Sunflower Inn

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3 years later ...

Lucky was sitting on the swing, a cover wrapped around her shoulders and her hands curled around a warm cup of herbal tea. She stared out into the vast fields, letting her surroundings soothe her worries. She was a week past her due date, the doctor had said it was completely normal with a first child, but it didn’t stop the worry from festering. She had a pretty uneventful pregnancy so far, she had little to no morning sickness and she had yet to develop cankles. She was one of the lucky ones and for once, she was grateful that her luck rubbed off on this aspect of her life. The door opened next to her and her handsome husband walked out onto the porch.

″I knew I’d find you out here.″

He sat down next to her, wrapped one arm around her and brought the other to rub her stomach gently. He leaned in close to her huge belly and whispered to his unborn child.

″Mommy and Daddy are becoming impatient little one.″

When they had learned that she was pregnant, it had been an amazing day for both of them. Jet had some insecurities about becoming a father but they had talked it all out before letting nature take its course. Lucky knew that he would be an amazing father, because he was an amazing man. He never made her feel unwanted, unloved or any negative things. He tried to be there for her through everything and most importantly, she could be herself with him. She had always wanted someone who accepted her as she was and who didn’t want to change her. She wanted to give her love to someone imperfect as well, perfection was truly overrated.

Things at the Inn were going good, they worked well as a team. As the years went by, they expanded some of the activities that the Inn offered. Jet was appointed to horse riding instructor and the guests loved learning with him. Lucky had perfected her cooking skills and Jet knew that his ma would have been proud. People heard along the grape vine about her culinary skills and she had even started taking part in yearly food festivals where her rhubarb pie always won first place. Life at the Inn was amazing for both of them, they were content in their day to day routines. The pregnancy had come quickly after they had begun trying, they had spent almost all their nights awake in each others arms. They knew that life would change after having a baby, but they were both so happy that they didn’t dwell on the difficulties it would bring. Whatever challenges, they would face them together.


″Yes, four minutes apart, for the past two hours.″

Jet was on the phone with Lucky’s doctor, while she was sitting on the edge of the couch, rocking her hips back and forth. She had started getting painful contractions during the night, they had woken her up. It was now six in the morning, they had been getting more intense as the hours passed. She didn’t feel like it was bad enough yet, so she breathed through them and waited patiently. She was impatient however when it came to meeting her baby. She didn’t care about the pain, like her doctor told her, her body knew what it was doing, the pain was just its way of opening up to let the baby pass. She felt another contraction coming, she breathed in and filled her lungs, breathed everything out and started again until it passed. Jet was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, she thought it was hilarious. She even laughed through some contractions and she heard Jet tell the doctor that she was crazy. She laughed even harder, feeling a gush of water run down her legs. She looked down and gasped. Oh well, I guess we’re going to the hospital now.

Jet held Lucky by the waist and they walked slowly towards the hospital doors. They opened and Jet found a wheelchair near the entrance for his wife. She laughed and told him to put it back, she was able to walk and it was better anyway for the baby with gravity working its magic. He didn’t bother arguing and they made their way to the delivery ward. They were placed in a private room and Lucky continued her breathing through each contractions, while Jet called someone to take care of the Inn while they were away.


Lucky stared down at her beautiful baby girl, she couldn’t stop feeling amazed every time she looked at her tiny hands and toes. Everything about her was so small and delicate, she was a precious little angel. They had spent two days in the hospital, bathed in a cocoon of love, high on the smell of their newborn. They were returning back home soon, but they knew that the feeling would not be left behind. They were completely in love with their bundle of joy.


3 years later ...

Donna ran along the sunflower fields, without a care in the world. Her small fingers grazed the tall stems as she giggled and tumbled to the ground.

″Careful sweetie.″

Donna turned to find Lucky sitting on a checkered cover in the middle of the field, she was eating a sandwich. Jet was sitting next to her, he was rubbing her protruding belly. Lucky was going to have another baby, a baby brother just for her. Donna got up, slapped the dirt from her knees and ran towards them. She rolled onto the cover next to them and laid her head down close to her mommy’s belly. Lucky stroked her hair and little Donna closed her eyes, she was happy. She soon fell asleep, as Jet leaned down to give his daughter a soft kiss.

″I’m so happy Lucky. You’ve given me the best gifts a man can ask for.″

Lucky smiled when she thought of everything she was thankful for. She hugged him close, careful not to wake their little princess.

″I am beyond happy and I know the best is yet to come.″


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