Sunflower Inn

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Lucky almost kicked herself through the entire dinner with the intimate family. What the hell was wrong with her? When had she ever been speechless, short of breath and without a sane thought in her head. Jet was gorgeous! She had imagined what he looked like when she had seen Donna. A son must look somewhat like his mother. Right? He had nothing that made her think of Donna except his eyes. His hair was the darkest black she had ever laid eyes on, his shoulders were wide and his body was lean. She had never been one to steal a look at a man’s rear, but in those jeans, he was begging to be looked at. She was like a giddy schoolgirl, she had a major crush and she had no idea what to do about it. She had never felt this way about a man, not even Tommy, her high school sweetheart. Jet was not only a gorgeous rugged man, he also had that southern charm people so often talked about. He pulled out the chair for her, he helped with the dishes, he actually listened when she talked. She hoped love would find her one day, was it really today?


Jet rode with Pinto up the hill and noticed Lucky walking towards the woods again. Two days in a row, she must really love walking alone in the forest. He knew better than to follow her, but he did so anyways. He had felt a strong pull towards her the night before, personality wise she was awkward, but she sure was beautiful. Their was something about her that drew him to her. He wanted to show off around her, make her notice him. He seemed to have a crush on her, but other than her beauty, he didn’t know if she had nothing going for her. Maybe he should talk to her and see if she had brains as well as beauty.

Lucky walked along the lonely road. She could hear woodland creatures scurrying away as she drew near their hideouts. Everything in the world seemed to stop when she took her walks. It was a time to think, to meditate openly with herself and clear her mind. She was at peace when she was walking, nothing could bother her. Until she heard the hooves of a horse drawing near. She turned and saw Jet and his horse coming towards her. She got scared for a moment, but noticed the horse was slowing down. That horse sure was a beauty, Donna had mentioned Pinto in her letters, saying she had won every beauty contest she had ever competed in. Lucky believed it. The man riding Pinto wasn’t half bad either. Today, he was wearing low rider jeans and a checkered wool shirt. It was kind of frisky outside, so she was wearing a thick sweater and a long skirt with thick tights. She looked up at Jet and waited.

Jet looked down at the beautiful woman standing not so far away. She looked so natural and goddess like with the wind picking up her loose hair. She frowned. Maybe it was a bad idea to have followed her.

″What can I do for you Jet?″

″I saw you walking here yesterday. Then today. I thought you might like some company.″

He jumped off of Pinto, touched her mane affectionately and walked with her alongside Lucky.

″I actually like to take a walk to clear my mind.″

A moment passed and he stopped walking.

″I should go.″

Lucky turned to him quickly and grabbed his hand. She pulled away as soon as she felt the electricity like tingles going up her arm and warming her insides. She wondered is he had felt it too. She cleared her throat and talked as evenly as she could muster.

″Don’t go, I’m sorry. I can clear my mind some other time.″

He turned to her and smiled.

″We can clear it together.″


They had been walking in silence for about an hour, before Lucky spoke.

″Pinto sure is beautiful. I can see why she’s your favorite.″

″How do you know her name?″

″Your mom told me in her letters.″

Jet was quiet for a moment and then turned to Lucky.

″I don’t know what it is about you, but I feel like I need to tell you about my mom’s condition.″

Lucky was silent, waiting. Donna has not told her anything about a condition.

″She had a heart attack a few months back, she’s been having some issues since then. The doctor told her that she needs to take it easy but she is doing the complete opposite. Having you here is sure helping my peace of mind.″

Lucky took one of his hands into hers. She felt the warmth invade her once again but she didn’t pull back.

″I didn’t know you were going through all this. I’m really sorry.″

Jet looked towards Pinto and walked away. He touched the horse softly and looked into her eyes. A single tear ran down his cheek and he flicked it away viciously. He didn’t know why he wanted to open up to this stranger. Lucky walked up behind him and touched his shoulder. He turned to her and tried to smile. She mirrored the smile, placed a hand on his cheek and kissed him softly. She pulled away from his startled face.

″Your mom is a fighter, I can see it in her. She can survive this.″


She couldn’t believe she had kissed him, it had been the most perfect heart wrenching kiss. So sweet and innocent. Jet tasted like coming home, a taste that would forever be imprinted into her memory. She touched her lips and thought about it once more. She looked straight ahead in the floor to ceiling mirror and noticed her flushed cheeks. How can a memory make her turn all pink and make butterflies appear in her stomach? She must be going crazy, she didn’t even know him.


What the hell was wrong with him? He should never have told her about his mom. What was it to her anyways? She was just a guest at Sunflower. Nothing more, or was she? He felt such a strong attraction to her, not just physically anymore. He needed someone in his life to help heal his wounds, someone to love him, someone to love. He wanted a family and a loving wife, he had been kidding himself when he had sworn to never want those things. He had tried it with his last girlfriend, she had become his fiancée, but she had quickly become bored with Sunflower and she too had left. Lucky seemed different, she wanted to start her own bed and breakfast, something had pushed her to come, he wanted to know what. He had to be sure about her. He liked her too much already.

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