Sinner's Paradise

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8 - Tricking Eva

Knowing I have to follow through with this challenge to play with Sin, I walk forward into the cave that has opened before me.

It’s not a normal cave. As the darkness wraps around me, a musky yet sweet scent gets up my nose and infiltrates my senses.

Leather. Brass. Perfume. Money. Gold. Marble. Open spaces.

Anything that smelt of a typical Paradise, floods me, making my head a little cloudy as I walk through the darkness.

Even within the black, I can somehow tell that this cave is in fact an open space. It is simply a space I can not see.

“Would you like to see, Eva?” Sin asks from ahead, his voice echoes as it drawls, content, calculating and patient.

“What is the payment?” I ask.

“Payment? Careful, Eva, because I never said there was a payment... but now there must be, as punishment for your assumption,” Sin chuckles in the dark, while I halt my strides into the never ending black.

“Then what is the payment?” I ask boldly, instead of arguing with Sin’s twisted logic, “And what happens if I don’t pay up?”

“Then I stop playing so nice with you, Eva,” Sin sing songs, and it’s menacing and totally sure of his intentions at the same time, “You’ll listen or you’ll learn to. You see, sweet thing, the rules are few down here.”

“I will do as you say then,” I answer, trying to keep as obedient as possible so I can keep conversing with him to hopefully meet a middle ground, “But what is the objective of this game, Sin?”

“Who gives into temptation first,” Sin murmurs quietly, “It doesn’t mean you win or lose... it just means we get to have some more fun while I torment you.”

That didn’t make sense... other than no matter what happened, he was going to win again.


“I want to see,” I whisper, “So... what do you want, Sin?”

“Take off that dress,” Sin drawls and I can hear the smirk in his tone.

“May I ask, why?” I inquire politely.

“Obviously so I can admire my prize. If you think I’ll ever let you escape this eternal Paradise, you’re wrong, Eva. Down here, you’re mine. So when I want to play, you play and when I want you to stop, you’ll stop. Take the hint and continue to keep those wise but young ears wide open,” Sin’s tone gets closer, while I continue to stand stock still.

“Where are the lights?” I ask.

“Undress first and then you’ll get your vision,” Sin growls this, now from a few feet away.

“Will you force me to do things I don’t want to do?” I want to clear this up now before I let my thoughts run away with the faries.

“Forcing someone into anything is boring. I want to watch you do things you only dream about doing, which you will willingly decide to do,” Sin laughs to himself, “Another hint, Eva, the only way to save me, is to please me, because it’s the only time I’m happy, little Angel.”

“Angel? I don’t know what I am,” I murmur, while I reach for my straps and pull over my blue dress.

In one swift and confident move, I am naked.

And that is when Sin’s cavern lights up with flickering lanterns.

I could look around at the luxury of this place, filled with marble sculptures and vast spaces of art. The high ceilings, decorated with architecture carved into the rock.

But the only thing that holds my attention is Sin standing in front of me, with his metal armour in place.

While I stand naked, his eyes run over me, top to bottom. It is as if Sin is already caressing every curve, bump and twist with just that assessment alone. It sends shivers down my spine to have someone look at me with such interest and lust.

“I hear you like virgins,” I add bravely while I hold my fists down, so that I am not trying to cover up anything. I was done appearing weak.

“I like hearing them scream as I defile them,” Sin doesn’t take his eyes off my figure as he looks me over.

“Will you stay clothed while I am naked?” I ask, “Hardly seems fair...”

His mouth lifts in the corner as he finally meets my gaze, and I’m drawn in by the entrancing blue orbs.

“You’ll undress me... and then you’ll succumb to me,” Sin is so confident of this, I believe this whole game is turning into his idea of foreplay, “Think what you will, if it makes you feel more comfortable, Eva,” Sin adds, mockingly, “Who are you, to know what I plan for you? Perhaps I’ll sacrifice you, split you open and cut your throat like a lamb at the altar?” he raises a brow as he obviously expects me to flinch or blink with fear.

I just stand still while I remain calm, because with my heart, I don’t believe him.

“I don’t think you’ll kill me,” I explain slowly, “You’d be too bored if you killed the only supposed Angel in your Paradise,” I add, “And who will paint you when you desire more portraits?”

Sin pauses and scoffs.

“Do you want to know a secret?” he asks, “But this one will definitely come with a hefty price.”

“The price?” I ask.

“First I tell you the secret and then I tell you the price,” Sin murmurs.

“I accept,” I may be a fool, but I felt the moment I hesitated was the moment Sin would win.

Sin does seem a little startled that my confidence has grown this much, but now he is truely intrigued. Plus, he is happy I have obediently accepted the terms.

He stalks towards me until we’re inches apart, and then he looks down at me while I look up at him. I hold Sin’s gaze without blinking while his blue orbs hold not just one secret, but a thousand that are known to no one but him alone.

I briefly wonder if one day, I’ll know all his secrets.

“Sometimes,” Sin whispers with smooth intent to clearly do me harm in some way, “When I’m feeling particularly... emotional...” I know by his clear sarcasm that he is not emotional at all, “When I picture how I will eventually claim you as my eternal slave... I imagine ramming into you from behind, while you’re tied down and the whole city watches as you’re defiled before them. That way, no one will lay a hand on you and everyone will see who you serve first and foremost.”

“Why a public show -?” I whisper.

“The price,” Sin snaps, cutting me off before I can continue.

“I am already naked so the price can’t be much worse than that,” I retaliate and my words draw out a true smile of evil on Sin, because this whole time, he knows he is winning.

Even while I try to keep pace and find a way to break the game that he controls; always. Right now, Sin believe he holds every card in his hand... and perhaps he still does.

“Now, the price for that secret is that you’ll tell me the location of your friend who was in your covers of your bed today, and the identity of the man too,” Sin murmurs while watching me closely.

I react too quick.

"What will you do?" I blurt the question.

“Kill them,” Sin speaks casually, raising a quick brow while watching me with a wicked and intense gaze, “Because if you have not figured out, little sweet thing...” he pauses as he takes in a breath through his nose... slowly leaning down to blow a smokey trail over my cheek as he whispers, “I’m claiming you as mine...” he leans in his lips until they caress my cheek.

When his lips touch me - they leave a burning pain of pleasure I can not control.

I flinch and try to take a step back, suddenly panicking. This is the first time his real flesh, feels completely ethereal. It scares me because I realise that Sin allowed me to believe his skin was normal flesh, but it had actually been another lie to trick me.

This whole time he was playing with me.

However, I can’t move out of range because Sin simply curls out a quick arm and grasps my elbow, jerking me back in front of him. All the while his hand on my elbow releases sparks of energy that feel both amazing and intensely overwhelming at the same time. All I can gather is this being called Sin contains infinite amounts of extraordinary power and that he had been hiding the true extent of that magic from me until this moment.

“What are you trying to say to me, Sin?” I whisper, truly terrified... which pleases Sin.

“That you will never escape my possession, or the things I do to seal the deal,” Sin replies, casually, like it should be obvious - he even rolls his eyes half way to the ceiling.

“The deal?” I inquire, quietly.

"The deal you made the moment you took the ticket to my Paradise. Here, you’ll have everlasting pleasure... by falling in love with the prospect of serving your oh so sinful master,” Sin smiles... because now he is no longer attempting to screw my mind over.

In this particular moment, he is telling me the complete truth.

“You haven’t figured it out yet, little Angel, have you? All I’ve mentioned thus far is not the end, it’s hardly the beginning. This game of ours, just started. Let me remind you, that you also tried to escape just now - twice, actually, in the last half hour,” Sin smirks with his smooth statements, “Which means, Eva, you’ll be the one killing the intruders who slept in your bed. It’ll be your divine punishment and it’ll please me enough to allow you some freedom... to choose what clothes you wear,” now, Sin just turns the mind games back on with the insult at the end.

I just think of my dearest Georgie.

All I can do is gulp as every fear and anxiety floods me with the prospect of her dying... by my hand.

I have no idea how I’m going to fix this... before she’s murdered... before I am the one to commit the act.

“Eva,” Sin says my name but I’ve zoned out. I blink and look at him as he murmurs my name again, ”Eva,” I am confused, because now he looks dead serious, without a hint of humour, “If you kiss me now... I won’t sentence your friends to death-”


With a quick intake of air, I reach for Sin’s suit, pull him down as I get onto my tip toes... and I press my lips against his.

As I kiss him, I close my eyes briefly... confused why he almost expected it as his cruelly shaped perfect lips mould into mine, devouring me as much as I give myself to him.

I open my eyes to see the pleasant satisfaction in his gaze.

As I gasp in a breath of his desire and pull away. I let Sin go as he releases my elbow.

I stumble backwards, trembling from head to toe with adrenaline.

“Why do you look so happy about what just happened?” I ask, blurting out the question.

Sin blinks... watches me silently without expression... and eventually winks before he looks me up and down.

“Just testing your heart,” Sin explains, “You won this round, Eva.”

“I don’t understand, I kissed you first so technically I gave into temptation,” I snap.

“Alternatively, you refused to see your friend dead and you were selfless,” Sin explains, “I find that a very rare quality... to be so pure... and I also happen to find purity extremely intoxicating.”

“That’s really ironic,” I try to laugh, but Sin just raises a suspicious hand... before he blows a kiss towards me... and a red ring of magic literally flies through the air and circles around me, dancing like fire.

It tickles but doesn’t burn as it leaves little kisses of tingling pleasure all over my skin.

I shiver as it runs down my torso, my legs and ends at my toes.

It is strangely pleasant.

“What was that for?” I ask.

“My approval,” Sin explains and just as it’s getting slightly romantic, he of course, throws me off guard, “I’m going to enjoy having you as my little slave, Eva. I’m going to exploit you every single chance I get. And I’m going to make sure that you love every single moment. You’ll love serving me eternally. I promise you that.”

Okay, try to keep it positive, Eva.

Here I go.

“See, Sin? You didn’t sacrifice me at an altar, like a lamb... you were just joking,” I try to crack a joke to distract from the fact I’m blushing bright red.

“Maybe I was joking in that moment, but the secret I told you was 100% real... and 100% still is a constant vision I think about when my mind is on your sweet, untouched virginity... which is all the time,” Sin gives me another wink, smirking, “You’ve entertained me enough to allow you one more reward,” I purse my lips and wait for my reward before I say something to ruin this moment of generosity, “A dip in a steaming pool and sauna back at the castle with your new master by your side. If... you want me there with you. Are you ready for me?”

“I want privacy,” I quickly take the chance to get some alone time.

However, I don’t think Sin expects this answer because his happiness fades for a minute and he seems pissed off. However, Sin holds his tongue... and he clicks his fingers while raising an irritated brow.

My world starts to contort, my stomach turning as my surroundings change completely.

As my physical body solidifies, water touches me up to my neck while steam floats around me like haunting ghosts dropping by to say hello.

I can barely breathe in this sauna... but as I stand up and look around the spacious room... no one is here but me.

And I finally have some privacy.

For some really weird reason... Sin was being nice to me.

The fact he is showing some tender love and care worries me.

I wonder what the price will be after my time is up to wash.

“Oh, Sin,” I murmur, feeling my heart race, my lips still stinging with magic and my skin will pulsing with his powerful presence.

For now, I was being rewarded.

However, I can only wonder how Sin plans to play with me next.

And I know for certain, not every time will end in a reward, whether I was a virgin or not... his number one day dream about me was as cruel as hell. Me. Bonded. A public show. And the scariest thing of all?

A hell of a lot of gossip... about me... and my position at Sin’s feet.

His favourite toy.

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