Safeguarding Isla

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Isla Moon Gambino, daughter of the mafia crime lord Richard Gambino has led a sheltered and caged life due to all the dangers that lurk around the mafia family members, now when a rival mafia family threatens the Gambino family's safety, she has been appointed a personal bodyguard. Alexander Rossi, Ex-Marine seal with demons of his own is the appointed bodyguard to the sweet and sheltered girl who goes out of her way to befriend him and make him talk to her. Will she be able penetrate his ice cold exterior? Will he be able to free her from the caged life she leads? Will their forbidden love last? FULL VERSION AVAILABLE ON : Dreame Rnovel (App) Hinovel (App) Anystories (App) Link in bio UPDATES EVERY TWO WEEKS

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Chapter 1: In Which It Begins

Alexander stood in a crisp black Armani suit, shoes polished, hair combed back in a charming quif to the side, the earpiece tucked in place behind his ear, again tucked in his holster and posture perfect with his hands behind his back like a true soldier even though there was no one in the study he was standing in.

Alexander was waiting for Richard Gambino, the notorious mafia leader to arrive and meet with him. He had recently been hired to protect his daughter and Richard Gambino wanted to meet with Alexander first.

Alexander has tried to do some basic research on his daughter, Isla Moon Gambino, just a simple google research but he didn’t find much at all except the fact that she was Richard Gambino’s daughter and her place of education, even the only pictures up on the internet of hers were either of her side profile or covered by a man in black as she got into the car.

She was a real mystery.

The door of the study jolting open and The sight of Richard Gambino walking into the study with his bodyguard made him stand straighter more alert.

“Sir!” He gave a salute with a stomp of his foot.

Richard Gambino was a major in the army during the Cold War before he was in the mafia, he deserved the soldier’s respect no matter his crimes.

“At ease lieutenant” Richard said taking a seat on the leather couch spreading his arms over the back support of the couch and putting one leg over the other.

Richard Gambino was an average height man 5′9 at most with an average body, a slight potbelly and silver hair. There were wrinkles on his face and frown lines on his forehead indicating the burden being a mob boss came with.

Out of the blue, Richard tugged the gun out of the holster under his jacket with quick reflex and took an aim right at Alexander’s forehead from where he was standing, a gunshot rang through the office as Richard pulled the trigger, fortunately, with swift reflexes, Alexander bends the upper half of his body backwards, successfully dodging the bullet as he saw it passing over him from in between his eyes barely missing him.

Alexander’s eyes widened as he stood up straight looking at the crazy mafia leader with an incredulous look on his face while Richard just gave him a wicked grin.

“You’re in impeccable shape lieutenant, great reflexes. A couple of my close people highly recommended you as hire and I can see why, I just hope you live up to your reputation. My daughter is very important to me, I love her very much and the threat against her is very real and very dangerous so I want you to be the person who dies before a scratch comes to her. Are we clear?” Richard ordered, his voice stoic.

“Yes sir. I’ll do my absolute best” Alexander assured, regaining his composure.

“Well good then off you go now, there is a guard, he’ll take you to her, shadow her 24/7 don’t let her out of your sight unless she is in her room” Richard said and with one last army courtesy Alexander was out the door.

Sure enough, another guard waited for him right outside the door and ushered Alexander to follow him.

“So you probably wanna know what she’s like” the guard said but Alexander kept quiet, he didn’t like to unnecessarily talk but he was curious, cause in his assumptions she would probably be a spoilt brat who would order him around and get on his nerves.

“Well she is quite the looker first of all and she is not gonna give you too much trouble though she can go a little overboard with her little adventures so you’ll have your hands full with that one but all in all nice girl” the guard rambled on while they walked towards where Isla was.

Not a spoilt brat then, he’ll believe it when he sees it.

It seemed they were walking towards the gardens where there was a little cluster of maids gathered around a tree looking distressed.

When they finally reached the tree they saw the girl sitting sideways on a branch high up.

“She won’t get down, if she gets hurt Mr. Gambino will have our throats” one of the maids said.

“Millie it’s not that I don’t wanna get down, it’s just that it was easy to get up but I am scared to get down now” the girl who Alexander assumed was Isla said from the tree.

“Well you weren’t very clever with that decision were you?” Millie retorted.

“Okay will you stop scolding me and get me down please” Isla said.

She looked down from the tree and saw the tall buff man in the crisp black suit.

Hah! A bodyguard he’ll help she thought.

“Hey mister! You in the black suit, the tall one help me out will ya? I am gonna jump on the count of three and you catch me” she said, he was standing close enough.

So before Alexander had the time to utter out anything Isla counted to three and jumped with her eyes closed.

On instinct, he quickly stepped forward and brought his arms forward catching her before she hit the ground. Her arms naturally wounded around his neck to ensure she wouldn’t fall.

A look at her face and for a while, he couldn’t stop staring, she was exquisite. Pin straight long black hair flowing down over his arm, pale complexion with ruby red lips that looked so plush and kissable and the ocean blue pools of eyes decorated with thick long black lashes which made her look so delicate as they brushed her rosy cheeks. Moreover, her white dress’ shoulder step had come loose falling to the side, exposing her milky silk skin, absolutely flawless from there his eyes traveled to her well-defined collar bones almost calling out to him to leave hickeys and down ways to her provocative cleavage.

Beautiful, was all he could think.

“Thank you!” She chimed jumping out of his arms to stand on her own feet. He was disappointed at the loss but nonetheless he came back to earth from his trance.

“My duty ma’am. My name is Alexander Rossi, I am the new personal bodyguard assigned to you, I’ll be staying with you 24/7 as per orders” he said with a stone face.

“Oh cool! I’ll call you Alex is that alright ?” She asked with a hopeful smile.

“Whatever you prefer ma’am” he answered.

“You don’t have to call me ma’am, my name is Isla Moon so you could call me by my first or middle name if you want, I really don’t mind” she offered.

She had to crane her neck up to talk to him, he was at least six feet tall while she stopped at five four so that didn’t help her case.

“It’s standard protocol ma’am, it wouldn’t be professional” he explained.

“Well umm... okay then, my offer will always stay open though” she said with a dimply smile.

He was still in awe of her beauty and from the looks of it she was well mannered too.

Maybe if she was a spoilt brat it would’ve been more easier to concentrate on his job.

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