Lords and Ladies dance to the classical music with their friends. The tables around the courtyard were filled with hot steaming food and too many desserts available for delectation.

“Excuse me,” a waiter slips by, wearing the designated too-stiff black tuxedo; all for show, not for comfort.

‘Excuse me’ seemed to be the only conversation I had had with people this week.

The courtyard was at the front of the castle grounds, and while one side exited off into the city, one side also had a balcony over looking more of the city which dropped down far below.

I look to where the end has a guarded entrance, and my eyes ascend to see the sandy dunes in the distance.

So huge and isolating.

Gosh, I wish I was there now.

Rather than in a beautiful gala with no one who desired to keep me company.

Everyone had their groups and I was just standing awkwardly to the side of the dance floor with my wine and no appetite to eat.

I glance up, however, when the calm atmosphere turns to excitement with the entrance of an expected figure.

Fashionably late, Sin walks in wearing his silver armour, making him look like the overlord of the entire city. Which he was. Except he wasn’t old, fat and arrogant.

He was an impossible age with a young face, an all knowing eye, a black heart and he wasn’t arrogant.

I had decided that since the last time I saw him in the midst of all those girls in his bed.

He wasn’t arrogant, no.

He was misleadingly easy to read. He was simply menacing, calculating and fearless.

He was too intelligent.

Sooner or later he’d find your weakness and punish you for it.

That’s all I knew of Sin.

Everyone cheers and laughs and smiles at Sin, as he stalks his way to the end of the dance floor and spins around with a microphone that has magically appeared in his hand.

“Thank you for celebrating, yet again, the Paradise and it’s uses to those who know what they want. Usually, that’s all I’ll say but tonight I want to express some feelings,” Sin gets a round of laughter at this and he grins in the wake of it, “Sometimes, I admit... you won’t believe it... but I am confused and troubled,” Sin’s eyes eerily go from scanning the crowd to finding my gaze, locking on and holding it as if this whole speech, is for me. It’s like the world stops as my heart slows and my eyes focus. Those malicious eyes, oh, Sin, what could you want from me now? “Everything,” he continues, as if answering my thoughts, “Everything troubles me. Because... I’ve had an angel... fall into hell,” he says this seriously and the crowd gasps in disgust as he also looks deadly serious, but then he continues, with a tone suddenly lighter... and it just makes it all the more foreboding, “I was in my chambers thinking about this. How can a place of beggars, desperados, thieves, criminals and selfish critters... how... how can one slip through the gates, willingly... baring a pure soul? I saw it and I invited the girl, into our midsts. Now I’m wondering, what her punishment should be... shall we humiliate her... and make her cry?” Sin holds my gaze again after briefly watching everyone else, “Or shall she apologise for infiltrating a place she does not belong.”

Sin sounds furious about this.

And I feel scared to the core.

But also warmed, in the strangest way... with adrenaline.

“Eva,” he says my name and all eyes turn to me.

“Yes, Sin?” I ask, raising a brow and taking a sip of my red wine, I hope that by doing nothing wrong, I can therefore do no wrong... and be left totally alone.

Which is what I desired.

“Don’t lie with your eyes, Eva, I can see what you what,” Sin, again, seems to answer my thoughts and for some reason this angers me in this moment.

Especially when he looks at me like I’ve willingly sought this out... like I’ve...

Oh, Sin.

What if I had?

I couldn’t remember why I bought the ticket. I couldn’t remember what I did in my previous life.

I think Sin... was as curious as me.

And he wanted me to find out... so he could know.

The fact he called me an angel and a pure soul, scares me. No one is pure.

Not me; my heart was irreparably broken and I had no idea why, I don’t know what or who caused it.

I just felt it.

“If I were to speak my greatest wish right now,” I speak, deciding to say it since it is truly what I’ve been wanting for so long, since I came here, “I wish to speak with you.”

“Desire... Eva... are you sure that’s what you want?” Sin asks, quietly and the whole crowd seems to be smiling maliciously at each other.

Oh, they’d all love the gossip.

I don’t say anything and Sin looks down at his armoured feet, also in silver. He seems to smirk with himself as he reasons with his own thoughts.

Then he turns and gives the microphone to an Enforcer, who needs to make a speech next.

And Sin disappears in smoke and distorted images.

And then he appears behind me, where the ribbons of my dress, hanging down, are suddenly grasped in his hands as I look over my shoulder to see him pull the ribbons tightly together at the back.

Sin shakes his head, smiling to himself as he ties a perfect bow.

Then I turn to him and he steps back, creating distance, but then he keeps taking steps backwards, until he stops by a bench by the balcony.

He opens a hand, offering for me to take a seat.

I shake my head.

“No, thank you,” I murmur as I get closer, “I don’t need to sit.”

His eyes flash and I know he isn’t happy.

“You wish to speak, Eva, so speak,” Sin blinks slowly and I know he is thinking rapidly.

In contrast my brain is so slow, I hardly know where or what to begin with.

I go for safe territory.

“Would you like to see my newest painting?” I ask, “It’s called Crimson Castle.”

Sin’s eyes snap to mine and widen, he didn’t expect me to start with that.

I get a feeling he doesn’t like being surprised.

“I most certainly would love to see your latest masterpiece, Eva.”

Hopefully he liked it.

But as I realise I just invited Sin back to my room, where it’d be just him and I, alone... I realise like a fool that I should have just stuck to talking.

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