Sunflower Inn

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The guests sat around the large oak table, watching Donna and Lucky bring in the last dishes filled with food. It was enough to feed an army. The couple looked down at the food, not convincingly hiding their disgust. Lucky frowned when she saw their faces and wondered what was wrong with the food. Judging by the way they spoke and acted, maybe it wasn’t fancy enough for them. She didn’t like giving stereotypes reason but sometimes it just couldn’t be helped. Once Donna sat down with them, she smiled, oblivious to their reactions.

″Dig in. Please.″

She gestured to the food and the couple faked another smile. Lexi was looking around the dining room, her eyes searching for something. Lucky wondered aloud what she was looking for.

″Did we forget something Lexi?″

The beautiful woman looked at her and asked where her brother was. It took Lucky a moment to figure out who she was talking about, but when she did, she burst out laughing.

″Jet? He’s not my brother. I’m a guest here too, just learning the ropes. He’s probably off in the stables, taking care of the horses.″

Lexi’s eyes narrowed, her demeanor towards Lucky changed. She’s my competition. Lucky saw the brief challenge in her eyes but remained calm. She had no claim over Jet, yet she did feel annoyed that such a stunning woman seemed interested in him. Well who wouldn’t be? He is a beautiful man, inside and out. But he’s not mine. Lexi stood up and walked out of the dining room, without a word. How rude. Donna made small talk with the couple as they ate from the tiny amounts of food on their plates. When they had finished, they had the decency to excuse themselves and left the room. Despite there being many things to do, the trio had stayed locked up in their rooms the entire day. Lucky thought it was so sad that they didn’t explore and see what the place had to offer. They didn’t even seem to like the food, which she found was amazing. But maybe it was just her. Not every guest would be fond of the Inn and she had to remember that.

After Donna and Lucky cleared the table, put the leftovers away and washed the dishes, they went and sat outside on the porch swing. They both admired the sun setting far off in the distance, the beautiful reds and pinks painted in the sky. They sat in silence as night took over, both feeling content with the moment.


Jet was riding back in with Pinto, when he noticed the woman who had practically slammed into him earlier in the house. She was standing near the stables, her hands on her hips, waiting for him. He proceeded with caution, knowing full well what type of woman she was. She had tried to corner him this morning and he wasn’t going to have none of that. She practically repulsed him, he hated women who threw themselves at others. It didn’t matter than she was beautiful, she was not for him. He got close, dismounted and passed beside her while tipping his hat. He made his way inside the stable and she followed him until he got to his destination.

″What’s your name cowboy?″

He was pretty sure she knew his name, but was just trying to find a way to make small talk. He decided to answer but keep it simple and not give her a reason to continue the conversation.


She leaned up against a stall, being careful not to touch anything that might dirty her immaculate clothing.

″Why weren’t you at supper?″

″I don’t do small talk.″

She flicked an invisible strand of hair out of her face and walked closer to him. He carefully brushed Pinto’s mane and kept his eyes fixed away from Lexi. She brought her hand up to his arm and slowly grazed it.

″Want to have a roll in the hay?″

Jet’s eyes shot up and he stared at her incredulously. Did this woman really just say that? He had really pegged her right, however, never had he encountered anyone so forward. He stopped what he was doing with Pinto, silently finished up his work and made his way out of the stables. She followed him closely behind like a lost puppy.

″It’s now or never cowboy. I’m leaving in the morning.″

He was halfway up the path that led back to the house before he turned around and faced her. She bumped into him and grabbed his arms to steady herself. She felt his strong muscles under her tiny hands and let out a sigh. Pure cowboy for sure. She looked up at him under her lashes, a small smile appearing on her face. He held her arms and tilted his head down towards her. He whispered softly in her eye that she would never be with him. He pushed her hands away slowly and resumed his walking back to the house.

When he approached the Inn, he noticed that his ma and Lucky were sitting on the swing. He cursed under his breath, knowing how it must have looked to them from way over here. He had wanted to keep his rejection professional, if that was possible. She was a guest after all and he didn’t want his ma to suffer the consequences of his actions. He walked up the steps, not wanting to look at either one of them, for fear that he might see something he didn’t like. His ma would be ashamed of him and Lucky could be doubting how he felt about her. Yes they had only met but he felt like she was made for him. He didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that. He wanted her to stay in his life.

Lucky didn’t want them to see the tears welling up in her eyes. She had no right to act this way. She wasn’t his girlfriend, she was probably not even considered his friend. She had such a strong attraction to him in every sense of the word, yet she had barely seen him all day. Yes she had spent all day cooking and learning about how to run the Inn but he had not seemed to make an effort to spend time with her. He had his duties with the farm and around the house, but he could have eaten with them at least. Maybe he didn’t feel the same way about her. That thought made her heart hurt, she had to get far away from him. She stood up, just as he sat down on the rocking chair.

″If you’ll excuse me, it’s been a long day. Donna, thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me, I look forward to seeing you bright and early tomorrow.″

She gave her friend a hug and turned to the man that haunted her dreams.

″I left you a plate of leftovers in the oven, I thought you might be hungry after a long day outside.″

He thanked her, as she quickly walked inside and was soon out of view.

″She really likes you Jet. What on earth are you waiting for?″

He gave his ma a quick grin, standing up and walking out of view a moment later. He made his way towards her room, hoping that she had went to find refuge there. He didn’t want to wait another moment to tell her how he felt. He wanted this woman in his life, any way she wanted to be.

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