Sinner's Paradise

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9 - Steamy Secrets

I was surrounded by bubbling hot spring water, within the perfect spa. The area was full of steam and it was at first hard to breathe. Now, after an hour, it is nearly midnight and I am falling asleep in the constant caress and hold of the gushing water.

“Oh, Sin,” I whisper as I close my eyes and stretch my neck back.

I was staying in this water much longer than necessary. I was delaying the inevitable return to my new residence in Sin’s bedroom.

Now, I wasn’t just exhausted after today but I was quite thirsty too.

I lick my dry lips, my throat parched just as I hear giggling little scheming goblins behind me.

I turn around, languid and slow with my movements. I face the little munchkins, black with silver eyes and long dark whiskers. Of course he sent his little pets. They scuttle forward, one holding a wine glass stem in two hands and the other a bottle, which it holds at the base as it wobbles dangerously above.

“Careful, critter,” I murmur, as I reach a hand out of the water to grab the neck of the bottle.

However, the little offended goblin snarls at me and hops backwards, consequentially dropping his grip on the bottle of wine altogether.

As the wine prepares to float through the air and smash on the marble floor, it stops as a foot slides forward and balances it.

I look up and instantly regret seeing Sin, completely naked, as he bends down to pick up the bottle and hand it back to the little goblin.

“Grow a brain,” Sin snarls at the pet in disapproval and the critter just trembles in acknowledgment of his master’s words.

“I thought I asked for privacy,” I breathe out, quickly spinning around while my lips still remember the smooth capturing mouth that Sin had used on me.

I can’t say that is the only thing that has my attention when I had briefly glanced his completely naked torso.

“It’s my turn to soak in the tears of my enemies,” Sin growls low in slight irritation of me as he steps forward and slips into the water.

I turn as I see the goblins finish filling the wine glass.

“Thank you,” I politely address them and reach for the stem - right before Sin leans back and arcs an impressive shoulder to grab the glass before I can.

I quickly take my hand back and watch him bring the stolen wine up to his lips.

Sin takes a sip and it stains his lips crimson.

“Thirsty?” Sin asks low, while the water covers his waist, and I’m sitting below him, wondering if I should leave now or ask for permission to exit the water. With my thoughts, Sin smirks into his glass and takes another sip before holding out the wine to me in temptation.

“If I drink it?” I whisper.

“You have to stay,” Sin murmurs, edging the glass closer to my face.

I reach out a hand and grasp the stem, drinking the wine with a large gulp.

I was too thirsty.

By the time I’ve swallowed, I think I want to throw up.

“That wasn’t... that wasn’t...” I gasp in a breath of air and throw the glass over my shoulder, it shatters somewhere in the room while Goblins gurgle in surprise,“Oh, my god,” I want to cry with the realisation.

Sin, however... he just chuckles while wiping his lips clean.

“Tricked you again, little Angel,” Sin slowly smiles while I tremble with disgust.

“Blood,” I gasp again, panting as I try to get the iron taste out of my mouth, “I swallowed blood... who’s blood?” I whisper again, looking up at Sin to see him hesitate, in order to calculate his reply.

“While you were bathing, I asked around... found a sultry lady called Georgie. I told her to donate some life blood if she wanted to reside here. As a friend for you,” Sin adds this in with his eyebrows furrowing in amusement.

While he plays with my mind, I try not to cry.

“I thought you were going to say that you had taken her life,” I whisper, “Did I just... drink... her blood?”

“You’re such a sweet little fool, aren’t you, Eva? Trying to hide your friend from me,” Sin states, while gazing over my horrified face, “But I did offer Georgie a place to stay here as your maiden. A woman to take care of you to keep you prepared and in well order for me. You’re a... handful, when it comes to cleanliness,” Sin looks genuinely disgusted at the end of his speech, “It is good you bathed for an hour.”

I don’t know what to say to Sin’s derogatory statements as I wade a little over my seat to put some much needed distance between us.

As I shuffle away from him, Sin smirks while staring off into the distant steamy fog of evaporated tears.

“I wasn’t tricking you about the tears,” Sin answers my thoughts smoothly while half closing his eye lids and gazing away as if to thoughtfully plan his next move, “Eva... I would love to add your tears to this water of mine.”

“I’m sure you could make me cry pretty quickly,” I murmur, while I think about him hurting me.

“In certain ways, yes, but it’d be too easy. However, have you ever cried from overwhelming pleasure?” Sin now glances at me as I’m huddled in my corner of the hot spring of tears.

“I... don’t know,” I shrug.

“Have you never... wow... you haven’t,” Sin shakes his head, grinning, “You haven’t even touched yourself.”

“What?” I hiss out, “What do you mean?”

“To pleasure yourself,” Sin growls, slyly glancing at me as I blush.

“I know what you mean, I just, well, I’ve never really felt the desire to, I guess,” I shrug, “I like to paint. I like gold. I don’t want an orgasm as much as I want isolation,” I am true with my speech, “That is my secret, Sin. When I am happy, I am alone and painting, or selling my painting for gold so that I can buy pretty dresses.”

“...and what is your price?” Sin asks while leaning back for the full bottle of ‘wine’. He pulls it into his grasp and downs the bottle of blood in a few gulps while I’m allowed to think.

I am surprised by his offer of a price for allowing him a ‘secret’ about me.

I am almost left speechless.

Until I decide to think quick.

“A secret for a secret,” I blurt quickly, “Tell me another one of yours.”

“Perfect. My secret is this... I’m hoping you’ll say yes,” Sin answers, just as quickly, while turning to face me without wading closer. I watch his face as he raises a single seductive brow.

“Yes to what specifically?” I inquire.

“You get to choose, sweet Angel. How you let your tears fall into this liquid. I could do many things to you. But... I’ve offered something tempting to most,” Sin slowly smirks and a knowing light flickers through his blue orbs.

Overwhelming pleasure was the offer.

And I know that look in his eyes.

I know it well.

It was the same satisfaction when I kissed him.

When he won.

I suddenly figure out how I am going to win this round this time.

“I want you to cut me, just slightly enough to make me cry,” I choose my words very careful, “I think I’ll pass on the overwhelming pleasure this time, Sin.”

“...this time...” Sin repeats the two words he chooses to latch onto, “...but not every time?”

I choose not to answer this.

Instead, I ask, “Do I sleep next to you in your bed or do I get my own in your chamber?”

Now, Sin pauses before laughing robustly.

His evil mwahahaha echoes off the walls in an enthralling but creepy manner.

“Sweet thing,” he tries to contain himself but continues to laugh.

“What is so funny?” I ask, finally losing my temper as I snap.

I don’t think Sin appreciates it... because he turns to me quickly, smoking his way right up to my cornered form.

Sin leans down until his forehead touches mine... while his hands simply rest on the edges of the spa, blocking me in.

I watch as he doesn’t seem to breathe while searching my eyes... his gaze controlled and focused.

"Slaves sleep on the stone cold ground,” Sin whispers, while I inhale his smokey breath when he finally exhales.

“How do I get a bed- ?”

“You please me,” Sin growls, in a manner that suggests he isn’t lying or tricking me this time.

“You’re displeased I told you to cut me instead?” I ask, “Aren’t you?”

Sin instantly scoffs, his mouth turning up in the corner as he slowly lifts his head from mine.

“No... I’m just curious, why someone like you, would take pain over pleasure,” Sin states, “That tells me a lot about you, actually, Eva.”

“Like what exactly?" I sit up right, trying to keep a straight back and a straight face while a naked Sin is literally inches from me.

Sin slowly raises a hand to trail his fingers down my throat, teasing me before he chooses to answer.

“You’re willing to take some pain,” Sin licks his lips after he says this while my eyes freeze on his face.

Sin’s blue orbs swirl with a new kind of joy.

“Why is that good?” I whisper.

“Because now I know that every time I punish you in the future,” Sin murmurs, still happy, “You’re going to beg for more... and I will give more punishing freely. As long as I get to see you blush, Eva - red cheeks, so innocent, eyes bright, so naive. All I ask is for your purity of heart and soul,” Sin pauses as he stares into my fretful gaze before adding in a slow calculated drawl, “You’ll never change. Will you, sweety?”

I just nod and watch as Sin’s eyes seem to cloud over and I can’t help but think instantly of the angel in the artwork he was staring at the first time I painted him. His eyes only clouded over like that when he looked at her.

The angel that had clearly broken his heart.

When I abruptly realise this, I realise what he sees in me.

And I suddenly know this game is no longer without extreme risk.

One wrong move... and he might just kill me.

"I wouldn’t kill you, Eva,” Sin snarls out of no where, making me jerk as he clearly catches onto my loud thoughts. I gulp as he finally focuses on me and me only, “If you ever betray me - you will find eternal punishment is easy for me to administer, sweet thing... so just another hint, Angel. Don’t ever try and run again,” Sin winks at the end of his diabolic speech.

He finally wades back from me, while turning to his goblins to order them to clean up the shattered glass and to stop eating it.

I just stay huddled in my corner, my mind racing.

Suddenly the stakes in this game him and I were playing, were much higher.

I had to start thinking.

I had to find ways to fix this.

Before it got way out of hand... clearly... somehow... I needed to make Sin lose interest in me.

Only then, maybe, I might escape without harm.

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