Sunflower Inn

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″We have some people arriving tomorrow morning, I’d like it if you could help me get them settled in Lucky?″

Lucky nodded, while she continued eating her steak sandwich. Donna was an amazing cook, all the food tasted so different than what she was used to. She knew that the guests knew about her cooking skills, often taking the detour to stay at the Inn just to eat. She had an open door policy too, which Lucky admired. Donna didn’t turn anyone away. Lucky knew, even after only watching her for two days, that the woman had an enormous heart. She gave and didn’t seem to ask for anything in return. Lucky hoped that she could be like her in her old age, not a cynical old spinster with a house full of cats. Lucky chuckled and her head shot up when she noticed that Jet had heard her.

″Why are you laughing?″

When she didn’t answer, Donna stood up and asked if anyone wanted desert. She had baked a rhubarb pie, knowing it was Lucky’s favorite. They had exchanged so many things in their letters, she felt like she knew the young woman. The two youngsters agreed to desert and she went into the kitchen to retrieve it, leaving them alone. They sat in silence for a moment before Lucky spoke.

″I hope to be like your mom one day. She seems to have such a lovely outlook on life.″

He smiled and nodded, letting the silence envelop them once again. Donna appeared with the pie, the plates and a smile on her face when she saw Lucky’s reaction.

″You made rhubarb pie?″

″I know it’s your favorite.″

Lucky clapped her hands together like a child would when they are excited. She felt like she would burst into tears. She didn’t understand where these emotions were coming from. Maybe it was because Donna remembered. No one remembered what she told them, she was used to it. She had been a waitress in a diner a few weeks ago, she was of no importance to any one. Donna made her feel loved. She felt the tears running down her face before she realized she was crying. She excused herself, leaving mother and son to wonder why she had run off.


Jet waited outside the bathroom door, he was worried. Lucky had practically bolted from the table, running off to the bathroom and slamming the door behind her. He didn’t know rhubarb pie could cause such a reaction. He knocked on the door and waited. He heard her pacing the floor, probably deciding if she would open or not. He waited a bit more and finally saw the door opening. She went and sat on the side of the bath and hunched over with her face between her hands.

″I’m so embarrassed.″

Jet crossed the space that separated them, knelt down in front of her and put his hands on her knees. He didn’t want to seem too forward but he couldn’t stand seeing her this way. Lucky moved her hands away from her face and looked down at his hands. He lifted one, brought it up to her chin and tilted it up slowly so she was looking at him.

″What’s wrong Lucky?″

She breathed in and out for a moment and finally broke the silence.

″I had great parents, don’t get me wrong. But they never really paid attention to me or showed me that they listened. I wrote to Donna that I loved rhubarb pie and she made me one. She could have made any pie she liked more but she did that for me. I feel so loved. Nothing is wrong.″

She closed her eyes and felt some more tears escape. She kept her eyes closed and felt him move. He brought his lips up to her eyelids and kissed them gently, then he moved to her cheek, her forehead and he came back down to her lips last. She wanted nothing more than to kiss him like this forever, but she had something she needed him to know before they went any further. She slowly brought her hands to his chest and pushed back. He groaned, hating that there lips were parting.

″I need to tell you something.″


″You’re selling it to her? How could you ma? You have many good years ahead of you! Why didn’t you tell me? When were you going to tell me? What-″

Donna walked up to him and grabbed him by the arms, trying her best to calm him down. She always did that when he started rambling, he was so much like his father in that way. She asked him to look at her and follow her breathing. He was starting to hyperventilate, his mind was racing, he couldn’t think straight. After Lucky had told him about her buying the inn, he had went ballistic. He couldn’t believe they had lied to him that way. And to say that he was falling for another liar.

Lucky was still sitting on the side of the tub, she was hearing everything. She didn’t want to, but he had left her so quickly, she hadn’t the time to make her way out of the house. She stood quickly, the room started spinning around her. She held onto the counter but felt her legs gave out and she felt herself hit the ground with a loud grunt. Her eyes closed and she welcomed the darkness.


Lucky opened her eyes and found herself back in her room, laying down on the bed. She looked down, the covers were pulled up high around her body, she was wearing her pyjamas. How did I get here? Who dressed me? She got out of bed slowly, remembering what had happened in the bathroom. She was so embarrassed. First she had locked herself in there because she had been overwhelmed by her emotions, then she had revealed a secret to Jet, then she had falling unconscious from her low blood pressure problem. She had remembered to take her pills, didn’t she? She made her way down the long corridor, clutching the covers tightly against her, she needed to explain to whoever wanted to listen.


Jet was walking through the forest, he was alone with his troubling thoughts. He couldn’t believe his ma had given up, he didn’t want to think what that implicated. He didn’t even let her explain, he had just blown a fuse like he always did when things overwhelmed him. He didn’t know what she wanted, didn’t bother to ask. What would they do after they left the inn? Where did that leave him? He did everything on the farm, he didn’t want to leave, he loved it here. He cringed when he thought of leaving, this was his home, he wanted to stay. But that meant that he would have to be around Lucky. He didn’t know what to feel when he thought about her. She had wormed herself into his heart, after only a few days. Was he really so foolish to think he could have a happily ever after? Life had shown him time and time again that happiness was just not for him. Jet Johnson was not meant to find his other half and he sure wasn’t going to start having hope now.

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