Sunflower Inn

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She was falling in love with me? Was it what I felt every time I thought of her or glanced her way? Was it love? Jet thought he had loved Lindsay, but this was so different. She seemed to be a part of him, even just having met her a few days ago. She fit into his life perfectly and he couldn’t begin to imagine it without her. It scared him and thrilled him beyond belief, he didn’t know what to make of his feelings. He galloped with Pinto into the field, mulling over every detail about her that he loved. Since they had parted last night, his mind had been on nothing but her. This morning, his ma had noticed that he was acting different, he had passed it off as lack of sleep. When the guests left, Lexi tried again to get his attention but he was so far gone in his thoughts that he didn’t see her nor hear her leaving. He was going over everything that had happened between them in her room, some of the details awakening his arousal once again. He tried to think about something else, anything else, but images of her kept flashing in his mind. He smiled as her turned Pinto around and headed back for the Inn. He was in love with her, their was no denying it. He was going to find her and tell her.


Lucky ran out of the house, tripping on her own feet, screaming Jet’s name as loud as she could muster. She fell down on the wooden porch, scraped her knee, but kept on running despite the pain. She saw him walking out of the stables, a bright smile illuminating his face.

″Jet! Come home quick! It’s your ma!″

She finally caught his attention when she waved her arms incessantly. She yelled the words again, slipped on the muddy ground and fell down, her head bouncing back on the hard earth below. She didn’t hear him running up beside her, she didn’t feel him carrying her inside, she didn’t hear him scream when he found his ma lying on the kitchen floor, she didn’t hear the ambulance sirens as they got closer, she didn’t hear or see a thing.


Her head hurt like a bitch, her throat was sore and she had no idea where the hell she was. She was scared, and yet she felt a comforting hand grazing her arm. She turned her head to the left and tried to open her eyelids. The light blinded her, she saw spots bouncing around her surroundings. Her eyes focused and she saw that the hand belonged to Jet. She smiled when she saw him sleeping in the chair next to the bed. From what she could tell, she was in a hospital room. She carefully lifted her left arm to signal that she was awake, her throat felt too dry to speak. Jet stirred and opened his eyes slowly. When he realized that she was awake, he jumped up and hugged her close to his chest.

″I love you Lucky.″

She looked into his eyes and wondered what had prompted him to say that. Yes she had strong feelings towards him, but love? They barely knew each other. She gave him a small smile and gestured for some water. He disappeared for a moment and returned with a glass full. She took it happily and when she finished it, she cleared her throat and asked about his mom. His eyes betrayed him right away. She felt her eyes burn with unshed tears, her hand grabbed his arm quickly. She squeezed and told him she was sorry. Was that why he had told her he loved her? He was probably confused with all the emotions he was feeling right now. Losing one’s parent was never easy, he was bound to be questioning himself about everything. She saw how his mind went into overdrive when he was in a tough situation, she knew he would have a lot to deal with. He sat down on the bed next to her and forced a smile.

″They told me that she didn’t truly suffer. I guess that’s a bit of a relief.″

His eyes filled with tears, as Lucky let hers stream down her face like a waterfall. He brought his forehead and leaned down onto hers.

″I thought I was going to lose you too.″

She brought her lips to him and kissed him gently, bringing one of his hands to rest over her beating heart.

″Do you feel that?″

He nodded and smiled lovingly at her.

″You haven’t lost me Jet.″

He hugged her to him and didn’t let go until they heard someone clearing their throat. They both looked towards the door, where a doctor stood.

″I see you are awake Miss Chance. I am happy you didn’t stay unconscious longer, that’s a good sign.″

Jet let her go and walked over to the doctor. Lucky felt empty as his touch left her. He asked the doctor how long it would be before she could go home. Home. She thought it was crazy that she already felt like it was where she wanted to be. She couldn’t see herself anywhere else.


The doctor gave the okay for her to leave two days later, during that time, Jet kept everything running at the Inn. Now that Donna was gone, Jet was retreating a lot into his thoughts, Lucky knew that losing his ma, having to run the Inn, coming to visit the hospital and planning a funeral was just too much. She was happy when she finally got back and was able to help him around the house.


The funeral was beautiful and a lot of people passed by to offer their sympathies. A big amount of the people were old guests who had heard of her passing, most of the people were neighbors and friends. She was well loved by all, and who could blame them, she had been an amazing woman. When the day was done and everyone was returning to their own homes, Lucky and Jet began cleaning up the house. They worked in silence, Lucky knew the day had been extremely hard on him. Ever since she had come out of the hospital things had been different between them. Jet was lost in his thoughts most days or on the verge of crying the others. She didn’t know how to act around him so she decided to give him some space and hopefully he would come speak to her if he needed to.

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